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Korean jjimdak (찜닭) Culinary Outing @Korea!^^Super duper delicious:)

I’ve always loved jjimdak – since it is almost have similar looks like semur daging in indonesian foods! The taste also so so delicious!!Really super duper delicious!! jimdak – a braised chicken dish served in a shoyu based sauce (usually accompanied with chewy glass noodles, potatoes, onions, and the occasional carrot and mushroom). The other reason i love jjimdak is there is a nodles which has the same shape like kwetiau, so i feel like i eat two different indonesian food semur and kwetiau goreng kuah! SO AMAZING!!! i love spicy food thats why i always request jjimdak which have more spicy flavour!:)

If you come to KOREA i recommend you to try jjimdak, the price with rice is 8,000won! But for sure you will so full because with that price you already get so many food, its so amazing and so delicious as well!!! I love korean FOOD so much!!!!!!!!!! Including my friend ayu and yos who just come to korea and love this food so much!! Last sunday we had a great Korean jjimdak (찜닭) Culinary Outing at myeongdong at the most famous jjimdak which called andong jjimdak! ^^

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Shabu shabu Culinary Trip!!^^@seoul Korea Outing!

Now is winter here in korea!!The weather is around -13 degree celcious, it so cold and Freezing!!Therefore me with the incheoners (bu maman, yayah, nbie, windy, and anggi) decide to have shabu-shabu on our Christmas day lunch!! This shabu-shabu is different since it has two kind of taste “spicy and not spicy”~Oh my god, its so so delicious!!Hahahahaha…. I think you should try this if you come to Korea! The restaurant is ZAO PING in Myeongdong!!Come to this restaurant!!The price is also cheap only 7000won/person and the view of this restaurant is so nice and full of luxury things .You definitely should try this food if you come to korea!!!You will get delicious food, favorable/CHEAP price and luxury view, AWESOME!!


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