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World Student in Korea:Yeosu, the Host City of Expo

With one year left before the opening of the Yeosu Expo, the Organizing Committee is very busy in preparing the world event, drawing attentions from many countries. Focusing on one specific subject, “The Living Ocean and the Coast- Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities”, Yeosu will present something different.

It is very meaningful that the Expo focuses on specific topic and shows the future of the human activities.Shall we take a look at Yeosu Expo?

 Mosageum beach, a taste of Yeoso Ocean

Mosageum beach> (Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

 Lonesome and silent, the scenery of Yeosu Ocean is considered the best. Even people living near the ocean visit Yeosu to feel the cleanness and calmness. If you want to feel the Yeosu Ocean, Mosageum beach is the exact place.

Mosaguem beach is not as big as other beaches in Korea. However, the surrounding scenery is very beautiful and two naturally-created beaches make Mosaguem more special.


Soft sand of Mosageum beach> (Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

 Both beaches are made up of small pebbles and soft sand. The sand is so soft that your feet will be deeply submerged in. In addition, it is good for parents to play with their kids around. Well, we also recommend you to take photos of the pebbles, which is nature itself, or to go fishing by the rocks on the seashore.

Mosageum, the treasure of Yeosu, has been well known for beautiful sand. Why not come down here for family vacation?

Enjoying Strange Rocks and Bizarre Stones of Baekdo Island

Various strange rocks and bizarre stones of Baekdo island>(Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

 Now, you would understand why Yeosu Expo focuses on ‘Marine World’ and how that attracts so many people.

 On the other hand, there is another island which has been recognized by many well-known people around the world. Baekdo-island. It has 99 peaks, including small rocky islands.

Various strange rocks and bizarre stones of Baekdo island >(Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

 You can get around the island with a boat. It is interesting to see very unique styles of each island. For an example, you will find the large rock with a naturally carved hole that has become the shelter of the sea birds. Like this, Yeosu Ocean has an unlimited potential with a magnificent landscape of a variety of rocks and Geomundo Island floating on the ocean which is an hour distance by a boat. Clear blue sea will tell that Yeosu will be the perfect host city for the Great Marine Expo.

Do not miss it!

Children’s favorite, Marine Science Museum, Jeollanam-do

Marine Science Museum in Jeollanam-do> (Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

 Both Yeosu city and Yeosu Expo are not for the adults, but also for children. Children can also enjoy the both. The Marine Science Museum in Jeollanam-do will satisfy the curiosity of children.

Opened in 1998 and renovated in 2005, this museum introduces the beauty of National Marine Park of Dadohae and contributes to promoting tourism of Yeosu city.

 You can see the native aquarium fish in the biggest cylinder-shaped water tank, the turtles living in the largest aquarium in Korea, and the mud flat aquarium which just look like a real one.

 The ‘touch and feel’ aquarium is the most favorite for children. All visitors can touch the top shells, craps and other marine creatures. For more details, check the website http://www.해양수산과학관.kr

 Wishing for Success of Yeosu Expo


The 2ndMeetingofParticipatingCountriesofYeosuExpo2012(Source:NewMediaTeam,YeosuExpo2012)

 Since the Daejeon Expo, Yeosu Expo will gather the worldwide attention. They have a huge ambition of decorating the whole ocean as the fairground for the Expo for the first time ever in 150 year-old history of World Expo.

 From small beaches to dark blue ocean with strange rocks and bizarre stones, and the space for the firsthand experience of the ocean, Yeosu is just perfect enough for ocean city. Shall we take fresh air in Yeosu this summer with the expectation for the coming Expo?

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world student in korea:New wave of IT world rushing in

‘Cloud Meets Big Data’ was the hot issue in IT Forum which was recently held in COEX Convention Center. Cloud Computing has been the main stream of Korean Internet services since last year. It sounds little far from your daily life, but over 10 millions are using the Cloud service. Let’s take a look before it’s too late.

Hot issue in IT World, elusive Cloud computing

 Cloud computing is defined as a computing environment providing services through internet servers such as a data storage, network, and contents at the same time according to Naver dictionary(http://100.naver.com). In short, we put all data together into servers of data center so we could use them whenever we need. Just like the clouds intangible, the space doesn’t exist in computer, but we can handle them freely

The concept of the Cloud Service> (Source: EBN Industry News)

 Let’s take an example with an email. Whenever you log in, you’ll receive emails or data. Your computer actually doesn’t have the storage for data but you can take them out from the internet server. This is a basic concept of it.

Cloud computing is a technology that you can use the Operating Systems(OS) such as Windows, and Mac, and Word processor, Office, Photoshop, Games and all kinds of application programs and the saved data with certain payment. Many of Korean corporations and government organizations already adopted the service or moving to adopt it. IT service companies are providing a large webhard-type of cloud service for individuals as well.

 Faster, Easier and Cheaper

 The advantage of the Cloud Computing is that you can save the space and costs. All you need are a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse and the network function, and you just have to pay as much as you use. The other advantage is that you can use the data anytime with a variety of IT devices such as computers, tablet PCs, and smart phones.

 For its cost effectiveness, the Cloud computing system is much more attractive to businesses than to individuals. With the Cloud Computing system, employees just need internet-accessible computer instead of expensive PC and software. In terms of security, the authentication process prevents the security breaches and information leaks.

There seems to be a long way to go, as it is at an early stage> (Source: NewsPim)

 Firstly, the server stability and the security must be guaranteed for Cloud computing. In fact, a cloud computing service in the US was down for two hours with a huge loss. In this case, users’ loss must be tremendous. In terms of security, like DDoS, servers can be the target for hacking or attack. Strict security solution should be prepared to prevent such a horrible damage to data center

 Seize the Growth Engine of Future Korea

 The scale of the world Cloud Computing market is expected to grow from 31 billion dollars in 2011 to 60 billion dollars in 2014. It is the trend that world class IT businesses and venture companies consider the Cloud Computing a key industry in the future. Global competition for Cloud Computing among business and individual market is already underway

 In response to global competition, Korean government announced the strategy last month that they will increase the Cloud Computing adoption rate up to 15%. The official said that they will improve the legal system in order to promote the growth of Cloud Computing market. In addition to encouraging government agencies build up Cloud Computing infrastructure in a certain percentage, Korean government support small businesses so that they can be a global competitor through combining data center with Cloud Computing.

 Korean companies are set to Cloud Computing service. IT companies sell their services such as large scale Cloud Computing and virtualization solutions. They move ahead with international companies to be the leader in the world market of Cloud Computing market

Global competition is underway to be the IT business leader for the next generation> (Source: Digital Times)

 Korean mobile service company K on June 30th made an agreement of joint venture together with Japanese company S. K has a plan to build up data center in Kimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do so that they could provide data service for not only Japanese companies but also for Asian companies within a radius of 2,000 km. Global e-bay company E announced last 13th they will build up data center in Busan to support Korea, China, Japan, Singapore and Australia branches. Prior to it, US IT company opened a data center in cooperation with Korean Insurance Company K in Songdo, Incheon city last November. It appears that more companies will open data centers in Korea

 The key reasons for these trends are geological conditions, less natural disasters, stable and low cost electric service and reliable internet service. In particular, IT infrastructure is the most highly graded. With these strength and advantages, we are looking forward to being a leader in data center hub through Asia and global competitor in the world cloud computing service market.

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world student in korea:Road Trip in Jeju

Jeju beach with emerald tints and peculiar living rocks are very beautiful like the fine paintings. You can have beautiful scenery by just pressing a button on your camera. In addition, driving the offshore will make you refresh your mind.

 You will realize that time flies so fast when dropping by some attractive places while driving the offshore road. Now we will introduce you the must-go places in Jeju island.

 Dive along the Green Forest!

 The road which will be now introduced is 516 Forest Road Tunnel that was built for the first in this island. It is a shortcut from Jeju city on the South to Seogwipo city on the North of the island, crossing Mt. Halla. It definitely reduced the travelling time and is quite faster than the other ways. The road is rather zigzag, however, once you pass the Sungpan Rest Area, you will meet the trees that just look like a tunnel. While passing the tunnel we will feel as if the trees were greeting you.

The lush greenness of the 516 Forest Road Tunnel > (Source : AsiaToday)

 On your diving, you will see the Sancheon-dan altar for Mt. Halla and Sungpanak, the tracking course. Suak vallley is made of clear water from Baeknok-dam, the lake located on the top of the Mt. Halla. It ia connected by thick forest and azure sky.it’s virgin forest and it’s changed by the season. The road is lined up with Jeju typical trees and there are grazing ponies, too. 516 Forest Road Tunnel is thickly wooded and keeps the cool temperature even in summer. When you pass the tunnel, turn off the air-conditioner and open the car window to feel the beauty of nature.

 Sagye Coastal Road

 Sagye (four seasons) Coastal Road is an absolutely wonderful road which will surround you by the sea breeze and wind. As the Mt. Sanbang and Mt. Songak are located at each of the end of the seashore, the driving course is even peaceful and comfortable. Drivers can get the full view of the sea as well. Everyday many visitors are passing this beautiful coastal road to see the harmonized seashore, mountain and roads and all the beautiful sceneries around with its breath-taking sunset


The road of the harmonized seashore, mountain and road> (Source: Korean Tourism Organization)

We can see not only the Sagye seashore not only the Brothers islands guarding the South Sea, and away from here, we can also see the Gapa island and southernmost island, Mara island. Recently, the Sagye Coastal Road was designated as “One of the most beautiful 100 roads in Korea” by the Ministry of Construction and Transportation. After 50 minutes of driving along the No.95 local road from Jeju city, you will reach at a town which is the entrance of the Sagye-ri harbor. Then, go toward the beach about 5 minutes, and you will be dazzled by the coolest sea in front of you.

 This area is also famous for the Asian-first human’s footprints fossil of the Old Stone Age. There are other footprints of the elephants, dears and birds as well. Archeologists said this geographical strata was created in the fourth stages of the Cenozoic era 50,000 years ago. Since it was reported on the news, a number of tourists are continuously visiting here to see the fossils by themselves. However, since the Cultural Heritage Administration designated this area as one of the state-designated natural monuments, it has been impossible to enter the area.

Some people leave their car and take a walk around the area to see the Mt. Sanbang, Brothers islands, Gapa island , Mara island, and Mt. Songak. We hope you enjoy the road trip on Sagye Coastal Road.

 Cedar Forest

 Well, driving along the coast would be so good, but there is other driving course you would also be excited. It is the 27.3 km-long Rd. No.1112, which connects Gujwa-eup Pyongdae-ri and the Rd. No.516. The way ahead is full of cedar.

Huge Cedars are lining up along the street> (Source: Munhwa Ilbo)

 This road was awarded a grand prize by the Ministry of Construction and Transportation in 2002. It’s very exotic as if you were in somewhere in north-American forests. Actually, this place appeared in many of CFs, movies and TV dramas. About 2,570 typical Jeju trees are growing wild here and make us feel refreshed when driving through or walking through the road.

 Jeju driveways are full of blue water, beautiful estuary, cedars and secondary volcanoes. Why don’t we leave for Jeju this Summer?

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World Student in Korea: We are Civil Diplomats!

Generally, diplomat is a representative of a country, and mainly works for his own country. But do we call those who only pursue the national profit ‘Diplomats’? No. Diplomats could be those who care and help others to make them happy. Reputation of the person would be coming after.

In Korea, many volunteer organizations have been very active in overseas for a long time.

COPION members digging the ground for the base of house. The recent trend of volunteer is changed to educate people to be independent rather than giving material aid. (Source: COPION)

 Civil Volunteer Organizations

 The word, “Relief Organization” first appeared after the Korean War. A relief organization, World Vision was born in the war-torn Korea 60 years ago. World Vision which grew up with the Korean economy, witnessed that Korea turned into giving nation from receiving nation. World Vision Korea is the first and only official cooperation organization which belongs to WEP(World Food Programme) among other domestic NGOs, being recognized its professionalism.

 Its business varies on area, field, international business, etc. Domestic ministry is helping the community to live on their own, which is their ultimate goal.

 At present, World Vision Korea became one of the members of World Vision International, which is one of the largest civil international organization in the world and has about 40,000 staff members in nearly 100 countries. Accordingly, World Vision International obtained the consultative status from UN-ECOSOC(Economic and Social Council).

 INCOPION, the overseas volunteer organization, mainly dispatches Korean volunteers abroad. Since its establishment in 1999, many youth from Korea have been dispatched to about 143 local NGOs and non-profit organizations in Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America twice a year. Especially, COPION has removed age and education limit from 2003, which has broadened more opportunities for not only youth but also over 36 year-old senior volunteers.

Good People, the volunteer organization, is favored by many local communities through building schools and providing a free education.(Source: Good People)

 COPION is also recruiting the short and long term volunteers with a background knowledge, such as in computer, music, Korean martial arts to teach the poor family and children.

Good People is a volunteer medical organization which cares about neighbors around the world who are mostly vulnerable to poverty, disaster, and disease due to the social isolation, and also provide health care to them. They started to give a professional help and make their hope come true with every single help from all over the world. Good People engages in various activities to develop the isolated regions, such as poverty eradication, child protection, education, prevention and treatment of disease, and emergency relief, which are especially conducted in distant and less favored areas heavily populated by ethnic minorities with no government protection or civilization.

 Lastly, Good News Corps is a very young organization. Like the slogan, “Boys are our future and hope.”, they try to communicate with the children in the world and provide education and exchange each culture. The members learn leadership, humble mind, and a new culture. They are quite confident at learning the new language naturally within four months during their activities.

To Raise the National Value

 Many would agree that lots of overseas volunteer organizations contribute to raising the national brand. Based on the understanding, the Korean government last 2009 integrated all overseas volunteer projects of each government ministry into WFK (World Friends Korea).

Three volunteer groups, KOICA(Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade), IT Volunteer Group(Ministry of Public Administration and Security), College Students for Volunteering(Ministry of Education, Science and Technology) were firstly integrated in 2010, and mid and long term advisors(Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade), Retired Professionals(Ministry of Knowledge Economy) and the World Taekwondo Peace Corps(Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) started to work under the name of WFK.

 Please give a big applause of encouragement to those who deliver the world peace and love even at this moments.

Volunteers learn a new culture, leadership, and humble mind which is essential to become a true leader.(Source: Good News Corps)


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World Students in Korea (WSK) Recruiting the 5th Batch

The Presidential Council on Nation Branding (PCNB) is recruiting the 5th batch of members for the program “World Students in Korea.”

“World Students in Korea” aims to provide international students in Korea with opportunities to experience Korea in a more organized, diverse, and involved manner and to promote cultural exchanges between Korea and the students’ home countries through the blogs (web logs) run by the member students.

The 1st batch was launched in July 2009. Members participate in a variety of activities including camps, field trips, workshops, performances and other events.

1. Number of members sought :

Fifty (50)

2. Application Period :

May 16 (Mon) – May 29 (Sun) 2011

3. Eligibility

– International students (i.e. those who are currently enrolled in an educational institution(s) in Korea)

– Those who own and run a blog (*Those who do not have a blog are requested to open one prior to applying)

– Those who are interested in Korea’s industries and culture

– Priority for selection will be given to those who speak Korean

 4.  Tenure

Jun 2011 – December 2011 (6 months)

 5.  Tasks

– Open and run an individual blog upon which students are to post contents (articles, photos, videos, etc.) related to Korea

– Attend various workshops, field trips, and events hosted by the Council

 6.   Benefits

– Upon evaluation by the Council at the end of the tenure, students who have shown distinguished on- and offline activities will receive awards (e.g. A round trip flight ticket to home country for Grand Prize winner)

– A small gift will be provided for the students who have shown excellent activities upon evaluation by the Council at the end of the month.

– Opportunities to attend diverse cultural events and performances related to Korea, or those hosted by the Council

– Media coverage (TV programs, interviews with newspapers, magazines etc.) regarding WSK activities and Korea

 7.  How to Apply

Via the Council’s official web site. Click the following link:


8. Inquiries

 Ms. Jung-A Lee

Culture, Tourism & Global Citizenship Bureau

Presidential Council on Nation Branding


Ms. Jin-Sook Lee

International Cooperation Bureau

Presidential Council on Nation Branding


*** For further information on the Presidential Council on Nation Branding, visit www.koreabrand.net

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world student in korea:Fascinating Bicycle Trip

In spite of the landscapes you’ve seen many times while going to work, home, or other places on foot, by train or airplane, every time you will get a different impression according to which vehicle you are riding, and how you look at it. Of course, there is no need to tell that riding a bicycle is the perfect choice to enjoy this recent spring breeze. Then, how much do you know about the bicycle and how far have you traveled with it?

Get ready to leave into the warm spring sunlight, if you don’t want to miss the beautiful landscapes of Korea!

Pleasant playground for bicycle riders, Gwangnaru Bicycle Park
Bicycle riders along the path in Gwangnaru bicycle park

Have you been to Gwangnaru Bicycle Park? It is a new park which has many facilities including the 124,000㎡(1,335 square feet) wide of bicycle racing stadium, a bicycle experiencing park, a bicycle training place for children, and a rail bike place.

Especially, the racing stadium which placed the bumpy paths and other challenging obstacles is very popular among riders and manias who have special bicycles like Mountain bike (MTB) or Bicycle Motocross (BMX).

Besides, you can try about 80 kinds of unique bicycles such as the one riding on square wheels, the one moving aside, the one that moves when lying on it and the one that a couple can drive facing each other, which is the first ‘Bicycle experiencing place’ in Korea. ‘Rail bike’ that is drawing a huge popularity in Jeongseon in Gangwon-do, Gokseong in Jeollanam-do is also open to public.

Why don’t you have this exciting experience that will keep yourself out of the stuffy city!

Location: 483-8 Cheonho 2dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul
Holidays: every Monday
Available hours: 09:00~18:00, (Nov~Feb) 10:00~17:00, (May~August) 09:00~19:00
Contact/Info.: 02-120 / Night time: 02-3780-0777

Memoir on ‘Nostalgia’ bicycle paths in OkCheon

Bicycle riders on 200li(=49miles) long ‘nostalgia’ paths with full of forsythia in OkCheon

While passing through the ‘Nostalgia’ bicycle paths in Okcheon, visitors can enjoy not only the beautiful Daecheong Lake but also the spirit of the poetry town where the pioneer of Korea’s modern poet and the writer of ‘Nostalgia’, Jeong Ji-yong was born. Why don’t you give a wonderful day-off to yourself to get out of the repeated routine and soak up the beautiful scenery of the countryside and its friendly atmosphere?
Through the hiking course, ‘Nostalgia 100li(=24 miles)’, people can have a look at the overall shape of Korean peninsula from Mt. Dunjoo after visiting the birthplace of Jeong Ji-yong and the literary museum where people can still feel his spirit. It became very popular after being introduced by one of the famous TV programs in Korea, reality-variety show ‘1 night and 2 days’ show on the KBS2.
The length of the course is about 82km (=132 miles) long, and it takes approximately five hours and a half to complete it. It includes smooth paths for beginners and unpaved roads and forest roads which are the favorites of intermediate and advanced mountain bikers and manias.

Location: Okcheon-eub, Okcheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
Contact/Info.: 043-730-3501~2 (Okcheon-gun Division of Culture and Tourism)

All About Bicycle, Sangju Bicycle Museum

Unique Bicycles displayed in exhibit hall of Sangju Bicycle Museum

No worries for those who cannot ride a bicycle! Sangju Bicycle Museum will give you the satisfaction.

This museum, which focuses on bicycle for the first time in Korea, was established in Sangju which is famous for a number of bicycles and its citizens who enjoy riding them rather than cars on their way to school, work, home and even picnic.

In this museum, which is called ‘the heaven of bicycle’ and ‘a school of bicycle’, you can take a whole look at everything about bicycle including its history, design, and so on. It introduces the history of bicycles through its 60 bicycles displayed in the exhibit hall and you will definitely enjoy the various experiencing halls about bicycles, including the souvenir shop.

Sangju must be the wonderful place to remind you of all the happiness, heartbeat, other memories with lovers.

Location : Ilwon San 3-4, Donam-dong, Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Contact/Info.: 054-534-4973Available Hour : Summer (April~ Oct) 09:00 ~ 18:00, Winter (Nov~March) 09:00 ~ 17:00
Holiday : every Monday (Tuesday applies when Monday is a National Holiday)
Jan 1, Luna New Years day, Chuseok (Thanksgiving day of Korea), and other closingdays by Sangju mayor

Why don’t we go on the bicycle trip to every corner of Korea this coming Spring!

※ Photographs : Korea Tourism Organization

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world student in Korea:Kim Nam-Joo, Throws Herself into ‘Concept Korea’ with Enthusiasm

The third Concept Korea will be held at the David Rubenstein Atrium, Lincoln Center, New York on the coming 15th (local time). The event takes place during the New York Fashion Week season featuring four groups of designers from Korea sponsored by the Korean government to represent the exceptional fashions of Korea. As an upgraded version of the past two Concept Koreas, this time a wide range of additional events supporting promotion will be offered.

New York Fashion Week is one of the four major international fashion collections leading the world fashion industry. It is more a commercial-oriented fashion show, featuring merchandisable fashion to lead the market than boldly experimenting with trends. This year the week runs from February 10th to 17th at the Lincoln Center; and ‘CONCEPT KOREA, Cultural Treasures 2011’ brings the fashion designs of Korea to the international stage, where all leading figures of the fashion market gather to enjoy the season. The project, accompanying various promotional marketing activities, is sponsored by the Republic of Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST), Daegu Metropolitan City, the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), and the Korean Research Institute for Fashion Industry (KRIFI) to advance the Korean fashion industry into the world market.

Concept Korea Ⅱ fashion show (photo: Naver blog)

When such efforts can successfully support Korean designers to create global brands joining the international fashion market with other world-renowned labels, the national competitiveness of Korea can be enhanced while acknowledged for its original fashion trends. Promotion is necessary for those talented designers to join the market; however it is difficult for many full-time designers to put much effort into marketing and promotion. Thus with support from government and private sectors, the Korean fashion can move a step closer to win more opportunities introducing its original trend of fashion to the world.

Indigo blue spreads into New York

Designers of Concept Korea Ⅲ: Choi Bum Suk, Yoni P, Steve J,Lie Sang Bong, and DO HO (from left to right)

This year’s theme for Concept Korea is ‘Cultural Treasures,’ planning to feature designs inspired by traditional Korean cultures by four designer groups, DO HO, Lie Snag Bong, Steve J & Yoni P and Choi Bum Suk. The profound and mysterious indigo blue of the celadon porcelain will be transferred to the garments and the showroom portraying the graceful sensibilities of Korea. The indigo of the celadon may enchant the eyes of the West with its elegant and sophisticated beauty from the East, Korea.

The designers have prepared about forty pieces of work for the collection and the Concept Korea staffs prepared additional events to better promote Korean culture. This was planned from feedbacks on the past two Concept Koreas, which did not fully explore the resources and opportunities ending the event with a single show.

Concept Korea Ⅱ fashion show (photo: Naver blog)

After the forty-minute length fashion show, a list of interesting events with reception introducing Korean food, music, performance, and IT is held. Visitors can relax and get better understandings on Korea while enjoying fusion Korean food provided as part of the ‘Taste of Korea’ project led by the Korean Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. An internationally recognized chef Tom Colicchio has prepared a special fusion Korean dish and makgeolli (Korean rice wine) for this occasion expected to attract more attention from the Western people.

Reaching out for new business opportunities

As the primary mission of the event is for the Korean fashion industry to enter the global market, a room showcasing the collections for potential business partners was arranged. In Chelsea Meatpacking district a public showroom was set up for ten days starting from February 14th to 23rd. Here the four designer groups from Korea shows each fifty pieces of their design welcoming foreign buyers. Especially, bringing Korea’s IT technology to the space, the showroom is ready to surprise the visitors and buyers from the entrance spot winning local attention among other designers participating the New York Fashion Week.

Kim Nam-Joo, commissioned as honorary ambassador for Concept Korea Ⅲ

National and international promotion is a significant key to win success paying back the long efforts put into. Kim Nam-Joo, the Korean fashion icon celebrity was commissioned as honorary ambassador for Concept Korea Ⅲ and fashion magazines including Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and influential American presses such as CNN, New York Times, New York Daily News will report the third Concept Korea stage.

Concept Korea Ⅲ uses SNS marketing for promotion

Smart Phone applications providing information on Concept Korea Ⅲ will be distributed and SNS marketing will be actively developed. Twitter and Facebook contents (serviced in English) and appointed fashion reporters will introduce the New York fashion week agenda, events and selected designers followed by additional services. Thanks to such supports you would be well informed about the show without a need to fly to New York.

Let’s hope the fashion show to end as a great success promoting talented Korean designers on world stage and further work as a stepping stone for the Korean fashion industry advancing into the international market.

PS:the source is from PCNB no.36 as part of WSK program

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