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RT M-COUNTDOWN BACKSTAGE, bisa disaksikan via online di Youtube!

M-NET satu-satuhnya channel musik K-POP meluncurkan program terbaru yaitu RT M Countdown . Acaranya menunjukkan bagaimana “backstage” dibelakang panggung dari acara M NET paling populer yaitu M Countdown di youtube, kamu para FANS bisa kirim pertanyaan via Facebook atau twitter.

Kalau kamu pengen tanya-tanya ke Teen Toop, bagaimana backstage MBLANQ, gimana G.NA nyiapin dance nya, dan gimana reaksi INFINITE pada saat merayakan kemenangan mereka minggu kemarin. Saksikan debut dari RT M-COUNTDOWN pada 7 September jam 10 pagi waktu korea selatan (7 september jam 12 siang waktu Indonesia bagian barat). bisa dibuka nih link  Mnet’s official YouTube channel. http://www.youtube.com/mnet



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Barangkali aja ada yang berminat program pendidikan S2-S3 dan Integrative Program di UNIVERSITY SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. Kampusnya banyak, ada 29 Kampus tersebar di berbagai Research Institutes di south Korea.

Silakan cek link berikut ini :  UST INFO FALL APPLICATIONS

– 2011 Fall Application schedule-

The data and deadlines below are for the application to the program that starts in Fall 2011.

– Online Application : May 9(Mon) ~ May 27(Fri), 2011
– Submission of documents : May 9(Mon) ~ May 27(Fri), 2011

※ The required documents should arrive at the UST Student Affairs Team by this date. Applicants must have already
completed the online application.
– Announcement of document review result : June 9(Thu) 2011

Applicants have to check the Applicant Guide for Foreign Students. Applications GUIDE DOWNLOAD

Please Note : If it’s impossible to apply online during the designated period, applicants may submit their application materials,well in advance the online application period by post or in person.

Inquiry : UST Student Affairs Team

– Tel : +82-42-865-2332 if you unable to contact by telephone, please send me e-mail(kjs84@ust.ac.kr)


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World Student in Korea: This is real! The world of natural dyes

On January 11, Maronie exhibition in Kyoto.

Gyeongnam Natural Dyeing Association in Korea held a six-day exhibition in Kyoto which is said to be a city of vivid traditional culture of Japan. Nine members of Gyeongnam Natural Dyeing Association introduced various kinds of natural dyeing products that were made with passion, which received favorite comments from not only Japanese but also the same industry. Let’s take a closer look at this globally recognized and beautiful field of natural dyeing.

Gyeongbuk Natural Dyeing Association declared that it will become a Mecca of the natural dyeing after hosting ‘Symposium for the Vitalization of the Natural dyeing Industry’ last June. (Photograph: Fashion Journal)

Natural dyes, the solution of Health and environment

In the Three Kingdom period, while the kings and nobles wore the silk costumes which were import!ed from China, commoners began to dress themselves with the naturally-dyed clothes. At the beginning, they used grass and polygonum indigo from mountains and fields for navy, persimmon for dark blue, and charcoal for black. In other words, Korean ancestors wear the nature colored clothes, which are different from the recent clothes with unnatural colors made of the artificial fibers and chemical compounds.

Actually, the naturally-dyed clothes do good to skin. Some clothes with chemical dyes cause an atopic dermatitis or other skin diseases to some children who have a delicate skin. However, considering the fact that natural dyes from vegetables are harmless to human and kill the harmful virus, it can be said that clothes save our health.

While the chemical dyes cause serious environmental problems with waste water in dyeing process, natural dyes reduce those damage, which can be said an environmental-friendly dyeing method. In addition, if we make clothes with natural dyes which are extracted from the plants that have unique ingredients or smells to protect them from the harmful insects or animals, it will also protect your body from those. As an example, some ancestors used polygonum indigo as a dyeing material from their knowledge that snakes dislike its smell. Their wisdom of life is just amazing!

Various naturally-dyed products

Despite the time and hard work, considered a ‘Must Try’ among foreigners

Then, what is the process of making such a wonderful natural dye? The beautiful naturally-dyed cloth can be born only after passing through the 20 manual labor steps, such as boiling, drying, and adding mordant in it. Mordant is an ingredient which helps the color last longer. As it requires a long time and hard work, accordingly the costs rise and become more expensive than the artificial colored-one.

However, as the public interests on environmentally-friendly products increase, the ideas on those products are also rapidly changing. In particular, the experiencing event of natural-dyeing became very popular among foreigners. Moreover, many naturally-dyed clothes are being sold in Jongro area, including Insadong, where foreign visitors mostly visit, and the number of foreigners who come and try the events from a word of mouth also increases. It is said that every single Japanese tourist who is said to have a lot interests on beauty are also impressed with Korea’s naturally-dyed products. It shows that natural dyeing can be worth being one of the representative brands in Korea. That seems enough to enter the global market, considering the Kyoto exhibition which introduced naturally-dyed products at the first on the list.

Various household items made of natural dyes

Korean central government and local government which early saw the potentials have prepared the systematic supporting plan to step forward. Since when the natural dyeing industry was selected by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy as a nurturing business of the local government’s laboratory last 2008, the government finished the preparation to make Gyeongnam Natural Dyeing Association as a core center for natural dyeing industry, and now they are working on it for the development of the field. On the following, ‘Symposium for the Vitalization of the Natural dyeing Industry’ was held in June 2011, and the MOU with Daegu and Gyeongbuk fabric fashion Institute was embedded as well, which actively promotes the natural dyeing industry.

Gyeongbuk Natural Dyeing Association declared that it will become a Mecca of the natural dyeing after hosting ‘Symposium for the Vitalization of the Natural dyeing Industry’ last June. (Photograph: Fashion Journal)

Indigo and dark blue, those colors make people relaxed. If we wear the naturally-dyed clothes, we can definitely say it is a well-being life. Now we all hope that Korea’s naturally-dyed products will actively pushing the overseas markets.

* This article refers to the article written by the communicator of the Presidential Council on Nation Branding

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Another delicious smoked duck in daejeon south korea

Today me with my labmate going out from KAIST to a good recommended smoked duck restaurant in greyoungsan mountain daejeon south korea.

The restaurant pick us up at 11am and it takes around 25 minutes from KAIST to go the restaurant.

One smoked duck full course together with tok soup and dishes is 40,000 won. This menu can be eat by 4 people.

I also recommend you to go to this restaurant.I strongly suggest you to come at lunch times since the sinery around the restaurant is so beautiful. 🙂 🙂

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Smoked duck pumkin special culinary in daejeon south korea

Chandra is my mentor in daedeok toastmaster. He so so nice:) after he finished his study in KAIST,he moved to seoul and work at LG. He also just get married.

To congratulating for his wedding me and mijin invite him for dinner 🙂 mijin bring us to very delicious restaurant who served smoked pumpkin.this smoked pumpkin is special since they put the duck inside pumpkin then smoked it.this restaurant is a special restaurant in daejeon south korea near to greyongsan mountain.

The price of one smoked duck pumpkin is 50,000 won and this amount can be eat by 4 people.

If you come to daejeon.you should try this smoked duck pumpkin 🙂


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Vote jeju for 7 wonders!

Jeju island is one of the island in south korea. Now Jeju island has become one of the candidate of 7 wonders in the world.

To promote Jeju island plus to declare that Jeju is one of the korean brand, Jeju governor sign mou with korean brand.

As I am one of member of batch 4 “world student in korea”, the korean brand invite me as one of the witness of this important mou meeting.

Let’s vote Jeju as one of the 7 wonders!!!!

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The best bungeoppang (붕어빵) in south korea!:) so delicious!!

Yesterday 26 march 2010,I visit my friend place in inha university incheon south korea. To go there just take subway line 1 (blue line) and drop at juan station then take bus color green to inha university main gate.

I really love korean street food,specially bungeoppang (붕어빵),it is a special pastry you can only found in korea.

Bungeo (붕어) means carrasius a kind of fish and ppang (빵) means bread. So you can found that this pastry shape is a fish. 🙂

normally inside of this bungeoppang is a red bean.last night I found something special,they have 9 different taste of bungeoppang. Start from the original one read bean,sweet potato,pizza,bulgogi,tuna,etc.isn’t it amazing!!!! 🙂 🙂

Now a street food become a high quality since they sell in a restaurant and its become the best food I ever eat!!!! The price start from 2,500won. Last night I try a bungeoppang with soft ice cream oh so so delicious!!!!!I really love korea!!so many delicious food!!!!!

If you come to korea you definitely should try bungeoppang specially this restaurant bungeoppang!!I strongly recommended! 🙂 🙂

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