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world student in korea:New wave of IT world rushing in

‘Cloud Meets Big Data’ was the hot issue in IT Forum which was recently held in COEX Convention Center. Cloud Computing has been the main stream of Korean Internet services since last year. It sounds little far from your daily life, but over 10 millions are using the Cloud service. Let’s take a look before it’s too late.

Hot issue in IT World, elusive Cloud computing

 Cloud computing is defined as a computing environment providing services through internet servers such as a data storage, network, and contents at the same time according to Naver dictionary(http://100.naver.com). In short, we put all data together into servers of data center so we could use them whenever we need. Just like the clouds intangible, the space doesn’t exist in computer, but we can handle them freely

The concept of the Cloud Service> (Source: EBN Industry News)

 Let’s take an example with an email. Whenever you log in, you’ll receive emails or data. Your computer actually doesn’t have the storage for data but you can take them out from the internet server. This is a basic concept of it.

Cloud computing is a technology that you can use the Operating Systems(OS) such as Windows, and Mac, and Word processor, Office, Photoshop, Games and all kinds of application programs and the saved data with certain payment. Many of Korean corporations and government organizations already adopted the service or moving to adopt it. IT service companies are providing a large webhard-type of cloud service for individuals as well.

 Faster, Easier and Cheaper

 The advantage of the Cloud Computing is that you can save the space and costs. All you need are a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse and the network function, and you just have to pay as much as you use. The other advantage is that you can use the data anytime with a variety of IT devices such as computers, tablet PCs, and smart phones.

 For its cost effectiveness, the Cloud computing system is much more attractive to businesses than to individuals. With the Cloud Computing system, employees just need internet-accessible computer instead of expensive PC and software. In terms of security, the authentication process prevents the security breaches and information leaks.

There seems to be a long way to go, as it is at an early stage> (Source: NewsPim)

 Firstly, the server stability and the security must be guaranteed for Cloud computing. In fact, a cloud computing service in the US was down for two hours with a huge loss. In this case, users’ loss must be tremendous. In terms of security, like DDoS, servers can be the target for hacking or attack. Strict security solution should be prepared to prevent such a horrible damage to data center

 Seize the Growth Engine of Future Korea

 The scale of the world Cloud Computing market is expected to grow from 31 billion dollars in 2011 to 60 billion dollars in 2014. It is the trend that world class IT businesses and venture companies consider the Cloud Computing a key industry in the future. Global competition for Cloud Computing among business and individual market is already underway

 In response to global competition, Korean government announced the strategy last month that they will increase the Cloud Computing adoption rate up to 15%. The official said that they will improve the legal system in order to promote the growth of Cloud Computing market. In addition to encouraging government agencies build up Cloud Computing infrastructure in a certain percentage, Korean government support small businesses so that they can be a global competitor through combining data center with Cloud Computing.

 Korean companies are set to Cloud Computing service. IT companies sell their services such as large scale Cloud Computing and virtualization solutions. They move ahead with international companies to be the leader in the world market of Cloud Computing market

Global competition is underway to be the IT business leader for the next generation> (Source: Digital Times)

 Korean mobile service company K on June 30th made an agreement of joint venture together with Japanese company S. K has a plan to build up data center in Kimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do so that they could provide data service for not only Japanese companies but also for Asian companies within a radius of 2,000 km. Global e-bay company E announced last 13th they will build up data center in Busan to support Korea, China, Japan, Singapore and Australia branches. Prior to it, US IT company opened a data center in cooperation with Korean Insurance Company K in Songdo, Incheon city last November. It appears that more companies will open data centers in Korea

 The key reasons for these trends are geological conditions, less natural disasters, stable and low cost electric service and reliable internet service. In particular, IT infrastructure is the most highly graded. With these strength and advantages, we are looking forward to being a leader in data center hub through Asia and global competitor in the world cloud computing service market.

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