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Mr. Im Koo Bae He’s so helpful and Kind!!

I have been study in KAIST for 3 years, Yes I was taking master in KAIST for 1,5 years then i continued PhD in KAIST also now its already 1,5 year also. I can say that my professor is my angel!He’s a nice professor! But there’s another person also who’s so nice, helpful and kind, his name is Mr. Im Koo Bae! He’s work in Student welfare team in KAIST, he’s responsible as taking care all internationals student specially for their scholarship!:D

Every time i had trouble, without hesitate i can contact him through his office phone,cellphone or email! He always help me! Including if all of my friend has trouble he always help them! He also often give me a present, such as KAIST jacket, a souvenir when he’s baby has 1year birthday,delicious food, etc etc! Oh my god, i love this country the people so nice, helpful and kind to me!! Thank you so much Mr. Bae for everything!I owe you a lot!!

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