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The great janggem musical performance in seoul korea


all the janggem performance after the show in the stage 🙂

On may 26,2012 I have a free ticket from KINSA (korea international student association) to watch the great musical performance in seoul korea. I was one of the lucky people who won the free ticket. If you don’t know the janggem was a famous korean drama play in MBC.this drama was one of the most famous drama also in Indonesia. I was watching the drama for several years. I Geuss most of Indonesian know this korean drama very well.Therefore when I heard about this korean musical performance, known as korean non verbal performance, I was so excited to go to this performance. I was so lucky I had been chosen by KINSA as one of the winners of the free ticket 🙂


the janggem VIP Ticket from KINSA, entrance price is 80,000 won/person

On the way to seoul,the KINSA said I could bring one friends,then I called ami to join me,then two of us went to the performance.

The performance was held 80 minute and devide in to 8 act. from the first act you could travel back to the janggem drama story. I was amaze since in the drama i could see the “ballet dancing”, the korean traditional intrument played, the taekwondo martial art, the great song and many more. you wont be regret watched this musical performance.


The beckham art hall, the place of the janggem musical performance is located near to samseong station exit 8

after the performance we could also take a picture with the main performer. I am so happy that day, its truly nice performance. amazing performance and amazing friends are great combinations. 🙂

me with the janggem artist after the show

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Visiting Dae Jang Geum Them Park!^^

Last sunday i was go hunting picture with yoido photographer to Dae Jang Geum Them Park!It was amazing moment since first I love taking picture!The second is I also love Dae Jang Geum korean drama!This Dae Jang geum was so famous in Indonesia!

Dae jang geum them park is open set in MBC’s culture valley in Yangju, gyeonggi province. If you want to go this place, it so easy you just use subway line 1 to yangju station then after that use bus number 2-4 to go to this place!if you have 4 people you can use taxi from yangju stations, since our experience waiting the yellow bus 2-4 its takes hours!^^ But if you alone, you can also use taxi! the taxi fare from yangju station is 10,000won. If you use bus, its only 1,000won:D

Dae Jang Geum is a drama based on the true life of the poor, Jang-geum who raised to position royal physician. The drama excitingly describes the court culture such as royal cuisine, customes, medicines and games.

Dae Jang geum aired in MBC from september 2003 till march 2004 in many viewers interest, including in Indonesia it so famous korean drama! Dae jang geum open set panning 2,000 square meters consists of suragan (royal kitchen), sojubang (kitchen area within the palace where chefs cook meals for those who work in the palace), daejeon (king’s residence), daebijeon (queen residence), Toiseongan (kitchen), oksa (prison), gaeksa (inn), saongwon (government authority of the joseon dynasty in charge of cooking and food served in the palace), etc and the most of dae jang geum was filmed here.

In this dae jang geum them park, become more interesting because i can not only highlight the hystorical of dae jang geum drama but also have various experience such as riding korean sedan chair-gama, trying korean traditional costumes, see how korean raw rice wine makgeoli made, and playing tuho ( a game trowing arrows into a large jars). ITS SO MUCH FUN!! YOU only pay 5,000won for individual or 4,000won for a groups! So if you come to korea i recomended you to come and see this place, Its so so amazing place!!!^^

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