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Good Bye “Tae-il” and “Seong Yoep”, Welcome “yunhee” and “Mr Nam”

We tost to welcome the new comer and wish a success for the people who graduate! PS: they drink beer, i drink Cola!

Life is a CYCLE! this week i should say good bye with two people in the Lab and than say Welcome to the other two people. I think life always like this, people go and at the same time some people come! But for sure i do believe that our ESDAS Family are growing! since even people go, we are still FAMILY wherever we are! so actually we realize there are no good bye!

ESDAS Lab at the barbeque Restaurant

So then professor and all the lab member go for  farewell and welcoming  PARTY! we go to have dinner together in the barbeque restaurant.

Its good time, until professor ask me about my hobby with 2PM! suddenly he said: he worried about my study and i am to busy with 2PM. I was so shock, first is because he know i love KPOP, 2nd is about what he said worried about my study.

Its me with Seongyeop

So i DECLARE TO PROFESSOR, I PROMISE I WILL STUDY HARD AND PENDING MY HOBBY WITH KPOP UNTIL I GRADUATE FROM KAIST. i promise i will just do studying. I realize that he so good professor since he just say so soft and so kindly! he is not harsh professor, he remind me that i should focus to my study kindly! Thank you professor, i do promise i will study hard! 🙂


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Kim Tae-Il, The Best labmate!

Kim Tae-il is one of my labmate in ESDAS lab KAIST. He is so special friend since he always take care of me and also being nice to me and care to my research.
now he graduate and become post doctoral fellow in argone national lab.I wish he will be successful in the future. I do believe this is not good bye. we will still be ESDAS Family whereever we are! Take care in USA Tae-il and thank you for all of your kindness to me for this 4,5year i spend time in KAIST.


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See KAIST KOREA 2011 “40th KAIST Anniversary”

2011 SEE KAIST banner!

2011 SEE KAIST  was hosted by KAIST from the 4th of November to the 6th of November for 3 days at KAIST New Sport Complex in Daejeon City KOREA. The festival was aimed at increasing Junior and High School students and public understanding about KAIST and our contributions to the public at the same time, introduced about KAIST, the home of the best minds in Korea’s science and technology.

The festival was part of the KAIST 40th anniversary celebratory events, which included 1)Department in KAIST exhibitions, 2) Companies which KAIST had been contribute, and others such as lecture and seminar. In the department exhibitions, each participant can ask and get a consultations about KAIST and more detail information about KAIST.

My two beautiful friends who went to “see kaist 2011”

Today i went to “see kaist 2011” together with Ms. Grace choi and my Vietnamese friends. It was fruitful tour! if you are come to daejeon up to this sunday, why dont you drop by and see this festival. Its awesome!! :)I also went to visit my departement (nuclear and quantum engineering departement) booth, geuss what my “labmate” jewhan is there and he’s one of the consultant.

Jewhan and one of the student in nuclear and quantum engineering booth.


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Khalifa university UAE visit korea

Lastweek I was assign by kustar-KAIST as a guide for Khalifa university delegations. They all consist of 1 professor,5 master student, 2 postdoctoral. The reason they all visiting korea are they do technical visit to industry related with nuclear energy. Kustar-KAIST is project of korea regarding help the educations for the future nuclear engineer in UAE since UAE buy korean technology for nuclear power plant with the price 20 billion dollar. I was enjoy so much as their guide tour, I am sure this is a good opportunity for me to meet the pioneer of nuclear energy in UAE. Thank you to kustar-KAIST for giving me the opportunity. 🙂









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Fullbright scholar meeting in KAIST

Fullbright schoolar consist of head at international relations Team in university all over korea invited me to understand how foreigner student life in korea.
It was amazing time,i discuss a Lot With them and they also share With Us how korean student performance in their university.
thank you to KiSA for inviting me! 🙂 🙂


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Cloudy KAIST

Today the weather so cloudy 🙂 am i feel couldy also?? Yes since i wait for his Message up to now 😦 i missed him so much, 오빠 …please get well soon~~ 🙂


since my health is not recover yet, i also now study in the lab, but can not focus to my work, i try to focus and try to enjoy this cloudy day with listening my favorite singer SSK:

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Home coming day at KAIST

Every year near to professor birthday an teacher day,my lab always held “home coming day”.

Home coming day is like a reunion,where all alumni come again to KAIST,share their success experience and donate some money to the lab.

By this event I can know so many great people. Plus they all my senior!!since we all under the same advisor.

I wish my university back in indonesia have this kind of homecoming day 🙂 it Is amazing event ever!!!


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