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So Hangyo,kindness korean I ever meet!

So Hangyo,a korean who are so kind and nice. I meet her last year,since I teach her English. So she come to KAIST Every Wednesday to learning English. Due to my busy schedule, i don’t have time to teach her again but We already become good friends.

We still contact through cellphone and kakao talks.everytime I am so stress out with my life in KAIST,I called her and we having delicious food together 🙂

We also went to trip together several times and it’s all just so much fun!

I Geuss I am really enjoy the time with Hangyo most of the time. The interesting part of our relationship was, She could not speak English and I could could not speak korean. Most of my friends confuse how to of us be able to communicate each others. We often open “google translate” from our smart phone to translate our language barriers. The best part of my relationship with Hangyo is we could be bestfriends. She always there for me! In good time and bad time this recent year!

The touching part was yesterday, se suddenly call me and ask “Ai where are you?” I was in the bus to KAIST from Sollbridge. We finally meet in KAIST and I was so surprised since she bring box of instants rice,chicken karee instants and so many fish soup instants. She said to me “Ai don’t eat ramyon anymore,this is a food for you during your busiest time” oh my god, I am so speachless. She was remember when I was sleep for whole day at weekend and often eat ramyon due to In my dorm is not allow to Cooked.

 She so care to my health!i was so speachless since she so kind to me and always care to me! 🙂 thank you Hangyo for your kindness and warm hearted! You are the best korean bestfriends I ever meet! 🙂




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