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I would like to congratulate SM Entertainment for creating super awesome KPOP STAR! EXO! Here their ultimate EXO CASE SHOW! Trully i am amaze with this new KPOP STAR! Turn out i become one of their fans, now i am so excited to participate to their show! hahahaha…maybe in the near future you will see my journey attend their show hahahha…

And here are their new video clips of EXO-M and EXO-K:


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Production Presentation of Interactive Movie featuring 2PM and Miss A!

If you wanna know how to do “Interactive movie productions” and big FANS of 2PM and MISS A. Why dont you join this Buzz Korea,global campaign offered by Korea Tourism Organization EVENT!.

It will be held in OCTOBER 4, 2011 at Lotte Avenuel in Seoul.

Here is the website so you can get more information:

It would be really good chance not only to meet other bloggers and share this wonderful experience but also to see Korea’s top entertainers!

The opportunity goes to the first 50 persons who apply.
Apply and Enjoy it!


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If you love K-POP, dont forget Asia Song Festival 2011!

Super Junior, SNSD, and other groups will participate in the 2011 Asia Song Festival.

On August 24th, The Korea Foundation of International Culture Exchange announced, “Super Junior, SNSD, as well as the Japanese group, Perfume, Taiwanese singer / actor, Peter Ho, Zhou Bichang, and other performers will appear at the 2011 Asia Song Festival. The festival will take place at the Daegu Stadium on October 15th”.

Perfume is a Japanese techno-pop group that celebrated their 10th anniversary last November.

Peter Ho is a singer that sang the opening track – a remix of Baek Ji Young’s “Like Being Hit By A Bullet – for last year’s highest rated Taiwanese drama, “Summer’s Desire“. Zhou Bichang is a Chinese artist that topped album sales charts in China since her debut in 2005.

Other appearances will include Leo Ku, an artist who has released 35 albums with more than 9 million sales since his debut and Tata Young, a popular Thai singer who has sold more than 10 million albums

The 2nd and 3rd line up for the 2011 Asia Song Festival will be revealed next month.

I Love K-POP, and for 3 year star in Korea i never missed “ASIA SONG FESTIVAL”. This year the festival will be held in Daegu October 15, In Daegu stadium! If you love K-POP you should come to this great event!

Its easy Just download the coupon in this ASF website :

More info you can visit this “VISIT DAEGU WEBSITE“:


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If you love K-POP ? Join us !~Mcountdown Global Crew Wanted~

<Mcountdown Global Crew Wanted>

If you love K-POP ? Join us !

Mcountdown is seeking Global Crew who are passionate K-pop fans from all across the world.:

*What is Mcountdown Global Crew?

: No.1 K-pop Chart Show <Mcountdown>

– Global Crews are those who will participate to rank K-pop stars in Mcountdown and also be part of globalization of K-pop

*URL for application

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Arirang UCC Contest (Season 2) for K-Pop Lovers!!!

ThemeMy K-Pop 2!! (Imitating My awesome K-Pop stars)

Procedure – Please select No. 1 or No 2 before the main contests
(*If you select the slogan(No. 1), you can get additional scores)
1. Must start by saying the slogan made by yourself before the main content(s)
* Must insert its slogan on the registration page
ex. (1) “Korea for the World, the World for Korea” / (2) “Korea’s Global TV Arirang” / (3) “I love Korea, I love Arirang”
2. Must start by saying “I Love Arirang!” before the main content(s)

Entry Qualification – Anyone, Anywhere in the world! (No limit on nationality nor age)
– Can be done individually or as a team (Multiple-entry accepted)

Schedule – Registration period
: August. 1, 2011 (Mon.) ~ Sep. 19, 2011 (Mon.) for 50days
– Announcement for the winners
: Oct. 4, 2011 (Tues.)

Process and Format
Registration Process: Upload a video clip on YouTube and register its URL in
UCC homepage. (Introduction of the video clip and required personal information needed)
– Language : Dubbed or subtitled in English
– Length : Within 5minutes
– File format : No restrictions as long as it is able to be uploaded on YouTube

Awards – Arirang President Award: 2,000USD (1 team)
– Gold Prize: 1,000USD (1 team)
– Silver Prize: 500USD (1 team)
– Bronze Prize: Crystal USB (10 teams)
– Best Click (on YouTube) Prize: Tablet PC(1 team)

Evaluations * Excellent and exciting artwork that satisfies the theme and the mission.
– The quality of the video (Online)
– The topic of the video and the expression of the contents
– Completeness and the effect of visual message.
– Overall evaluation of planning, creativity, composition, and utilization.
– If you select the slogan, you can get additional scores
* Best Click Prize: It is awarded to the most viewed video on YouTube.

Important Notes and Registration Rules
– Prize can be canceled and/or taken back if the registered video is proved to be
prize-winning work from other contest(s) or work done by someone else.
– Upon registration, copyright of all work becomes vested in Arirang TV
– Applicant holds responsibility for any civil and criminal charges on the work they will
– Prize winning works may be utilized as broadcasting contents and/or material
by Arirang Global TV.
– All registered works may be shown in brand channel of Arirang Global TV.

– Arirang Global TV, Public Relations & Customer Satisfaction Strategy Team
-TEL: 82-(0)2-3475-5252/ E-Mail:



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Mnet Global Looking for Mnet Global Supporters

Mnet is a music & entertainment channel in Korea. M countdown, 2NE1 TV, Superstar K, MAMA Award, and 20’s Choice Award are Mnet’s famous programs.
Mnet looking for:
– People who are into K-POP and Korean culture.
– People who are interested in Mnet, Asia’s number one music channel.
– Non english speakers are also welcome (Chinese, French, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian…)
– People who stay in Korea / Be fluent in Korean or English
Mainly uploading K-POP video and the news on web sites of your countries.
Working Period: 
2011.08.16~2011.12.31 (The time period can be fixed according to individual circumstances.)
– Opportunities for attending public shootings and lives of Mnet shows twice every month.
– If you were chosen as the best supporter of the month, you will be able to get gift certificate of CJ Products.
Apply until August 5th, 2011 by emailing to including your name, nationality, age, period of stay in Korea, favorite Korean celebrity, your SNS – twitter or Facebook).

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이제는 밥을 먹어도 눈물없이는 삼키지 못해
억지로 먹고 먹어도 속이 늘 허전해
노랠 들어도 흥얼대지도 못해
영화를 봐도 내가 뭘 본 건지 기억 못해

*밥도 잘 먹지 못해 니가 생각날까봐
니 생각에 체할까봐 니가 떠난 후로 오늘도 눈물로 하루를 먹고 살아
버스도 타지 못해 누가 날 욕할까봐
우는 날 놀려댈까봐 아무것도 못해 너 없인 나 혼자 살지 못해

이제는 술을 마셔도 눈물없이는 마시질 못해
아무리 병을 비워도 너만 더 생각해
살아서 뭐해 넌 내 곁에 없는데
혼자 뭘 어째 아무것도 할 수 없는 난데

*밥도 잘 먹지못해 니가 생각날까봐
니 생각에 체할까봐 니가 떠난 후로 오늘도 눈물로 하루를 먹고 살아
버스도 타지 못해 누가 날 욕할까봐
우는 날 놀려댈까봐 아무것도 못해 너 없인 나 혼자 살지못 해

너 없이 웃는 것도 난 못해 너 없이 걷는 것도 난 못해
아무것도 아무것도 못해

내겐 니 사랑이 필요해
혼자 살아서 뭐해 니가 더 잘 알잖아
너 없인 나 안되잖아
너 밖에 몰라서 너 없인 밥조차 먹지 못하는 난데

차마 죽지도 못해 니가 돌아올까봐
언젠간 날 찾을까봐 아무것도 못해
오늘도 내일도 너만 원해

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