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Hana, Dul, set,….KIMCHI…..thats what happen if you taking picture here in KOREA!!In US people often being guide with one, two, three,….CHESEE….!!!In Indonesia, we say KEJU….Yesterday, i am taking picture with my friend from las vegas and he said, ai ready??one, two, three,…WHISKY…

Hahahaha…SO MANY things, we can say to make people smile. Right now after i see again my picture collections everytime i say KIMCHI, My korean friend always have this strong and signature POSE: KIMCHI POSE

Sung-Jae with her Kimchi Pose
AnSangha with his Kimchi Pose
Kie-Liem with her Kimchi Pose
Juno with his Kimchi Pose
Shin Byongsu with his Kimchi Pose
Kim Tae-il With his Kimchi Pose
Yu-san with her Kimchi Pose
Juhyoung and Sungyop with their Kimchi Pose
OH NO, ME also with my kimchi pose, Is it a sign now i almost korean?HAHAHA

note to my self:JANGAN cuma tiru Kimchi Pose doang ai, tiru juga kerja keras mereka!Jangan tidur mulu..hahahha


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