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Convenient Traffic System of Korea

Almost all foreigners say that Korea has an excellent public transportation system. In Korea, you can reach everywhere by bus or subway. It is considered a superb system in terms of its access and cleanness.

Korea’s transportation system is now recognized as one of the finest example among other countries. In the past, however, many Koreans complained of ineffective subway and complicated road systems. But after it adopted the transit discount system and better equipped subway systems, situation got much better than ever.

 Comfortable Public Transportation System

Korea’s transportation system is considered a role model among other countries  (Source: Yonhap News Agency)

There has been so much improvement in traffic system, and now Korea’s traffic system is regarded excellent all over the world. Most importantly, the subway and bus companies do not compete with each other for passengers, which became a win-win situation.

It is considered cleaner than any other subway in the world (Source: Yonhap News Agency)

For example, the transit discount system helps passengers save their money, which is found only in Korea. For this reason, many policy makers from other countries visit Korea to learn more about Korea’s traffic system. It is common for Korean to pay with digital card when taking a bus, but still in many countries, people are paying cash.

Moreover, a variety of bus and subway line also considered remarkable. Since all buses were divided into four colors- blue, green, red and yellow- according to the routes, it became much convenient to take buses even in rush hour.

Stretching to the world

Korean subway is also well-known for its cleanness in the world. In addition, the screen door is highly recognized as it prevents passengers from harmful air and unexpected hazardous circumstances.

Finally, Korea got to recently export its bus traffic system to Philippines. The official said that Gyeonggi-do made an agreement for mutual cooperation with MMDA(Metro Manila Development Agency) on 27th last month with the attendance of Kim Moon-Soo, the Governor of Gyeonggi-do and Francis Tolentino, the chairman of MMDA, Philippines. Followed by this agreement, Gyeonggi-do will share the policies on Metro traffic systems such as BMS (Bus Management System) and BIS (Bus Information System) and will cooperate on building the infrastructure of Manila.

Gyeonggi-do will share the information on how to adopt CNG bus, traffic card system, and transit discount system and how to build Bus terminal complex.

Kim Moon-Soo, Governor of Gyeonggi-do and Francis Tolentino, Chairman of MMDA signed the agreement (Source: Chosun Ilbo)

Korean companies will cover the technical matters. Manila development agency of Philippines Metro announced that they will integrate four major traffic systems such as Metro, Bus, Jeepney, and Tricycle. For this, the chairman Tolentino asked cooperation during his visit to Gyeonggi Province last February. Kim Moon Su, the governor of Gyeonggi-do said that this agreement will help Philippines build more efficient traffic system. Furthermore it will definitely be the innovative traffic system in Philippines as well.

It seems that Korea’s transportation system is moving ahead to the World along with ‘Korean Wave, Hallyu’. However, generosity comes first than institutions and systems. Let’s make the world that human is always comes before the cars.

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