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Happy Birthday Yos!!

Yos was our classmate in KAIST, he’s working in KAERI now!Today he has birthday!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Wish all your dream come true!!YOU ARE RIGHT, BESTFRIENDs are FOREVER!! Terima kasih untuk makan2nya yahhh!!hahaha, tetapi tetep “lada hitam”nya ditunggu!hehehehe


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KAIST freshman Design Fair 2010 a way to found a great Inventions!

KAIST INVENTIONS are 1 of the 50 BEST Inventions of 2010 according To TIME’s Magazine. After i enter KAIST, i realize indeed KAIST provide a system to support student to become founder, to be a great designer and engineer! Yes since undergraduate there is a course name “FRESHMAN DESIGN”.

Since this Wednesday 10/12/2010 in E-11 building All Freshman who take “Freshman design” has a poster fair. There’s so many poster in the E-11 hall. I am amaze with so many great topic category, so many people comes and see this fair (including me offcourse). I was taking a design also for graduate student in 2009 and i know how it feels one course feels like doing a thesis works!So congratulations to all freshman in “Freshman design course” keep up the good works!

HERE are several things that i found interesting during my visit to this KAIST freshman Design Fair 2010.

A CROWDED on KAIST Freshman Design Fair 2010

Welcome to KAIST freshman Design Fair 2010 MORE than 20 big Freshdesign Founded

he was been in Indonesia (jakarta) and his design concept is about mosquito alarm, cocok BANGET untuk Indonesia..amazing!!

here is one explanations that i record, they were making a personal and group planner program, Amazing!


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Myeongdong South Korea Outing!

Sebelum ujian kami memutuskan untuk jalan2 ke myeong dong,Yuhuuuu…sebenarnya ini cuma anter mba icha belanja sih, cuma akhirnya kami pun turut berbelanja, dan meni rempong boo…

Myeongdong Korea selatan, Tempat yang paling di rekomendasikan untuk berbelanja, yah selain karena harganya yang relatif masuk akal, model2 bajunya pun untuk ukuran anak2 muda sangat stylis dan memang lagi hip BANGET di korea selatan. Jadi kalo memang pengen tau trend yang ada di korea selatan saat ini, berkunjunglah ke myeongdong.

Myeongdong Korea selatan, juga surga makanan, yah banyak makanan enak ada disini, plus kalo buat cewek2 yang hobi dandan dan perawatan ato cowok2 yang peduli penampilan. Di myeongdong juga semua brand kosmetika ada disini. Yah Myeongdong is heaven for shopper….:D, Lihatlah kami yang masing2 membawa tentengan belanja setelah kembali dari myeongdong!!

Cara ke myeongdong gampang, cukup naik subway line 4 dan turun saja di myeongdong, nah habis dari sini bisa juga sekalian jalan2 ke namdaemun atau namsan tower. hehehe

Inilah video salah satu petualangan kami selama di myeongdong…SERU and FUN for sure!!Lets go to myeongdong everybody!


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HEY do YOU KNOW SEOUL SUBWAY LINE STATION can have shape 12 different animal??…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..


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World Student in Korea:Korea’s Women of the Sea(Haenyeo)

The no. 1 search word related to Jeju Island of Korea is hands down the “Ollegil (Olle Road).” Just thinking about taking a walk on Ollegil, especially in the autumn with all this beautiful foliage, lifts one’s mood.

Some while ago, though, before Ollegil came to be such a hot tourist spot, the first thing that came to one’s head thinking about Jeju used to be the “haenyeo,” the sea women; they are female divers in the Korean province of Jeju.

The women born in Jeju had to earn a living either by farming crops or picking sea products. The haenyeo often represents a harsh and strenuous life.

What used to amount to as many as 15,000 haenyeo in 1970 has now plummeted down to a mere third of that number; and most of them are over seventy years of age at that, meaning that haenyeo are fast disappearing.

Haenyeo, Epitome of Toughness

The haenyeo is assumed to have first appeared in the primeval! era when people started turning to the sea for food. It goes similar for the haenyeo of Jeju as well, based upon the age of the shrines on the island built for the safety of fishermen and haenyeo. There are several ancient proverbs and old sayings as well that describe Jeju haenyeo’s physical strength and their tough lifestyle.

There is one saying to the effect that Jeju haenyeo don’t stay in bed for more than three days after giving birth to a child, stressing their toughness. Another saying goes “Born as a Jeju woman, she should be able to support her household, no problem.”

The LA Times introduced the life of Jeju haenyeo in its front page, including in-person interviews that actually took place on the island.

The LA Times Illustrates Korea’s Old Tradition

The article of The LA Times, one of the five major newspapers of the U.S, featured the youngest Jeju haenyeo in Korea under the title “Korean island women carry on diving tradition.” The well-researched numbers and figures in the article point to the fact that the number of haenyeo is decreasing rapidly today in Korea.

The LA Times article contains an interview of the youngest haenyeo, Ms. Jae-Yeon Kim, who is 33 years old. Ms. Kim says she learns to become a haenyeo not to make money but because it connects her to her ancestors. She must learn all there is to learn about sea-diving before the elder haenyeos pass away so that sometime in the future she will be able to pass down the skills and the know-how.

Not for Money, But To Keep a Tradition Alive

The article, while praising Ms. Kim’s courage in having chosen a lifestyle of such harshness in order to keep a tradition alive, emphasizes the need on a more national level for preserving the traditions of haenyeo. The value and significance of that age-long calling is priceless.

The daughters who are handed down the know-how of sea-diving from their mothers (e.g. how to avoid sharks and how to hold breath and stay underwater for a long time) are turning elsewhere for other possibilities of living. Although it is true that not many women are obligated to choose the harsh life of haenyeo nowadays, there still are mothers who take pride in that particular calling, and with that calling, having brought up good daughters.

A Korean newspaper once covered the story of a 69-year-old woman who still hasn’t let go of the life of a haenyeo. She started sea-diving at the age of 11, tutored by her mother, and has since lived with and in the sea for 58 years. She says she still goes out to the sea about ten times a month and proudly adds that she has raised a son and four daughters.

To read the LA Times article : PRESS THIS LINK

PS:This article is from World Student In Korea Newspaper No. 29, 15 November 2010


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2010 KAIST English Speech Contest

Hey everybody,

There will be a tremoundus great event, Yes its “2010 KAIST English Speech Contest”..
I was join the same contest last year, It was awesome experience! I have a chance get knew knowledge how to give a great “speech” including have experience giving speech in front of such a great people…

I think its great chance for all of you to join this year KAIST English Speech Contest! Same as last year this year speech contest also held by cooperation of KAIST with Daedok toastmaster Club (DTC).If you are interested please register to this link.

“2010 kaist English Speech Contest registrations”

So if you are KAIST student, why dont you try this great event!You will not regret join this event! I am sure about it!! Below i show you how is my speech last year, and FYI i won as 2nd Winner at that time!!…

Semifinal Round

Final Round


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Visiting Orphan Children in Daejeon South Korea

I feel so Happy………Yes 17th of October me with my american and korean friend visiting Orphan children. They all so cute, and the most important is i can learn to speak korean with them.

We arrive at the orphan house at 10.30am, then all of us cooked for their lunch…We cooked Spagetti, Toppoki, Katsu…After we finish cooking we eat together with them. It was amazing, moment!!…They really like the food, they said Its DELICIOUS….

After we finished eating then we play Catch&throw Ball in the yard, Ahhh they really happy to see us.I can feel it…All of us, agreed that this visiting will be regularly and we will take all the orphan children to have field trip to zooland next time….

I feel this positive environment, Yahhh I Feel they all my little brother and sister….


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Dear Seungmin

Dear Seungmin,

I dont know, today i just wanna wrote you a letter..
“the wanso, hunnam, minnam woo”….

After i saw my cellphone a few minute ago
and you are one of the 200 speed dials…
I realize so many times you help me a lot…

Yahhh, its almost two year is it i always request your help….
Now you are on your preparations to go US,

I am so ENVY…
I wish i can go there also….
I can not imagine, if there no SUENGMIN WOO in the LAB…
no more korean language SLANK Teacher…
no more wanso hunnam minam dungseng..
no more bestfriend…
I AM SAD Now and hope time’s STOP…

Anyway, I always hope you got what you want!
Anyway, I always pray you reach your DREAM…
I hope we will be BESTFRIEND FOREVER..

SORRY seungmin, if during our friendship,
I always distrub you…
I often request your help…
I am sometimes complaining…

Please kindly, keep up Your KINDNESS EVERYWHERE you are..
I am sure you will always have Tons of friends…
Take care seungmin, everywhere….
And lets enjoy, everymoment before you leave KAIST…
And please teach me everything to survive here in KOREA before you go US…

my best friend seungmin,
my wanso,hunnam, minam Dungseng for all your kindness…

Daejeon, 22nd September 2010



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