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Jajangmyon Culinary Trip!!^^@daejeon Korea Outing!!

Jajangmyon is the most popular food in korea, Even on the black day people eat jajangmyon to celebrate it. Jajangmyon is available in Chinese restaurant but jajangmyon is only available in chinese restaurant in Korea Only!! SO jajangmyon is so special. One time my labmate took me to this jajangmyon restaurant!Its near to KAIST!! We eat seafood jajangmyon which not contain any pork at all. Therefore for the second time me with exchange student in Daejeon plus with My photographi songsengnim goes again and eat this delicious jajangmyon!OH MY GOD its so delicious! Therefore if you come to korea, you should definitely try Jajangmyon!hahahaha….Oya jajangmyon originally contain pork, so if you can not eat pork like me it is better to order before and request them not to add any pork in the ketchup plus order a seafood jajangmyon like we did!!hehehehe


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