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World student in korea (WSK):The Times 50 Best Inventions of 2010

The Paris Motor Show, one of the world’s four major auto shows, was held from October 2 to 17, 2010 at the Paris Expo. If the Geneva Motor Show in March introduces newly launched cars of the year, then the Paris Motor Show in the autumn showcases models that are to be launched the year after.

The theme of the Paris Motors Show 2010 was “eco-friendly.” Eco-friendly has now become such a preval!ent trend worldwide, especially with the EU’s reinforcement of regulations regarding carbon emissions control.

Eco-friendly vehicle invented by KAIST

The Online Electric Vehicle (dubbed OLEV) manufactured by the Korea Advanced Institute of Technology (KAIST) was included in the 50 Best Inventions of 2010 published by The Times, along with Apple’s iPad, Google’s Driverless Car, Sony’s Alpha A55 Camera and others. Also included was the English-Teaching Robot invented by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST).

In the OLEV are embedded electric power strips that provide electromagnetic power to the vehicle, wirelessly, charging an onboard battery and powering the bus’s electric motor.

The Times introduced the OLEV as an advanced green growth technology that could speed up the commercialization of electric cars and also as the world’s one and only online electric vehicle.

The system’s creators at the KAIST say, “The technology not only eliminates pollution, but also alleviates the problems usually associated with hybrid vehicles such as heavy batteries, lengthy charging and limited range.”

Korean technology opens up a new horizon
The OLEV has been on a test operation since last March at the Seoul Amusement Park. It was also presented during the G20 Seoul Summit in November in front of COEX, garnering outstanding reviews. Furthermore, the vehicle is scheduled to be featured next month in the TV program “Into the Future” of Discovery channel.

The OLEV received mixed reviews in the early stage of its development. Although it is an innovative technology that was meant to pursue both green growth and economic profit, some voiced the car’s low practicality as the cost of planting electric power strips under the pavements would be quite steep. Nonetheless, its inclusion in The Times list is without a doubt a distinct acknowledgement of its potential.

The English-Teaching Robot

The other Korean item that made in the Times list is the English-Teaching Robot nick-named “Mero,” developed by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST).

The robots can move in any direction and can follow human facial expression!s. They are not only effective teachers, but the students also enjoy interacting with their new, fun, and cool school “staff.”

While the robots are used primarily in support roles for real human teachers, the Time Magazine called them a “job terminator,” saying they could potentially replace the native speakers currently employed in Korean schools.

Although there remain issues of economic feasibility as well as ethics, both inventions indicate excellent capacity of Korean universities as future leaders of world science and technology.

PS:This is from PCNB-WSK Newsletter No. 31, it is my obligations as WSK Batch 4 member to share it with all of you!^^

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KAIST freshman Design Fair 2010 a way to found a great Inventions!

KAIST INVENTIONS are 1 of the 50 BEST Inventions of 2010 according To TIME’s Magazine. After i enter KAIST, i realize indeed KAIST provide a system to support student to become founder, to be a great designer and engineer! Yes since undergraduate there is a course name “FRESHMAN DESIGN”.

Since this Wednesday 10/12/2010 in E-11 building All Freshman who take “Freshman design” has a poster fair. There’s so many poster in the E-11 hall. I am amaze with so many great topic category, so many people comes and see this fair (including me offcourse). I was taking a design also for graduate student in 2009 and i know how it feels one course feels like doing a thesis works!So congratulations to all freshman in “Freshman design course” keep up the good works!

HERE are several things that i found interesting during my visit to this KAIST freshman Design Fair 2010.

A CROWDED on KAIST Freshman Design Fair 2010

Welcome to KAIST freshman Design Fair 2010 MORE than 20 big Freshdesign Founded

he was been in Indonesia (jakarta) and his design concept is about mosquito alarm, cocok BANGET untuk Indonesia..amazing!!

here is one explanations that i record, they were making a personal and group planner program, Amazing!


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My first Photocontest…

So happy, one of my hobby is taking picture, I participate in KAIST Photocontest!And they select my picture for getting some prize. So Next week i will have my first “photo exhibitions”… I AM SO HAPPY!!!Oya the award ceremony will be attended also by KAIST President..

Here is the email from KAIST PR TEAM:
Hi Ai Melani:

Below please see the awards ceremony for the 2010 KAIST Photo Contest:

Date: November 30, 2010, Tuesday

Time: 5:00 pm

Place: Exhibit Hall 2, 1st floor at KI Building (located on the right of the relief sculpture of Park

Byiung Joon)

Photos to be awarded will be on display from November 30 to December 5, 2010. After the exhibition, please visit the PR Team Office on the third floor at E14 Building for the pickup of your photo displayed for the public. Should you have any questions regarding this ceremony, please contact Mr. Hyung-Joon Jun at #2292.

Best rereads,

Lan Yoon
Here is my winning picture:


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2010 KAIST English Speech Contest

Hey everybody,

There will be a tremoundus great event, Yes its “2010 KAIST English Speech Contest”..
I was join the same contest last year, It was awesome experience! I have a chance get knew knowledge how to give a great “speech” including have experience giving speech in front of such a great people…

I think its great chance for all of you to join this year KAIST English Speech Contest! Same as last year this year speech contest also held by cooperation of KAIST with Daedok toastmaster Club (DTC).If you are interested please register to this link.

“2010 kaist English Speech Contest registrations”

So if you are KAIST student, why dont you try this great event!You will not regret join this event! I am sure about it!! Below i show you how is my speech last year, and FYI i won as 2nd Winner at that time!!…

Semifinal Round

Final Round


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