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Greyongsan Daejeon Korea Cosmos Street walking!

Greyongsan is a city near to daejeon. This city is one of the daejeon city recomended for visit. I love the scenery in greyongsan!

my korean friends arong and hangyo bring me to the one of the famous cosmos street in greyongsan daejeon. In this place many couple walk together and enjoy the scenery. Oh i want to go here again now in auntum with my beloved oppa! its must be awesome! 🙂

i would like to share with you how beutiful is cosmos street in greyongsan. If you visit daejeon you must spend time to greyongsan cosmos street for enjoying the beautiful scenery and peaceful walking track!


 geuss what, near this cosmos street there are korean army apartment, i was so lucky i meet so many handsome army haha to bad i should faithful to my beloved oppa 🙂

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Borine Beff Barbeque Restaurant in Daejeon Korea!

Borine beff barbeque restaurant www.borine.co.kr

OK~well Me with my labmate go to another “Beef barbeque restaurant” in town! the restaurant name is “BORINE” you can see the detail about this restaurant in their website www.borine.co.kr . the reason our hwesik, is go to the beff restaurant is since i cant eat pork! well~they say they so happy because of me “they have a correct reason to eat expensive food”

Well~its really quite expensive the price of 900 GR Beff is 95,000 won! its equal to around $85. Its hanu beff! hanu beff is very delicious, the taste is so sweet and yummy! 🙂

our fruitful hwesik! 🙂

anyway it was fruitful hwesik, the food was delicious, the talk was interesting! like usuall they always talk about “baseball” and “labwok”! the best part is we have our new lab member “sungyop kim” who always hillarious like suengmin. Oh well he’s not as cool as seungmin but he’s nice!

i also love hwesik time, since i have a chance to meet sungjae, sangha’s wife! she’s just soo nice!  🙂


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See KAIST KOREA 2011 “40th KAIST Anniversary”

2011 SEE KAIST banner!

2011 SEE KAIST  was hosted by KAIST from the 4th of November to the 6th of November for 3 days at KAIST New Sport Complex in Daejeon City KOREA. The festival was aimed at increasing Junior and High School students and public understanding about KAIST and our contributions to the public at the same time, introduced about KAIST, the home of the best minds in Korea’s science and technology.

The festival was part of the KAIST 40th anniversary celebratory events, which included 1)Department in KAIST exhibitions, 2) Companies which KAIST had been contribute, and others such as lecture and seminar. In the department exhibitions, each participant can ask and get a consultations about KAIST and more detail information about KAIST.

My two beautiful friends who went to “see kaist 2011”

Today i went to “see kaist 2011” together with Ms. Grace choi and my Vietnamese friends. It was fruitful tour! if you are come to daejeon up to this sunday, why dont you drop by and see this festival. Its awesome!! :)I also went to visit my departement (nuclear and quantum engineering departement) booth, geuss what my “labmate” jewhan is there and he’s one of the consultant.

Jewhan and one of the student in nuclear and quantum engineering booth.


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Famous DUCK restaurant in Greyongsan Daejeon Korea!

I have a really good korean friends, they are arong and hangyo. They both are so kind and nice! the best part is they always care about me! last month i spent time with them to a famous duck restaurant in greyongsan. Greyongsan is famous with the best duck restaurant in korea! so if you come to korea, dont forget to visit greyongsan  for tasting duck! hehe 🙂

The restaurant scenery also so traditional and lovely. I love the exterior of the restaurant. Here are several picture of the scenery in this restaurant!

the duck restaurant in greyongsan daejeon korea

My korean friend “arong” pose in front of the restaurant
the main door in the restaurant
This restaurant is categorize as “good” and recommended restaurant by korean government. The taste and the price is also considerable for tourist and also local. I am trully get so excited after i see how the interior of this restaurant, it was so traditional and have a personal tauch of the owner. Hangyo told me this restaurant before was a gallery. Isnt it amazing! Here are the picture of the interior of this restaurant.
the good recomended restaurant sign!
the traditional ornament in front of the door
special ornament inside the restaurant
Next will be about the foods, Oya this time we eat smoked duck, to be honest it was so so delicious! i love the food so much. The best part is hangyo treat for us the food. oh is so amazing time. hehe 🙂 thank you hangyo for the best time and best food. Thank you also arong for introducing hangyo to me. 🙂
 it’s us in front of the duck! yey!! 
The best smoked duck and duck soup 🙂 
once again, if you visit korea, dont forget visiting greyongsan daejeon and try this delicious duck!

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Happy Chuseok from Daejeon Korea with Love!

all picture is downloaded from sompi website: http://www.soompi.com/photos/gallery/14361

Today Me with My beloved labmate went to professor office to great him “Happy Chuseok”..
Today we great each other in the lab “Happy Chuseok”..
Today i also called my beloved oppa to great him “Happy Chuseok”…

Tomorrow I will meet my Korean best-friend to great them “Happy chuseok”…
Tomorrow i will meet my korean family in daejeon to celebrate Chuseok…

Happy Chuseok from daejeon with Love!
Lets enjoy our long holiday! 🙂

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Sollbridge visit (a lunch session With maggie)

Today i have a lunch session With maggie 🙂 she’s my bestfriend 🙂 she’s so nice since she bring my laptop from seoul 🙂

We have lunch at Sollbridge internasional school of business near to daejeon station. The restaurant name is soldre.

I enjoy our lunch so much,Its so nice to Know her future plan after she go back to Indonesia. Oya, the price of the food in soldre is 7,000 won.

If you come to daejeon and hangout near to daejeon station,why Dont you try soldre restaurant.the foods are delicious 🙂






















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송광호 철판요리 best restaurant in daejeon

My lab always have dinner together,but today we went to the Best restaurant in daejeon. During i stay in korea for 3 year, i think This is the best one!
A cheft cook in front of Us the foods,Its so fresh! Today we have kalbi,seafoods,fried noddle and fried rice~ the reastaurant was so expensive since one person Around 50,000 won 🙂 so expensive! 🙂 but the FOODS so so delicious! 🙂 if you come to daejeon, why dont you visit this restaurant?? 🙂






















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Area 50 toastmaster celebrations

I am a member of daedeok toastmaster. In saturday 11 june 2011, I was invited to attend sudden party of daejeon area toastmaster,since we got the president award,the most great acheivement ever. It was great party!! I enjoy it so much!! I love toastmaster!!!




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Eat me, best Italian restaurant in daejeon korea


I love korea…korea have everything,including best international foods for example Italian foods! 🙂

There is one best italian food in daejeon, the restaurant name is “EAT ME”. its amazing restaurant,the taste so delicious. The locations is near to daejeon galeria time world.

If you come to daejeon I strongly recommend you to visit this restaurant.

I was go with my friends and all of us enjoy it so much!!!! 🙂

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Daejeon Korea Aqua World!

me with the indonesian student in  daejeon

Now in daejeon we have a big aquarium! Since its newly open we can visit it for free. The special in Daejeon Aqua World is the Pink Lumba-lumba! which is not available in Indonesia. Its originally from the amazon! 🙂

Unfortunately when i come to this place the pink lumba-lumba has not come yet, it is still in amazon probably 😀 But i still feel so happy since i found PINK Pinguin hahaha as substitute! For sure if you come to Daejeon Korea you should visit this cool place. How to go there, i suggest take taxi since its a little bit in the hill for your convenience!

me with my pink pingun

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