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Sushi sushi time…:)

Sushi or raw fish, is so expensive here in KOREA!!(According to professor information).yahhh since its FRESH FISH, so the TASTE so delicious!!ENAK!!..

I remember i even eat a moving octopus, hahaha…Its so FRESH and its even still moving in my mouth, Hilarious experience!!! One time i eat Sushi in INDONESIA and the taste is not delicious at all..T.T…I don’t know why, but if you come to my country i recommend you to eat Fish GRILL instead of SUSHI…hehehe…If you are in KOREA you must tasted SUSHI…

NOW, if i got dinner invitation, Its always related with SUSHI…they so confuse what kind of food that i can eat since i can not eat PORK!!…hahaha, NOW i realize i am expensive girls!!hehehe

Our korean class dinner in SUSHI Restaurant
Its all raw..
They use the fish bone for this soup


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