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KTO Trip to Jeounju Bibimbap Festival 2012

its me in font of the bibimbap festival booth

Do you know bibimbap? Bibimbap (비빔밥, Korean pronunciation: [pibimpap]) is a signature Korean dish. The word literally means “mixed rice”. Bibimbap is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul (sautéed and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang (chili pepper paste). A raw or fried egg and sliced meat (usually beef) are common additions. The ingredients are stirred together thoroughly just before eating. It can be served either cold or hot. In Korea, Jeonju, Jinju, and Tongyeong are especially famous for their versions of bibimbap. It is listed at number 40 on World’s 50 most delicious foods readers’ poll compiled by CNN Go in 2011.

its me with the last Lee dynasty

In korea, there was a bibimbap festival from 18-21 october 2012. I was visited on 20 October together with KTO. It was super awesome experience! We was VVIP! I have a chances to meet the Legend Mr. lee, who is the last dynasty of lee family.

The mayor of Jeounju, The governor, KTO President, Ambassador from many foreign country in Korea making bibimbap together

i also have a chances to make bibimbap with very very big bowl. After making that bibimbap we distribute it to more than 50 thousand people who are come to the bibimbap festival. after visit this festival. I geuss i am more and more love bibimbap. Its super awesome experience ever! I love KOREAN FOOD!!! 🙂

The big bowl of bibimbap. For 50 thousand people


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The proud of K-Performance Supporter, Thank you KTO!

I won a trip from KTO as part of my participations in Korea-Performance Supporter, to watch the prelimenary and final F1 Korean Grandprix 2012 from 12-13 october 2012. This F1 Tour also follow by other 28 Foreigner who was also as lucky as i am to join this amazing time. We depart from KTO at 8am on 12 october 2012. I finally meet for the first time my team mate jessica, we are on the Super-Q team. Jessica is Chinesse-korean who had been in Korea quite long, her family also live in korea. She is nice and kind, she also look so pretty just like one of the girls grups. 🙂

Its me and Jessica, Super Q, in the Yongnam F1 Korean Grandprix Circuit

We was stop over for lunch near to gongju, and than we finally arrive in Mokpo around 1.30Pm as schedule. I am so excited for this trip since i am huge fans of F1, i really hope i could see hamilton win in this 2012 F1 Korean Grandprix. So watching prelimenary is also important for me since in this prelimenary could determine the start on final. Once again i hope hamilton would be in the top 3.

hamilton go and do your best!

As i predict hamilton could be one of the top 3, while 2nd and 1st are Vettel and webber from the Renault team. After we watch the prelimenary we went to the Mokpo city for sightseeing and also see cool places around mokpo, you could read more detail in this LINK. After that we went for dinner and the dinner was so amazing and delicious. one of the best food i ever eat! its was seafood restaurant located in mokpo city.

the delicious foods

after the dinner we went for shopping in lotte mart and then went to our hanok stay, you could read more detail in this LINK.

The second day of our F1 Tour was watching the final. Before in the morning we went to sightseeing in the hanok stay area, you could read in this LINK. and in the afternoon we have lunch and than went for  final and this final we watch almost 55 lap, and i am so amaze, since the racer really do their best to be the winner on this final.

we enjoy lunch before watch final

I could see how hamilton try his best to get 1st and 2nd. The amazing was alonso who finally made it to be top 5. As many people predict VETTEL won the First place at this korean grandprix. Maybe the amazing part is renault team success won as 1st and 2nd. I bet renault team had big party after this racer!

the racer try their best to be the winner

I could say this is one of amazing experience for me, since i meet great friends and also i meet amazing people plus the KTO arrange very nice trip. I am really suggest you to come and watch this KOREAN F1 GRANDPRIX in the near future, and i hope my experience could be your reference to manage your F1 tour. 🙂 Once again i would like to say thank you to KTO for this amazing experience.

its me in front of the KTO tour bus

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Must visit Tourist Attraction if you visit Mokpo and Yongnam!

Its me in front of DR.WANG SITE

Our trip for the F1 Tour was two days 12-13 november 2012, therefore during this trip beside we went to see the F1 Korean grandprix it self we also visit several cool places.

on the first day after watch the preliminary grandprix, we went to the Yongnam Keum-ho breakwater (영암 금호 방조제), this place is separated the sea water and the river in the yongnam area. its like a dam, i guess. however after we arrive at that place it was under-constructions so we couldn’t go inside the dam. I guess this place will be amazing, but if you want to visit this place i guess it will be awesome if you ask whether its still under-constructions or not.

Mokpo SQUARE, the world dance festival was held

The second we visit Mokpo Square, here there was a “world dance festival” when we arrive, we saw performance from Korea, Spain and France. It was amazing performance with cool costume. I also learn some steps of france dance. Its totally unbelievable experience. I saw many local people curious and interest about this performance, they were so excited claps their hands follow the musics.

After that we went to have dinner, it was cool dinner, We love it so much, I geuss you could read it here in this LINK.

its me with other K-performance supporter in the Dr.Wang site

The second day we went to Dr.Wang site near to our hanok, Since we dont have much time, we could not enjoy whole museum things, but i take a lot of good picture here with cool friends.  The best part is i love the big field in this Dr. Wang site. I geuss it will be cool to know the detail about this place, if we have a tour guide who explain in detail about this place. However this place is awesome place for taking good pictures.Thats some of other places that i visited during our F1 Tour.


Oya since i did not join the KTO bus to go back to seoul after the F1 Final, Instead of it i went to the Gangnam PSY Concert with other K-Performance supporter, There we have a blash. I feel the excitement of PSY GANGNAM STYLE. its only one hour but it so FUN! We jump and dance gangnam style. Even i dont know the song but i just like singing LALALALA, and dance for almost 1hours.

we have fun time in the Gangnam Style concert

Lastly i geuss, if you visit F1 next year, you have to also come to the Free concert since the organizer surely invite awesome singer like this year they invited PSY to entertain us. Thank you KTO for this amazing two days trip. Its so unforgettable memory! 🙂

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So Hangyo,kindness korean I ever meet!

So Hangyo,a korean who are so kind and nice. I meet her last year,since I teach her English. So she come to KAIST Every Wednesday to learning English. Due to my busy schedule, i don’t have time to teach her again but We already become good friends.

We still contact through cellphone and kakao talks.everytime I am so stress out with my life in KAIST,I called her and we having delicious food together 🙂

We also went to trip together several times and it’s all just so much fun!

I Geuss I am really enjoy the time with Hangyo most of the time. The interesting part of our relationship was, She could not speak English and I could could not speak korean. Most of my friends confuse how to of us be able to communicate each others. We often open “google translate” from our smart phone to translate our language barriers. The best part of my relationship with Hangyo is we could be bestfriends. She always there for me! In good time and bad time this recent year!

The touching part was yesterday, se suddenly call me and ask “Ai where are you?” I was in the bus to KAIST from Sollbridge. We finally meet in KAIST and I was so surprised since she bring box of instants rice,chicken karee instants and so many fish soup instants. She said to me “Ai don’t eat ramyon anymore,this is a food for you during your busiest time” oh my god, I am so speachless. She was remember when I was sleep for whole day at weekend and often eat ramyon due to In my dorm is not allow to Cooked.

 She so care to my health!i was so speachless since she so kind to me and always care to me! 🙂 thank you Hangyo for your kindness and warm hearted! You are the best korean bestfriends I ever meet! 🙂



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The great janggem musical performance in seoul korea


all the janggem performance after the show in the stage 🙂

On may 26,2012 I have a free ticket from KINSA (korea international student association) to watch the great musical performance in seoul korea. I was one of the lucky people who won the free ticket. If you don’t know the janggem was a famous korean drama play in MBC.this drama was one of the most famous drama also in Indonesia. I was watching the drama for several years. I Geuss most of Indonesian know this korean drama very well.Therefore when I heard about this korean musical performance, known as korean non verbal performance, I was so excited to go to this performance. I was so lucky I had been chosen by KINSA as one of the winners of the free ticket 🙂


the janggem VIP Ticket from KINSA, entrance price is 80,000 won/person

On the way to seoul,the KINSA said I could bring one friends,then I called ami to join me,then two of us went to the performance.

The performance was held 80 minute and devide in to 8 act. from the first act you could travel back to the janggem drama story. I was amaze since in the drama i could see the “ballet dancing”, the korean traditional intrument played, the taekwondo martial art, the great song and many more. you wont be regret watched this musical performance.


The beckham art hall, the place of the janggem musical performance is located near to samseong station exit 8

after the performance we could also take a picture with the main performer. I am so happy that day, its truly nice performance. amazing performance and amazing friends are great combinations. 🙂

me with the janggem artist after the show

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Interactiv​e Movie 안녕 : Anyeong Korea Movie with 2PM and Miss A!

Interactiv​e Movie 안녕 poster!

Korea~siapa yang tidak mau datang ke korea sekarang ini? semua ingin ke KOREA! Demam KOREA di penjuru dunia! Hal ini tidak lepas dari “hallyu wave” dari K-POP,K-DRAMA dan lain sebagainya. Agaknya “ketampanan dan kecantikan” para artis korea cukup membuat terkesima semua mata! 🙂

Tak segan-segan banyak orang yang rela membeli tiket promosi salah satu maskapai yang sedang gencar2nya di asia satu tahun sebelumnya, dengan “bertaruh”kemungkinan visa ditolak demi mendapatkan “tiket murah” ke korea. Situs search engine kerap dikunjungi mulai untuk mendapatkan tips dan trik mendapatkan visa ke korea, tempat yang direkomendasikan dikunjungi sampai dengan tempat tinggal murah selama di korea.

Its me in front of the sign meeting place hold Goodie GIFT from KTO and IBUZZ KOREA

Dengan naiknya turis asia tenggara khususnya Indonesia ke Korea, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) memiliki website baru yaitu www.ibuzzkorea.com dimana di website ini kalian dapat menemukan banyak informasi mengenai hal tersebut di atas. Di situs ini pula kalian bisa menemukan serunya mengunjungi tempat-tempat wisata tersebut dengan melakukan interaksi dengan salah satu icon K-POP 2PM dan MISS A lewat Interactive Movie 안녕 http://www.ibuzzkorea.com/eng/interactive/annyeong.html. Di media interaktif ini kalian seolah-olah melakukan petualangan dengan 2PM dan MISS A mengelilingi tempat wisata seru di KOREA.

Fasilitas interaktif ini merupakan fasilitas baru yang sangat seru dan bahkan kalian bisa mensharing pengalaman keliling korea via maya bersama 2PM dan MISS A ini di jejaring sosial yang dimiliki seperti Facebook dan lain sebagainya. Serunya interaktif anyeong ini bisa kita lihat di Link youtube berikut ini:

Korea Tourism Organizations mengundang saya bulan lalu untuk menghadiri peluncuran “interactive movie” ini di Seoul Korea sekaligus saya berkesempatan mendapat tanda tangan dari 2PM dan MISS A. Di peluncuran interactive movie ini disampaikan bahwa para hallyu star ini betul betul merasa piknik selama shooting untuk interactive movie ini. Di kegiatan ini juga di sekaligus mengukuhkan 2PM dan MISS A sebagai duta wisata untuk KTO.

MISS A dan 2PM di peluncuran interactive Anyeong



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I am officially 3 years stay in KOREA, so many goodtime i been through here!!!And today i can declare i really love korea so much!!!so so much!!! I try to beginning to collect all the memory and i realize that everytime i go-back for school vacations to Indonesia, after several day sudently i missed korea!! I missed the food, i missed the people who always smile, i missed the clean environment, i missed the fastest internet speed, etc etc.. I falling in love with this country. Today i feel so bless, so now i want start to collect my “Korea” picture in this note!!several experience that i been through in this country so amazing!!I LOVE KOREA……KOREA I HEART YOU >.<

My KOREA is in KAIST “THE WORLD BEST UNIVERSITY” where i learn how to be an inventor !!^^

i study in kaist at nuclear and quantum engineering. the reason i study nuclear engineering in ROK, Coz its excellent:) I am amaze how Korea could EXPORT their own technology to UAE!!I give my tumb when i visited blue house the korea president museum!>.<

Korea independence day is 15th August, 1945 just two days before Indonesia Independence day! at korea war memorial museum i was amaze how KOREA fight for their honor, i learn how korea always defence, never attack other county!Korea is a peaceful country, therefore no wonder the korean people is so nice and kind!^^No wonder at korean war, so many country help!!

my KOREA @korea national museum the korean bell:) there i know the different between bell in japan and china. The korean bell is The Bell of King Seongdeok which a massive bronze bell, the largest extant bell in Korea.The bell was commissioned by King Gyeongdeok to honor his father, King Seongdeok. the bell was designated as the 29th national treasure of Korea on December 12, 1962. It measures 3.33 meters high, 2.27 meters in diameter, and 11 to 25 centimeters in wall thickness. the bell was designated as the 29th national treasure of Korea on December 12, 1962. It measures 3.33 meters high, 2.27 meters in diameter, and 11 to 25 centimeters in wall thickness.

My korean language is still beginner, but korea is so international including the BANK, KOREA Exchange Bank is so GLOBAL, they system support for somany diferent language:D I dont have any difficulties in exchange currency, do internet banking, etc etc because of this global bank, the most important is i receive regularly my scholarship through this bank!hahahaha I am so in love with this bank!hahahaha

my korea is when I have a skypass with korean air,I can travel all over the world~>..<

my korea is join the world student in korea,amazing experience!!I could meet so many friends from so many different countries.Trip to so many different places in korea. So great moment!!

Once again i feel so bless have been in korea for 3 years now, i got a celebrations surprise from maggie my bestfriend here in korea. Thank you maggie for always be there for me!!!

This note just beginning of my collections of a nice memories in korea, I will wrote more, WHERE IS MY KOREA”??? in the next note in the future……..Once more I LOVE KOREA,,,,KOREA I HEART YOU ^^

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Visiting Dae Jang Geum Them Park!^^

Last sunday i was go hunting picture with yoido photographer to Dae Jang Geum Them Park!It was amazing moment since first I love taking picture!The second is I also love Dae Jang Geum korean drama!This Dae Jang geum was so famous in Indonesia!

Dae jang geum them park is open set in MBC’s culture valley in Yangju, gyeonggi province. If you want to go this place, it so easy you just use subway line 1 to yangju station then after that use bus number 2-4 to go to this place!if you have 4 people you can use taxi from yangju stations, since our experience waiting the yellow bus 2-4 its takes hours!^^ But if you alone, you can also use taxi! the taxi fare from yangju station is 10,000won. If you use bus, its only 1,000won:D

Dae Jang Geum is a drama based on the true life of the poor, Jang-geum who raised to position royal physician. The drama excitingly describes the court culture such as royal cuisine, customes, medicines and games.

Dae Jang geum aired in MBC from september 2003 till march 2004 in many viewers interest, including in Indonesia it so famous korean drama! Dae jang geum open set panning 2,000 square meters consists of suragan (royal kitchen), sojubang (kitchen area within the palace where chefs cook meals for those who work in the palace), daejeon (king’s residence), daebijeon (queen residence), Toiseongan (kitchen), oksa (prison), gaeksa (inn), saongwon (government authority of the joseon dynasty in charge of cooking and food served in the palace), etc and the most of dae jang geum was filmed here.

In this dae jang geum them park, become more interesting because i can not only highlight the hystorical of dae jang geum drama but also have various experience such as riding korean sedan chair-gama, trying korean traditional costumes, see how korean raw rice wine makgeoli made, and playing tuho ( a game trowing arrows into a large jars). ITS SO MUCH FUN!! YOU only pay 5,000won for individual or 4,000won for a groups! So if you come to korea i recomended you to come and see this place, Its so so amazing place!!!^^

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WSK:Hyundai the 1 at Automotive Industries Tour!:D

Alhamdulillah, akhirnya saya berkesempatan berkunjung ke HYUNDAI pabrik sedan di Asan. Tidak seperti biasanya kami di sambut pria ganteng berwajah mirip “Hyunbin” sebagai PR dari “Hyundai Sedan Asan”. Beliau “ah aku lupa namanya” mengawali kunjungan kami dengan memutarkan film tentang Hyundai Grup dan apa saja yang dimiliki oleh Hyundai.

Selanjutnya kami mulai melakukan tur keliling pabrik, Entah dikarenakan mas ganteng hyunbin Hyundai (HH) saya sangat-sangat semangat mendengarkan semua penjelasananya tentang apa yang ada didalam pabrik tersebut. selama kunjungan tak lepas wajah saya memandang pabrik hyundai yang serba otomatis dan robotik dan tentunya mas HH yang guanteng! 🙂 🙂

Di pabrik asan ini, Hyundai mampu membuat 4 mobil yang berbeda dengan mesin yang sama, robot-robot tersebut mampu memproduksi 4 mobil yang berbeda. Warna mobil yang mayoritas dibuat adalah “Putih, silver, hitam dan biru untuk taksi singapura”. Setelah tahap pengecetan, pemasangan kabel dan lain-lain dilakukan secara manual dengan tenaga manusia, akan tetapi seluruh perlengkapan telah dibagi secara otomatis! Setiap mobil juga diketahui ke origin mana akan dikirim dan lain sebagainya.

Dikarenakan saya dilarang mendokumentasikan gambar, dan pas saya juga tidak bawa SD Card, akhirnya di Hyundai ini saya tidak py gambar yang sesuai TT.Tetapi sebagai kurang lebih gambaran teman-teman bagaimana pabrik hyundai mungkin gambar dibawah ini bs mewakili.

oya Mas HH menghadiahi kami semua miniatur SEDAN SONATA berwarna biru muda!!SENANGNYA!!!^^ 🙂 🙂 🙂

ps: saya menyesal tidak berfutu dengan mas HH dan meminta nomor HP mas HH, Hayyah Lebay! 🙂

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MISSHA Winter Sale 2011 up to 50%,Korea Is Heaven of Beauty!^.*

After finished all my EXAM at KAIST, i decide to go to SEOUL and SHOPPING!! My friends inform me about MISSHA WINTER SALE 2011 UP TO 50%!!” The reason i want to buy MISSHA product is their product is one of the BEST and It is seldom they have SALE… So IF YOU Are care about your self why dont you come to MISSHA and buy several of their product with very cheap price, The Price is SO SO SO CHEAP!!:-):-)

Yayah and Nbie, with their MISSHA Shopping bag, They buy a lot!^^

For example my friend buy a lotions from 12,000won (100,000 Rupiah) become only 6,000won (50,000 rupiah), i try the lotions and its so soft and makes skin so good! The other example is Shower gel from 8,000won its become 3,750 won, OH MY GOD, I almost drop dead to see all those price, I SAW ALL THOSE ITEM SALE SALE AND SALE! I wish i had a lot of Money!hahaha 🙂 🙂

My friend got explaination and advice from MISSHA Beauty advisor

we even can try all the product, every product has tester!^^

I try five different colour nail polish: orange,green,soft blue,white, soft purple:-)

I love KOREA so MUCH, its HEAVEN for Beauty!We can get GREAT quality cosmetics with advorable price (CHEAP),specially when it is ON SALE like MISSHA now!!so Visit NEARest MISSHA and ENJOY a CHEAP PRICE!:-) 🙂 🙂 MISSHA is available everywhere here in KOREA!:-) 🙂


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