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World Student in Korea:Yeosu, the Host City of Expo

With one year left before the opening of the Yeosu Expo, the Organizing Committee is very busy in preparing the world event, drawing attentions from many countries. Focusing on one specific subject, “The Living Ocean and the Coast- Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities”, Yeosu will present something different.

It is very meaningful that the Expo focuses on specific topic and shows the future of the human activities.Shall we take a look at Yeosu Expo?

 Mosageum beach, a taste of Yeoso Ocean

Mosageum beach> (Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

 Lonesome and silent, the scenery of Yeosu Ocean is considered the best. Even people living near the ocean visit Yeosu to feel the cleanness and calmness. If you want to feel the Yeosu Ocean, Mosageum beach is the exact place.

Mosaguem beach is not as big as other beaches in Korea. However, the surrounding scenery is very beautiful and two naturally-created beaches make Mosaguem more special.


Soft sand of Mosageum beach> (Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

 Both beaches are made up of small pebbles and soft sand. The sand is so soft that your feet will be deeply submerged in. In addition, it is good for parents to play with their kids around. Well, we also recommend you to take photos of the pebbles, which is nature itself, or to go fishing by the rocks on the seashore.

Mosageum, the treasure of Yeosu, has been well known for beautiful sand. Why not come down here for family vacation?

Enjoying Strange Rocks and Bizarre Stones of Baekdo Island

Various strange rocks and bizarre stones of Baekdo island>(Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

 Now, you would understand why Yeosu Expo focuses on ‘Marine World’ and how that attracts so many people.

 On the other hand, there is another island which has been recognized by many well-known people around the world. Baekdo-island. It has 99 peaks, including small rocky islands.

Various strange rocks and bizarre stones of Baekdo island >(Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

 You can get around the island with a boat. It is interesting to see very unique styles of each island. For an example, you will find the large rock with a naturally carved hole that has become the shelter of the sea birds. Like this, Yeosu Ocean has an unlimited potential with a magnificent landscape of a variety of rocks and Geomundo Island floating on the ocean which is an hour distance by a boat. Clear blue sea will tell that Yeosu will be the perfect host city for the Great Marine Expo.

Do not miss it!

Children’s favorite, Marine Science Museum, Jeollanam-do

Marine Science Museum in Jeollanam-do> (Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

 Both Yeosu city and Yeosu Expo are not for the adults, but also for children. Children can also enjoy the both. The Marine Science Museum in Jeollanam-do will satisfy the curiosity of children.

Opened in 1998 and renovated in 2005, this museum introduces the beauty of National Marine Park of Dadohae and contributes to promoting tourism of Yeosu city.

 You can see the native aquarium fish in the biggest cylinder-shaped water tank, the turtles living in the largest aquarium in Korea, and the mud flat aquarium which just look like a real one.

 The ‘touch and feel’ aquarium is the most favorite for children. All visitors can touch the top shells, craps and other marine creatures. For more details, check the website http://www.해양수산과학관.kr

 Wishing for Success of Yeosu Expo


The 2ndMeetingofParticipatingCountriesofYeosuExpo2012(Source:NewMediaTeam,YeosuExpo2012)

 Since the Daejeon Expo, Yeosu Expo will gather the worldwide attention. They have a huge ambition of decorating the whole ocean as the fairground for the Expo for the first time ever in 150 year-old history of World Expo.

 From small beaches to dark blue ocean with strange rocks and bizarre stones, and the space for the firsthand experience of the ocean, Yeosu is just perfect enough for ocean city. Shall we take fresh air in Yeosu this summer with the expectation for the coming Expo?

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world student in korea:New wave of IT world rushing in

‘Cloud Meets Big Data’ was the hot issue in IT Forum which was recently held in COEX Convention Center. Cloud Computing has been the main stream of Korean Internet services since last year. It sounds little far from your daily life, but over 10 millions are using the Cloud service. Let’s take a look before it’s too late.

Hot issue in IT World, elusive Cloud computing

 Cloud computing is defined as a computing environment providing services through internet servers such as a data storage, network, and contents at the same time according to Naver dictionary(http://100.naver.com). In short, we put all data together into servers of data center so we could use them whenever we need. Just like the clouds intangible, the space doesn’t exist in computer, but we can handle them freely

The concept of the Cloud Service> (Source: EBN Industry News)

 Let’s take an example with an email. Whenever you log in, you’ll receive emails or data. Your computer actually doesn’t have the storage for data but you can take them out from the internet server. This is a basic concept of it.

Cloud computing is a technology that you can use the Operating Systems(OS) such as Windows, and Mac, and Word processor, Office, Photoshop, Games and all kinds of application programs and the saved data with certain payment. Many of Korean corporations and government organizations already adopted the service or moving to adopt it. IT service companies are providing a large webhard-type of cloud service for individuals as well.

 Faster, Easier and Cheaper

 The advantage of the Cloud Computing is that you can save the space and costs. All you need are a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse and the network function, and you just have to pay as much as you use. The other advantage is that you can use the data anytime with a variety of IT devices such as computers, tablet PCs, and smart phones.

 For its cost effectiveness, the Cloud computing system is much more attractive to businesses than to individuals. With the Cloud Computing system, employees just need internet-accessible computer instead of expensive PC and software. In terms of security, the authentication process prevents the security breaches and information leaks.

There seems to be a long way to go, as it is at an early stage> (Source: NewsPim)

 Firstly, the server stability and the security must be guaranteed for Cloud computing. In fact, a cloud computing service in the US was down for two hours with a huge loss. In this case, users’ loss must be tremendous. In terms of security, like DDoS, servers can be the target for hacking or attack. Strict security solution should be prepared to prevent such a horrible damage to data center

 Seize the Growth Engine of Future Korea

 The scale of the world Cloud Computing market is expected to grow from 31 billion dollars in 2011 to 60 billion dollars in 2014. It is the trend that world class IT businesses and venture companies consider the Cloud Computing a key industry in the future. Global competition for Cloud Computing among business and individual market is already underway

 In response to global competition, Korean government announced the strategy last month that they will increase the Cloud Computing adoption rate up to 15%. The official said that they will improve the legal system in order to promote the growth of Cloud Computing market. In addition to encouraging government agencies build up Cloud Computing infrastructure in a certain percentage, Korean government support small businesses so that they can be a global competitor through combining data center with Cloud Computing.

 Korean companies are set to Cloud Computing service. IT companies sell their services such as large scale Cloud Computing and virtualization solutions. They move ahead with international companies to be the leader in the world market of Cloud Computing market

Global competition is underway to be the IT business leader for the next generation> (Source: Digital Times)

 Korean mobile service company K on June 30th made an agreement of joint venture together with Japanese company S. K has a plan to build up data center in Kimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do so that they could provide data service for not only Japanese companies but also for Asian companies within a radius of 2,000 km. Global e-bay company E announced last 13th they will build up data center in Busan to support Korea, China, Japan, Singapore and Australia branches. Prior to it, US IT company opened a data center in cooperation with Korean Insurance Company K in Songdo, Incheon city last November. It appears that more companies will open data centers in Korea

 The key reasons for these trends are geological conditions, less natural disasters, stable and low cost electric service and reliable internet service. In particular, IT infrastructure is the most highly graded. With these strength and advantages, we are looking forward to being a leader in data center hub through Asia and global competitor in the world cloud computing service market.

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world student in korea:Road Trip in Jeju

Jeju beach with emerald tints and peculiar living rocks are very beautiful like the fine paintings. You can have beautiful scenery by just pressing a button on your camera. In addition, driving the offshore will make you refresh your mind.

 You will realize that time flies so fast when dropping by some attractive places while driving the offshore road. Now we will introduce you the must-go places in Jeju island.

 Dive along the Green Forest!

 The road which will be now introduced is 516 Forest Road Tunnel that was built for the first in this island. It is a shortcut from Jeju city on the South to Seogwipo city on the North of the island, crossing Mt. Halla. It definitely reduced the travelling time and is quite faster than the other ways. The road is rather zigzag, however, once you pass the Sungpan Rest Area, you will meet the trees that just look like a tunnel. While passing the tunnel we will feel as if the trees were greeting you.

The lush greenness of the 516 Forest Road Tunnel > (Source : AsiaToday)

 On your diving, you will see the Sancheon-dan altar for Mt. Halla and Sungpanak, the tracking course. Suak vallley is made of clear water from Baeknok-dam, the lake located on the top of the Mt. Halla. It ia connected by thick forest and azure sky.it’s virgin forest and it’s changed by the season. The road is lined up with Jeju typical trees and there are grazing ponies, too. 516 Forest Road Tunnel is thickly wooded and keeps the cool temperature even in summer. When you pass the tunnel, turn off the air-conditioner and open the car window to feel the beauty of nature.

 Sagye Coastal Road

 Sagye (four seasons) Coastal Road is an absolutely wonderful road which will surround you by the sea breeze and wind. As the Mt. Sanbang and Mt. Songak are located at each of the end of the seashore, the driving course is even peaceful and comfortable. Drivers can get the full view of the sea as well. Everyday many visitors are passing this beautiful coastal road to see the harmonized seashore, mountain and roads and all the beautiful sceneries around with its breath-taking sunset


The road of the harmonized seashore, mountain and road> (Source: Korean Tourism Organization)

We can see not only the Sagye seashore not only the Brothers islands guarding the South Sea, and away from here, we can also see the Gapa island and southernmost island, Mara island. Recently, the Sagye Coastal Road was designated as “One of the most beautiful 100 roads in Korea” by the Ministry of Construction and Transportation. After 50 minutes of driving along the No.95 local road from Jeju city, you will reach at a town which is the entrance of the Sagye-ri harbor. Then, go toward the beach about 5 minutes, and you will be dazzled by the coolest sea in front of you.

 This area is also famous for the Asian-first human’s footprints fossil of the Old Stone Age. There are other footprints of the elephants, dears and birds as well. Archeologists said this geographical strata was created in the fourth stages of the Cenozoic era 50,000 years ago. Since it was reported on the news, a number of tourists are continuously visiting here to see the fossils by themselves. However, since the Cultural Heritage Administration designated this area as one of the state-designated natural monuments, it has been impossible to enter the area.

Some people leave their car and take a walk around the area to see the Mt. Sanbang, Brothers islands, Gapa island , Mara island, and Mt. Songak. We hope you enjoy the road trip on Sagye Coastal Road.

 Cedar Forest

 Well, driving along the coast would be so good, but there is other driving course you would also be excited. It is the 27.3 km-long Rd. No.1112, which connects Gujwa-eup Pyongdae-ri and the Rd. No.516. The way ahead is full of cedar.

Huge Cedars are lining up along the street> (Source: Munhwa Ilbo)

 This road was awarded a grand prize by the Ministry of Construction and Transportation in 2002. It’s very exotic as if you were in somewhere in north-American forests. Actually, this place appeared in many of CFs, movies and TV dramas. About 2,570 typical Jeju trees are growing wild here and make us feel refreshed when driving through or walking through the road.

 Jeju driveways are full of blue water, beautiful estuary, cedars and secondary volcanoes. Why don’t we leave for Jeju this Summer?

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World Student in Korea: We are Civil Diplomats!

Generally, diplomat is a representative of a country, and mainly works for his own country. But do we call those who only pursue the national profit ‘Diplomats’? No. Diplomats could be those who care and help others to make them happy. Reputation of the person would be coming after.

In Korea, many volunteer organizations have been very active in overseas for a long time.

COPION members digging the ground for the base of house. The recent trend of volunteer is changed to educate people to be independent rather than giving material aid. (Source: COPION)

 Civil Volunteer Organizations

 The word, “Relief Organization” first appeared after the Korean War. A relief organization, World Vision was born in the war-torn Korea 60 years ago. World Vision which grew up with the Korean economy, witnessed that Korea turned into giving nation from receiving nation. World Vision Korea is the first and only official cooperation organization which belongs to WEP(World Food Programme) among other domestic NGOs, being recognized its professionalism.

 Its business varies on area, field, international business, etc. Domestic ministry is helping the community to live on their own, which is their ultimate goal.

 At present, World Vision Korea became one of the members of World Vision International, which is one of the largest civil international organization in the world and has about 40,000 staff members in nearly 100 countries. Accordingly, World Vision International obtained the consultative status from UN-ECOSOC(Economic and Social Council).

 INCOPION, the overseas volunteer organization, mainly dispatches Korean volunteers abroad. Since its establishment in 1999, many youth from Korea have been dispatched to about 143 local NGOs and non-profit organizations in Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America twice a year. Especially, COPION has removed age and education limit from 2003, which has broadened more opportunities for not only youth but also over 36 year-old senior volunteers.

Good People, the volunteer organization, is favored by many local communities through building schools and providing a free education.(Source: Good People)

 COPION is also recruiting the short and long term volunteers with a background knowledge, such as in computer, music, Korean martial arts to teach the poor family and children.

Good People is a volunteer medical organization which cares about neighbors around the world who are mostly vulnerable to poverty, disaster, and disease due to the social isolation, and also provide health care to them. They started to give a professional help and make their hope come true with every single help from all over the world. Good People engages in various activities to develop the isolated regions, such as poverty eradication, child protection, education, prevention and treatment of disease, and emergency relief, which are especially conducted in distant and less favored areas heavily populated by ethnic minorities with no government protection or civilization.

 Lastly, Good News Corps is a very young organization. Like the slogan, “Boys are our future and hope.”, they try to communicate with the children in the world and provide education and exchange each culture. The members learn leadership, humble mind, and a new culture. They are quite confident at learning the new language naturally within four months during their activities.

To Raise the National Value

 Many would agree that lots of overseas volunteer organizations contribute to raising the national brand. Based on the understanding, the Korean government last 2009 integrated all overseas volunteer projects of each government ministry into WFK (World Friends Korea).

Three volunteer groups, KOICA(Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade), IT Volunteer Group(Ministry of Public Administration and Security), College Students for Volunteering(Ministry of Education, Science and Technology) were firstly integrated in 2010, and mid and long term advisors(Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade), Retired Professionals(Ministry of Knowledge Economy) and the World Taekwondo Peace Corps(Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) started to work under the name of WFK.

 Please give a big applause of encouragement to those who deliver the world peace and love even at this moments.

Volunteers learn a new culture, leadership, and humble mind which is essential to become a true leader.(Source: Good News Corps)


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Blow Away the Heat in Caves!

It was unusual that temperature in May recorded 28 degree in Celsius. It made us really worried about the coming summer. Well, it was right. Why don’t we go on a trip to a cool place? Where can be a better place rather than the ocean or a mountain that has many things to see and even has the freshness of early autumn?

Today we would like to proudly introduce the Korea’s beauty, Caves. There have been a lot geographical changes in this peninsula, which formed many magnificent sites in Korea. It might be a privilege for all of us in Korea to be able to enjoy it.

There are several kinds of caves. Limestone caves are formed by the rainwater which dissolves the limestone layer. Sea caves are formed by abrasion of the ocean wave. Lava caves are formed by lava flow. Artificial caves are formed on a specific purpose. There are more limestone caves and sea caves in Korea. Stalagmites, stalactites and stone pillars are so beautiful that more and more people keep visiting the caves. And this will guide you to explore the caves which are the gifts from the Mother Nature. Let’s take a look.

 Korea’s only theme cave, Hwaam

Gold-colored Stalactite, Hwaam Cave>(Source: Kookmin Ilbo)

Hwaam Cave located in Jeongsun, Gangwon-do is recognized as one of the great caves in Korea. It was listed in 1980 as the monument No. 33. Most of all, it is highly recognized for its beauty and it is also one of the eight beauties in Jeongsun, Gangwon-do. It is the only themed cave. The theme presents the ‘Meeting of the Gold and the Nature’. What makes it unique is that, Hwaam Cave has both coal mine and natural cave. To get to the starting point of the cave, you should take a shuttle train. You will truly feel the theme of the ‘Meeting of Gold and Nature’.

The tour length of Hwaam Cave is 1,803 meters and the tour takes approximately one and half hour. You can see some chapters in the cave. The chapters consist of ‘History’, ‘365 along with Gold Line’, ‘Wonderland’, ‘Gold world’, ‘Nature Wonder’. The cave was discovered while mining the gold, so there are many displays and exhibits inside are connected with Gold mine. You can see the times of mining gold and a gold vein. It is quite interesting to see gold bars. In addition, there are some displays showing various kinds of gold mines, the use of gold and the history of gold. It is already beyond the museum. For the children who easily get bored, there is a chapter of ‘Gold Ghost and Silver Ghost in Wonderland’ which are mascots of this cave. The Wonderland shows how to mine gold and make gold products from the children’s perspective. Actually, there are more family visitors in a cave tour.

You can also enjoy a geological beauty. Hundreds of stalactites hanging on the ceiling are spectacular. It looks like a curtain hung over the cave. It is not fair just to say “beautiful”, but it is natural to say “beyond the expression”.

Mystic geologic cave, Gosu

Statue of ‘Virgin Mary’ in Gosu Cave (Source: Newsis)

 Many people said this Gosu Cave, located in Danyang, Chungcheongbuk-do, is genuinely the best of all. Because there are many beautiful rocks, stalagmites, stalactites and stone pillars.

Gosu cave made of limestone layers is listed No. 256 as a natural monument. There are various creatures by the cave, which has high academic value. It is 1,200 meters long. However travelers have an access only to 600 meters inside for environmental conservation.

However, once you enter, you will definitely be amazed. It is so beautiful that you won’t be disappointed at not seeing the whole cave. Stalactites and stalagmites which grown up and down for a long period of time finally has become the limestone pillars. With that, you will feel the eternity of time.

The ‘Gom Bawi (Bear rock)’ that looks like a roaring bear is a mystic nature itself which makes you keep looking at it. ‘Cheondang SeongByeok (the Wall of the Castle of Heaven)’ has beautiful stalactites, which are very popular among many travelers who want to take a picture of them. In fact, it is very amazing to know that it takes 5 years and even 10 years for stalactites to grow up to 1 cm. Gosu Cave is made 5.4 million years ago. Once again, you can feel the eternity of time. During the journey, you will see a rock called a statue of the Virgin Mary. The rock looks like the Virgin Mary holding hands, kneeling and praying.

Before you go to Gosu Cave, there are several things you should remember. As the entrance road is very narrow, you have to be careful. A pathway inside of the cave is very narrow and steep. It is also very humid, so you might feel as if you were in the rain. It has 95 percent to 97 percent humidity, so that you’d better prepare the raincoat.

Hwanseon Cave, the undiscovered jewel in Asia

Monorail in Hwanseon cave, Samcheok (Source: Yonhap News Agency)

“The largest limestones cave in Asia”. With this one sentence, we can recognize the magnificent status of Hwanseon Cave.

Hwanseon cave is located in Dei-ri, Samcheok, Gwangwon-do. Dei-ri means big ears. There are six caves in Dei-ri region. Only two caves, Daegeum Cave and Hwanseon cave, are open to travelers.

It takes long time to get to Hwanseon Cave. For this, they equipped mono rail for visitors, which used to take 30~ 40 minutes on foot. If you want to take a breath of mountain, walking is also recommended.

Hwanseon Cave is much bigger than any other caves. It has many valleys like small falls here and there uplifting a very unique atmosphere. Cave coral is the most popular place. It is hard to find anywhere in the world, so that many foreigners visit the Cave. There is an English information sign. Cave coral grows up on the wall where water comes out. Cave coral is also called Cave Popcorn since it has a similar look. Many people capture the splendid scenery that looks like a King’s throne. We hope you to take a close look at this throne.

The cave is good for travel in both summer and winter. Cool in summer, warm in winter. How about watching magnificent view and relaxing your mind in cave tour during the summer that made us tired and stressed?


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Convenient Traffic System of Korea

Almost all foreigners say that Korea has an excellent public transportation system. In Korea, you can reach everywhere by bus or subway. It is considered a superb system in terms of its access and cleanness.

Korea’s transportation system is now recognized as one of the finest example among other countries. In the past, however, many Koreans complained of ineffective subway and complicated road systems. But after it adopted the transit discount system and better equipped subway systems, situation got much better than ever.

 Comfortable Public Transportation System

Korea’s transportation system is considered a role model among other countries  (Source: Yonhap News Agency)

There has been so much improvement in traffic system, and now Korea’s traffic system is regarded excellent all over the world. Most importantly, the subway and bus companies do not compete with each other for passengers, which became a win-win situation.

It is considered cleaner than any other subway in the world (Source: Yonhap News Agency)

For example, the transit discount system helps passengers save their money, which is found only in Korea. For this reason, many policy makers from other countries visit Korea to learn more about Korea’s traffic system. It is common for Korean to pay with digital card when taking a bus, but still in many countries, people are paying cash.

Moreover, a variety of bus and subway line also considered remarkable. Since all buses were divided into four colors- blue, green, red and yellow- according to the routes, it became much convenient to take buses even in rush hour.

Stretching to the world

Korean subway is also well-known for its cleanness in the world. In addition, the screen door is highly recognized as it prevents passengers from harmful air and unexpected hazardous circumstances.

Finally, Korea got to recently export its bus traffic system to Philippines. The official said that Gyeonggi-do made an agreement for mutual cooperation with MMDA(Metro Manila Development Agency) on 27th last month with the attendance of Kim Moon-Soo, the Governor of Gyeonggi-do and Francis Tolentino, the chairman of MMDA, Philippines. Followed by this agreement, Gyeonggi-do will share the policies on Metro traffic systems such as BMS (Bus Management System) and BIS (Bus Information System) and will cooperate on building the infrastructure of Manila.

Gyeonggi-do will share the information on how to adopt CNG bus, traffic card system, and transit discount system and how to build Bus terminal complex.

Kim Moon-Soo, Governor of Gyeonggi-do and Francis Tolentino, Chairman of MMDA signed the agreement (Source: Chosun Ilbo)

Korean companies will cover the technical matters. Manila development agency of Philippines Metro announced that they will integrate four major traffic systems such as Metro, Bus, Jeepney, and Tricycle. For this, the chairman Tolentino asked cooperation during his visit to Gyeonggi Province last February. Kim Moon Su, the governor of Gyeonggi-do said that this agreement will help Philippines build more efficient traffic system. Furthermore it will definitely be the innovative traffic system in Philippines as well.

It seems that Korea’s transportation system is moving ahead to the World along with ‘Korean Wave, Hallyu’. However, generosity comes first than institutions and systems. Let’s make the world that human is always comes before the cars.

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world student in korea: Korean Medical Care that impressed Kazakhstan

At the end of last November, the medical team from the Korea University Anam Hospital flew over to Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, and carried out the kidney transplant as officially invited by the National Medical Emergency Center of Kazakhstan. The surgery was successful, and the news on the medical techniques of the Korean medical team was aired throughout the country. Not like in Korea, the success rate of the kidney surgery in Kazakhstan is pretty low. However, the organ transplanting was the only way to save Aigerim Kumasheva suffering from the chronic renal insufficiency, so the medical team operated the surgery with her brother’s kidney, which took 8 hours in total. Dr. Kasimov, the head of the medical emergency center of Kazakhstan, appreciated at Korean medical team, saying “Our hospital deeply appreciates at Korean medical team that added a new page to the medical history of Kazakhstan. I was very impressed at their sense of duty as a doctor as well as their medical technology.” This is not the end of successful stories of Korean medical treatment. A number of tourists looking for the medical tourism are continuously visiting Korea. Let’s take a look at what is in Korean medical treatment!

Kazakhstan President’s doctor visited Korea

 On April 26, one patient visited the Severance hospital in Korea and received a medical surgery. In fact, he was a lifetime doctor of Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbaev and also a notable specialist in rehabilitative medicine, who was running a huge hospital in Kazakhstan. He first found the successful story of robotic surgery by the Severance hospital from the article among the data of medically advanced countries such as U.S. and European countries. He decided to visit Korea right after counseled by one of his co-workers and met an acquaintance who recovered from the surgery by the Severance hospital.

   Sitting aside with the robot called da Vinci, the doctor operates surgery with 3-D screen. The robotic arm is located inside the patient’s body (Source : Donga News)

He chose Dr. Na, who is well-known to have performed the greatest number of robotic surgeries on prostate cancer in Korea. You will find the reason from the fact that he is the first doctor in Korea who succeeded the robotic surgery in 2005, and also performed about 1,200 surgeries so far. Of course, the result was successful. Dr. Oraz left the hospital with a healthy appearance. Like this, the technology of robotic surgery has achieved recognition throughout the world. You will be surprised to know that many doctors around the world such as U.S., Singapore, Italy, and France visited Korea to learn how to perform the robotic surgery, even paying tuition. 

 What is da Vinci Robotic Surgery?

Beyond the limit of hands, da Vinci Robot(Source : The Center of da Vinci Robot Surgery, Hallym University Kangnam Sacred Heart Hospital)

The robotic surgery was first brought in Korea in 2005 by the Severance Hospital, and since then, it was applied in an operation room. What is the procedure of the surgery? The patient gets general anesthesia like the other surgeries. And then, the robot’s arm is inserted into the abdominal cavity of the patient after injecting the gas and inserting the port into the patients’ abdominal cavity. After then, the doctor pricks several holes for putting robotic arm and camera into his patients. Next, he controls the robot with the exactly same hand movements like he did in the real surgery, watching the 3-D screen that helps doctors take a closer look at the affected area of patient, which is absolutely beyond the human hands.  

In particular, the da Vinci robotic surgery is useful to cure some cancer that might bring about a severe side effect and complications when its surrounding nerves and blood vessel are damaged, such as the prostate cancer, rectal cancer, esophageal cancer, and bladder cancer. It is indeed an effective surgery. 

 Oriental medicine to the world

Korea International Cooperation Agency(KOICA) and the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan made an agreement to establish the Korea-Kazakhstan friendship hospital in 2000. At that time, KOICA used to send doctors and volunteers to the department of internal medicine, dentist, clinical pathology, oriental medicine, and other various fields. Now, the city of Almaty is running the entire hospital according to the further agreement.

Medical Services by Korean Medicine Service Team Abroad (KOMSTA), Kazakhstan(Source : Akomnews)

 Well, there is more. The Korean Medicine Service Team Abroad (KOMSTA) also performed the medical services to 1,000 residents and Korean-Kazakhstan who live in poor medical surroundings. Through the wonderful Korean traditional medical treatment such as acupuncture, moxa cautery, cupping, and oriental medicine in Kazakhstan where 100,000 Korean-Kazakhstan live, we hope that we delivered a pride to Korean-Kazakhstan, and health to those residents. Also we believe that people in Kazakhstan would have more expectations and demands to Korean traditional treatment in the future.

Recently, Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine hosted the training program on ‘Modernization of Korean traditional medicine’ from April 15 to 29 for two weeks targeting the world health care experts. The program is one of the training programs that Korea International Cooperation Agency(KOICA) offered, and in this program, total 14 foreign health care experts from 11 countries of Asia, Central and South America, and Africa, such as Cambodia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Laos, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and etc. It will be a great opportunity for the world health care experts to get handful of experience on the Korean traditional medical treatment.

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world student in korea: Let’s Go Inside the Love Story of Chun Hyang and Mong Ryong!

We see many ‘Couples of the Century’ through numerous media. Whether they are real couples or the fake ones, the range of couple are limitless. For example, world famous football star David Beckham and the member of the world pop girl group ‘Spice Girls’, Victoria Beckham became the couple of the century since their marriage. There are also fictional couples beloved by many in the world. In Jane Eyre, the famous and influential western novel, the love between Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester has been remembered among readers until now. Then, is there any ‘Couple of the Century’ in Korean classical literature? Absolutely, yes! Chunhyang and Mongryong, they are the familiar names to Korean. The novel was adapted for pansori, book, film and even drama, beloved by many fans. The main character, Chunhyang, built an image of active woman in Joseon Dynasty, and now she became the representative image of Korean woman through the various performances carried overseas. They are truly a couple of the century that presents Korea.


Unfortunately, there wasn’t any place to remind us of their love story. Every story was supposed to be alive in the reader’s imagination, however, if the readers can see and look around the virtual place that helps understanding of the full story of ‘Chunhyang-jeon’, visitors would definitely enjoy the story with the scenery. Well, from the idea and demands, ‘Namwon Chunhyang Theme Park’ finally opened on May 2004. Theme park is the place for entertainment attractions that has landscaping, buildings, and attractions that are based on one or more specific themes. The ‘Namwon Chunhyang Theme Park’ is ready for couples with the gist, ‘We invite those of you who have someone in love with!’.

 We have everything in Namwon Chunhyang Theme Park!


              The Night view of Namwon Chunhyang Theme Park (Investigation Office)

‘Namwon Chunhyang Theme Park’ is comprised of mainly 5 places- ‘Meeting Place’, ‘Pledge Place’, ‘Love and parting Place’, ‘Hardship Place’, and ‘Festival Place’. When you enter the theme park, you will see the facilities and structures that are well-matched to each place. At ‘Meeting Place’, you will see swings where Chunhyang and Mongryong first met, a fountain, and a cultural museum. At ‘Pledge Place’, you will meet a stone tower over the ring-shaped bridge ’Okjihwan’ which means a declaration of love. You might also find some couples in front of the tower, piling a stone on it and tying a small piece of wishing paper. In addition, ‘Pledge Place’ is quite a famous place to couples among other theme places. When a couple put their hands inside the ‘Pot of Pledge’, the love song ‘Sarang-ga’ comes out of it. At ‘Love and Parting Place’, you will see the ‘Buyong-dang’ where Chunhyang and Mongryong spent their wedding night, and the house of gisaeng ‘Wolmae’, Chunhyang’s mother. Also there is a workshop that you can experience the ‘seonbi’s style and arts, and even commoners’ culture in the middle era of Joseon Dynasty. ‘Hardship Place’ is also a place that attracts tourists. There is a rebuilt jail that Chunhyang was imprisoned, and the investigation office which has a stick for flogging criminals. The stick is remade for visitors to try and have fun, so you can try it, too. Finally, at ‘Festival Place’, there are many places to relax for visitors, and private theme school for writing letters with a brush. Once you use the brush, you will feel as if you were a writer going back to Joseon Dynasty.

Enjoy the whole Namwon!

The whole view of Namwon Chunhyang Theme Park(Source : Korea Tourism Organization)

 The introduction of the ‘Namwon Chunhyang Theme Park’ is all over. However, there are more reasons why Namwon is getting attractive. If you look are the other museums and entertainment attractions will give us satisfaction more than ever.

In ‘Chunhyang Cutural Arts Center’ which is located in the theme park, the performance of the intangible cultural asset that was designated by the province holds on regular basis. You can also lend the hall in advance. Please take a look at the performance schedule posted on the homepage of Namwon City Hall.

Besides, you can participate in making a pottery in the traditional cultural center in the theme park. It will be a wonderful memory for you to bring, considering it is neither a plastic, nor a porcelain dish that we see commonly in our daily life. The theme park will give you a meaningful experience on Korean traditional culture as well as Chunhyang’s love story.

 This is not the end. Since last fall, the newly started festival of Namwon will give fresh opportunity to visitors. The marching parade which starts from every Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 5pm is named the ‘Newly-appointed governor’s arrival’. As the parade marches from Gwanhan-ru to Theme Park, which is 2Km long, it will be a ‘must visit’ for those of you who love traveling.

 For those of you who want to experience Chunhyang’s love and passion, we recommend you to visit Gwanghan-ru, and Chunhyang shrine. Gwanhan-ru which is famous for the place where Chunhyang and Mongryong first met each other provides splendid scenery in any season. Chunhyang shrine is the place that was built to honor the Chunhyang’s sincere love toward Mongryong. The bamboos planted around the shrine are standing strong and straight as if it showed Chunhyang’s nobel beliefs and principles. The letter ‘Dansim’ which means sincerity that presents Chunhyang’s character will touch the bottom of every single visitor.

 In 2012, Yeosu will host the Expo, the world cultural festival. As the festival is expected to draw public attention to Jeolla province, most of the area is spurring the preparation for Expo. Of course, Namwon is not an exception. Namwon already selected several restaurants to recommend during the Expo and is now working on the promotion. In addition, Namwon Chunhyang Theme Park planned last February to provide more entertainment for visitors, overall which shows how Namwon is trying so hard and put a lot of efforts on it.

 ‘Namwon Chunhyang Them Park’ stands still as it is the first theme park that targeting the classical literature in Korea. Although the novel was written a half century, the love between Chunhyang and Mongryong would have something special that transcend the flow of era. We hope that you can experience the amazing and beautiful power that makes their love and even the entire Namwon as a one cultural heritage over half a century. Do you have someone you love? Then, move your step to the ‘Namwon Chunhyang Them Park’.

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World Students in Korea (WSK) Recruiting the 5th Batch

The Presidential Council on Nation Branding (PCNB) is recruiting the 5th batch of members for the program “World Students in Korea.”

“World Students in Korea” aims to provide international students in Korea with opportunities to experience Korea in a more organized, diverse, and involved manner and to promote cultural exchanges between Korea and the students’ home countries through the blogs (web logs) run by the member students.

The 1st batch was launched in July 2009. Members participate in a variety of activities including camps, field trips, workshops, performances and other events.

1. Number of members sought :

Fifty (50)

2. Application Period :

May 16 (Mon) – May 29 (Sun) 2011

3. Eligibility

– International students (i.e. those who are currently enrolled in an educational institution(s) in Korea)

– Those who own and run a blog (*Those who do not have a blog are requested to open one prior to applying)

– Those who are interested in Korea’s industries and culture

– Priority for selection will be given to those who speak Korean

 4.  Tenure

Jun 2011 – December 2011 (6 months)

 5.  Tasks

– Open and run an individual blog upon which students are to post contents (articles, photos, videos, etc.) related to Korea

– Attend various workshops, field trips, and events hosted by the Council

 6.   Benefits

– Upon evaluation by the Council at the end of the tenure, students who have shown distinguished on- and offline activities will receive awards (e.g. A round trip flight ticket to home country for Grand Prize winner)

– A small gift will be provided for the students who have shown excellent activities upon evaluation by the Council at the end of the month.

– Opportunities to attend diverse cultural events and performances related to Korea, or those hosted by the Council

– Media coverage (TV programs, interviews with newspapers, magazines etc.) regarding WSK activities and Korea

 7.  How to Apply

Via the Council’s official web site. Click the following link:


8. Inquiries

 Ms. Jung-A Lee

Culture, Tourism & Global Citizenship Bureau

Presidential Council on Nation Branding


Ms. Jin-Sook Lee

International Cooperation Bureau

Presidential Council on Nation Branding


*** For further information on the Presidential Council on Nation Branding, visit www.koreabrand.net

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world student in korea:There is Something Special about Globally Successful Food

Do you think it is possible to attract everyone in the world with a same food? It is not simply a question of Korean food. Even if it has an excellent taste, it is almost impossible to satisfy 7 billion people around the world. Nevertheless, there are many foreign dishes which became the beloved food among many countries.

For example, pizza of Italy, Sushi of Japan, Curry of India, and Pho of Vietnam are beloved by many people around the world with no validity term. Even though people don’t know where those countries are located, but they know exactly where the top gourmet restaurants are. Well then, let’s take a look inside the secrets of the globally successful food!!

Reborn as Korean foods

The food that can’t be found anywhere in China, Jajangmyeon

In Thailand, Jajangmyeon’ was selected as the most ‘want-to-try’ food of Korea among young people. It is a surprising result when considering that many Thailand the Korean drama and music are sweeping over the country. But in fact, Koreans themselves don’t regard Jajangmyeon as Korean food.

The name of Jajangmyeon was derived from the word ‘Zhajiangmian(炸酱面)’ in China. In the past, many Chinese ordinary people used to add ‘Chunjiang(椿酱)’, Chinese fermented soybean paste in the noodle. Like many Chinese who settled in other countries, Chinese in Korea also had this noodle, but in a little different way, adding caramel, vegetables and meats. As time goes by, the way of cooking Zhajiangmian and its ingredients have been changed to fit the Korean’s tastes, which is now Jajangmyeon.

There are a number of foreign dishes beloved by Koreans, even if they haven’t been changed as much as Jajangmyeon. For example, there is a huge difference between the Korea-made pizza and Italy-made pizza which is baked over stove. Unlike the original pizza with one or two fresh ingredients on its thin and crispy bread, the Korea-made pizza has a lot of toppings and sauce on its soft and thick bread. Yes, it was changed to fit the Koreans’ tastes who love soft and chewy food.

To be accurate, as the Italian pizza became Americanized in the U.S., many things including dough, ingredients and even the method of cooking were changed a bit. After then, the Americanized pizza arrived in Korea and it once again had a change. Even though many Koreans love pizza itself, there are still a lot of pizza companies which are trying to develop their pizza to fit the Koreans who are accustomed to spicy food.

Italian pasta with a minimum sauce

Koreanized pasta with much sauce

Pasta is a similar example. It came across to Korea not from Italy, but from the Italian restaurant in the U.S. and Japan. The Pasta was changed again in Korea, and got to have a new style and develop the new tastes.

Well, there is a significant difference between the pasta which is commonly sold in Korea and the original pasta, comparing the amount of sauce. The Italian pasta, which is a one of favorite dishes and courses among common people, originally has little sauce. However in Korea, people get used to have ‘one dish for a meal’, so the amount of sauce has increased like a noodle soup and satisfied their appetite.

Interesting fact here is that Kimchi or Gochujang(red pepper paste) added pasta is being exported overseas. People said that it is a reexportation of pasta. ‘Ramyeon’ is another example of the exported foreign dishes from Korea. First made in Japan, ramyeon which had arrived in Korea in late 1950s became one of the biggest trends ever. Since 2000, ramyeon industry in Korea has begun to rise rapidly, and exported ramyeon to Japan which is the home of ramyeon. Moreover, Korean ramyeon product was ranked the ‘globally recognized brand” by TokyoTV.

Successful Cases. We are More Delicious and Exclusive!

Thailand dishes

Thailand dish which achieved globalization regardless of nation awareness

 Most of the South East dishes that are well-known among Koreans are from Vietnam, such as rice noodle and rice wraps. But in terms of generalization, there must be the Thailand dishes. Regardless of the nation’s competitiveness and image, Thailand dishes are getting more popular and popular with the support of public sectors and the government. Those support started from 2004, when they launched the slogan, Thai-ness, in order to globalize the Thailand dishes. For this reason, people around the world not only order the menu but also remember the Thailand culture and its nation brand.

The key to success is that they just let people try their dishes by recommending as they do to their friends. Opening the restaurant in neighboring countries, they stick to their original tastes, but in remote countries like U.S. they tried to change their dishes to fit their tastes. For the reason, the Thailand dishes in close countries, such as Laos, Malaysia and Cambodia still have the piquant and spicy tastes even though the ingredients are little bit different. On the other hand, in Korea or western countries, they are working on to remove ‘Pak Chee’, Thailand’s representative spices or add more sweetness and salty taste. Through this relative PR strategy, the number of Thailand restaurants all over the world increased over 13,000, comparing the 4,000 restaurant in 2004.

Sushi, VIP menu in the world restaurant


Japan has set out to attract over 1.2 billion from 600 million people to Japanese food by 2012. And in fact, the population enjoying the Japanese food is rapidly increasing. Especially the PR strategy which aims at spreading the image of sushi to Europe, U.S., Asia and Africa as a gourmet food of the upper ten was considered successful. In addition, they promote the export of Japanese food supplies with the scientific data that they can make best sushi with the food supplies from Japan, which became a role model for many countries.

In particular, they published the book ‘How to eat Sushi’ telling the history of Sushi and how to use the chopstick, and how to eat Sushi, which made Sushi closer to foreign people as a culture. Thanks to the concrete and systematic strategy, currently in U.S., there are 10,000 Japanese restaurants, which is almost a half of the total Japanese restaurant all over the world.

More Chinese restaurant than McDonald in Korea

Chinese dishes which became popular everywhere in the world

 Chinese restaurants have succeeded around the world with its own efforts to develop the menu, which differentiates them from the Japanese and Thailand restaurants that were supported by their governments. You will be surprised to know that the globalization of the Chinese restaurant already started 150 years ago, which is far earlier than their government’s PR strategy on food. In 1850s, for the Gold Rush in U.S., more than 25,000 Chinese moved over to the U.S. and the first Chinese restaurant Chow Chows’ opened. Naturally, Americans were fascinated by the cheap and plentiful Chinese food.

The Chinese restaurants which are well on the way to establishing itself in the U.S., soon expanded to the big cities and the suburb areas and became Americanized, focusing on increasing the number of enterprising franchises. Now, it opened over 40,000 Chinese restaurants, which is more than the number including McDonald, Burger King, and Wendy.

Korean Dishes in the World, Where do we stand?

Korean’s favorite dish, Bulgogi

 Taking a look at many successful cases of foreign dishes, you might wonder then, “What is the current position of Korean dishes”? So, we did analysis about the foreigners’ preferences on Korean dishes, such as Kimchi, Bibimbap, and Bulgogi which are considered known overseas. The statistics results were based on the Accenture Survey and Analysis implemented on June 2009.

First of all, 21% out of all foreigners who answered the survey came up with ‘Korean dishes’ from the word ‘Korea’. Most of them considered Kimchi is the representative food of Korea, and they were quite positive on its tastes, answering that it is rather spicy but very delicious. In particular, the Americans who participated in the survey answered that Korean dishes are mostly unique, inexpensive, and quite extensive. They also regarded that Korean dishes would be good to health and diet.

Meanwhile, ‘Bulgogi’ was selected the ‘most satisfactory dish’, recording 4.4 out of 5. Dakgalbi, which is spicy even to Koreans, got 4.3 unexpectedly. For the next, Bibimbap and Ddokgalbi recorded 4.2. Well, there are also other dishes that scored pretty low we need to check. Dongchimi noodles and Naengmyeon got around 3 points. It is expected that foreigners don’t like cold noodles.

Like many other countries which tried hard for globalization, we also need to be aware of the current status of Korean food, keep our own traditional value and develop the localized recipe by country. Then one day in the near future, we can enjoy Korean food with all of our friends in the world.

 ※ image: Korea Tourism Organization

 The images posted on this article are just for helping understanding, and they are not directly related to the contents of this article.

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