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Daejeon Korea National Cemetary “hiking” with daejeon Hikers!

Daejeon Hikers is a club for hikers in daejeon. Alan from england who works at NFRI coordinate this daejeon hikers. Almost every week we have hiking schedule. i also sometimes join hiking with daejeon hikers if the track is easy track! 🙂 you know my capability! i am tottally beginner in hiking! but geuss what i have my hiking stick! yey! ok maybe i dont have hiking clothes, shoes, bags, etc like others hikers but i have an amazing spirit to hike! haha..

Chit-chat and have a rest in the middle of “hiking”

Last month me with daejeon hikers went to “daejeon korea national cemetary” and it was amazing track! very easy one! the view is also wonderful! i’d love to go there again and hunting picture next-time. the scenenary is wonderful as you can see in this picture belows!

The lake view in daejeon national cemetary

botanical garden in daejeon national cemetary

peaceful steet in daejeon national cemetary

view from the top of daejeon national cemetary



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