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Visiting Orphan Children in Daejeon South Korea

I feel so Happy………Yes 17th of October me with my american and korean friend visiting Orphan children. They all so cute, and the most important is i can learn to speak korean with them.

We arrive at the orphan house at 10.30am, then all of us cooked for their lunch…We cooked Spagetti, Toppoki, Katsu…After we finish cooking we eat together with them. It was amazing, moment!!…They really like the food, they said Its DELICIOUS….

After we finished eating then we play Catch&throw Ball in the yard, Ahhh they really happy to see us.I can feel it…All of us, agreed that this visiting will be regularly and we will take all the orphan children to have field trip to zooland next time….

I feel this positive environment, Yahhh I Feel they all my little brother and sister….


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