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Kim Tae-Il, The Best labmate!

Kim Tae-il is one of my labmate in ESDAS lab KAIST. He is so special friend since he always take care of me and also being nice to me and care to my research.
now he graduate and become post doctoral fellow in argone national lab.I wish he will be successful in the future. I do believe this is not good bye. we will still be ESDAS Family whereever we are! Take care in USA Tae-il and thank you for all of your kindness to me for this 4,5year i spend time in KAIST.



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My bestfriend Nammy cello concert

I have a korean best-friend her name is Nammy.she’s so so nice,friendly and multitalented.she so good at bowling,cooking,singing,play piano and play cello. This month she held a cello concert and I was invited. I really amaze with this cello concert and I also amaze with Nammy skill in playing cello. Oh I wish i can be as talented as her 🙂 Nammy please teach me all those talent! 🙂 I am your big fans Nammy!!!! 🙂

oya beside nammy, there is also Hongki~he’s so talented as well~oya the amazing things is hongky is trully great toastmaster!!!hongki, teach me how to sing and play piano please!! 🙂

there are so many talented person in this world~i wish i am included~but i am not 😦










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My korean bestfriend newly wedding

Several of my korean bestfriends start their new life in spring~ they all married on last April.every Saturday my schedule fully booked with attended to a wedding! 🙂 I am so happy to see them! I wish soon I can also get married 😀

20110509-022341.jpgMe with sunny at yunhee wedding,congratulation my bestfriend yunhee you looks so adorable like barbie dolls!!I am so happy for you!!!

20110509-022400.jpgJewhan park,he’s work in IAEA now!!he just come back lastnight for his wedding!!so glad I also have chance to attend your wedding!!congraz!!!and hope to see you again soon in Vienna or somewhere else in the future!!^^

20110509-022425.jpgBest round table lunch today at yunhee~jewhan park wedding: steak,salmon salad,mushroom soul,noodle,chocolate cookies,coffe!!great main course and side dish!the wedding so great!!:))

20110509-022446.jpgkim min kyong wedding,she’s one of bestfriend and angel for me!congratulation !!so happy for you!

20110509-022504.jpgJewhan lee my labmate and also my indonesian friends. He was stay in indonesia for 7 years, he can speak indonesia very well. congratulation for your wedding 🙂 I am so happy for you;))


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My korean bestfriend yunhee choi

I love korea because korean people are so nice!!!yes I have a korean who always help me and always be there for me.her name is yunhee choi.

I love her so much since I always have a great time talk to her and also she so so nice.:) I feel that she always be there for me! 🙂

Every week we decide to meet and share what happen to two of us during those week 🙂

When you are far away from your home,what makes you happy is have a great friend Like I have yunhee 🙂 thank you yunhee for make me feel korea like my home 🙂 I love you so much sis! 🙂

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Sungjae and Sangha @couple and they are My bestfriends!

Sangha is my labmate and sungjae is sangha wife, Both of them are my bestfriends here in korea. they all so nice!!I really love them!!Sangha is also nice, he even help me to make my ipad work for TV, Movie,e-book, etc etc, he makes my day colorful!Sungjae also like that, she’s so nice! we always have girls chit chat and everytime she come to the lab, eventually i always miss her and wanna she her again again and again!! Oh if i leave korea, i will definitely miss them!!They are too nice!!

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