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Korea Language for Beginner-이게 뭐예요?

Today after our Korean class, we decide to go to have dinner TOGETHER!Then in the restaurant we try to practice our Korean language beginner 1A chapter 2, 이게 뭐예요? since next-week we will have korean language course FINAL Exam from Chapter 2 to chapter 6 . Therefore we decide to start implement our skill by practicing hehehe…

This conversations made at Chicken restaurant By heidy, tami, wang and me! Its kind of silly but we try the best we could already T.T….Next time we will goes to every chapter and you can finally learn whole book of KOREAN LANGUAGE SOGANG 1A BOOK.Then if you can do all the lesson, its mean you are Pass level 1.AWESOME!!

Lets us share our video everybody, Enjoy!!!After i see this video, i realize Tami and Heidy are really good in Korean, meanwhile me and wang still totally beginner,hahaha.FYI even we were take the same Korean Beginner course but we are in the different class: heidy and Tami is in Class A, me and Wang in Class B. so is it class A student is better than class B student hehehehe…

Expression: 이게 뭐예요? (ige moyeyo?) –>What is this?
시계 (sige)–> Watches
포크 (Forke)–>Fork
가방 (kabang)–>Bag
밥 (Bap)–> Rice
소스 (sose)–>Sauce

PS:the other will be explain in other session!Hehehe…..


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