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Greyongsan Daejeon Korea Cosmos Street walking!

Greyongsan is a city near to daejeon. This city is one of the daejeon city recomended for visit. I love the scenery in greyongsan!

my korean friends arong and hangyo bring me to the one of the famous cosmos street in greyongsan daejeon. In this place many couple walk together and enjoy the scenery. Oh i want to go here again now in auntum with my beloved oppa! its must be awesome! 🙂

i would like to share with you how beutiful is cosmos street in greyongsan. If you visit daejeon you must spend time to greyongsan cosmos street for enjoying the beautiful scenery and peaceful walking track!


 geuss what, near this cosmos street there are korean army apartment, i was so lucky i meet so many handsome army haha to bad i should faithful to my beloved oppa 🙂


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Great Experience making Korean Ceramics in Greyongsan Daejeon South Korea

My flower vase wrote your name and my name~and our love!

Last month i went to greyongsan ceramic village to make a ceramics! It was amazing experience! 🙂 there were a “songsengnim” who teach us how to make the ceramics and there were 4 of us me, arong, hangyo and DJ who become students.When we come the songsengnim ask to us what kind of things that we want to make, and i just dont want to make cup or plate because its too easy! HAHA

songsengnim and my cute friends

songsengnim offer us to make spagetti bowl, and geuss what i refuse since i want to make something special such as flower vase! 🙂 the reason i want to make that is i love flower and its good right to have my handmade vase? My friends were so understandable and they agree all of us making flower vase.

me with my flower vase handmade!

so here we go! we made it! all of us were making such a beautiful flower vase. In my case. maybe songsengnim did most since i almost ruwing everything! songsengnim often scream and get frustuated everytime i called her name. Thank you songsengnim for helping me making such a beautiful flower vase! I love it so much!


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Famous DUCK restaurant in Greyongsan Daejeon Korea!

I have a really good korean friends, they are arong and hangyo. They both are so kind and nice! the best part is they always care about me! last month i spent time with them to a famous duck restaurant in greyongsan. Greyongsan is famous with the best duck restaurant in korea! so if you come to korea, dont forget to visit greyongsan  for tasting duck! hehe 🙂

The restaurant scenery also so traditional and lovely. I love the exterior of the restaurant. Here are several picture of the scenery in this restaurant!

the duck restaurant in greyongsan daejeon korea

My korean friend “arong” pose in front of the restaurant
the main door in the restaurant
This restaurant is categorize as “good” and recommended restaurant by korean government. The taste and the price is also considerable for tourist and also local. I am trully get so excited after i see how the interior of this restaurant, it was so traditional and have a personal tauch of the owner. Hangyo told me this restaurant before was a gallery. Isnt it amazing! Here are the picture of the interior of this restaurant.
the good recomended restaurant sign!
the traditional ornament in front of the door
special ornament inside the restaurant
Next will be about the foods, Oya this time we eat smoked duck, to be honest it was so so delicious! i love the food so much. The best part is hangyo treat for us the food. oh is so amazing time. hehe 🙂 thank you hangyo for the best time and best food. Thank you also arong for introducing hangyo to me. 🙂
 it’s us in front of the duck! yey!! 
The best smoked duck and duck soup 🙂 
once again, if you visit korea, dont forget visiting greyongsan daejeon and try this delicious duck!

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