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Famous DUCK restaurant in Greyongsan Daejeon Korea!

I have a really good korean friends, they are arong and hangyo. They both are so kind and nice! the best part is they always care about me! last month i spent time with them to a famous duck restaurant in greyongsan. Greyongsan is famous with the best duck restaurant in korea! so if you come to korea, dont forget to visit greyongsan  for tasting duck! hehe 🙂

The restaurant scenery also so traditional and lovely. I love the exterior of the restaurant. Here are several picture of the scenery in this restaurant!

the duck restaurant in greyongsan daejeon korea

My korean friend “arong” pose in front of the restaurant
the main door in the restaurant
This restaurant is categorize as “good” and recommended restaurant by korean government. The taste and the price is also considerable for tourist and also local. I am trully get so excited after i see how the interior of this restaurant, it was so traditional and have a personal tauch of the owner. Hangyo told me this restaurant before was a gallery. Isnt it amazing! Here are the picture of the interior of this restaurant.
the good recomended restaurant sign!
the traditional ornament in front of the door
special ornament inside the restaurant
Next will be about the foods, Oya this time we eat smoked duck, to be honest it was so so delicious! i love the food so much. The best part is hangyo treat for us the food. oh is so amazing time. hehe 🙂 thank you hangyo for the best time and best food. Thank you also arong for introducing hangyo to me. 🙂
 it’s us in front of the duck! yey!! 
The best smoked duck and duck soup 🙂 
once again, if you visit korea, dont forget visiting greyongsan daejeon and try this delicious duck!

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It’s summer in korea is samgethang times!

It’s summer here in korea!the temperature have been reach 35C, oh it’s so hot this day in korea. There is a Custom in korea, during the hottest day in summer people eat samgethang. Therefore me and my friend Hadi,Luci,suzzane and pram eat samgethang. Actually first I went with Hadi and pram then two days after it I go with Luci and suzzane. Oh I love samgethang, I really enjoy it! We went to the most delicious samgethang in daejeon. The restorant located in Mayendong near to KBS daejeon. If you come to daejeon. I strongly recommend you to visit this place 🙂










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Dakdoritang (닭도리탕) a must try culinary in south korea

Dakdoritang is my dinner last saturday at incheon south korea together with yayah. Dakdoritang us a spicy korean chicken stew.Dakdoritang is a traditional braised chicken dish that is full of spices and flavors which are exquisite in taste. Succulent chicken pieces such as thighs, breasts and/or drumsticks are simmered in a base soup where the meat tends to fall off the bones. It is marinated with hot pepper and soy sauce, containing various vegetables such as potatoes, onions and carrots. Some may include jalapenos to this dish in addition to kochujang (red chili pepper paste) which will surely wake up your taste buds. As it can get quite spicy, be sure to eat plenty of rice to offset the heat.

One menu in a restaurant normally is for 3-4 people the price is 14,000won.since I only eat with yayah the owner of the restaurant just provide for 2 people so we only pay 9,000 won including rice 🙂 it’s so cheap and ao delicious!!! I think if you come to korea you should try this food!!!! 🙂 🙂

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Korean jjimdak (찜닭) Culinary Outing @Korea!^^Super duper delicious:)

I’ve always loved jjimdak – since it is almost have similar looks like semur daging in indonesian foods! The taste also so so delicious!!Really super duper delicious!! jimdak – a braised chicken dish served in a shoyu based sauce (usually accompanied with chewy glass noodles, potatoes, onions, and the occasional carrot and mushroom). The other reason i love jjimdak is there is a nodles which has the same shape like kwetiau, so i feel like i eat two different indonesian food semur and kwetiau goreng kuah! SO AMAZING!!! i love spicy food thats why i always request jjimdak which have more spicy flavour!:)

If you come to KOREA i recommend you to try jjimdak, the price with rice is 8,000won! But for sure you will so full because with that price you already get so many food, its so amazing and so delicious as well!!! I love korean FOOD so much!!!!!!!!!! Including my friend ayu and yos who just come to korea and love this food so much!! Last sunday we had a great Korean jjimdak (찜닭) Culinary Outing at myeongdong at the most famous jjimdak which called andong jjimdak! ^^

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Korean Takkalbi Culinary Outing @Daejeon @Korea!^^Super duper delicious:)

one of my favorite meals in korea is tak kalbi, a mess of chile-paste marinated chicken stir-fried on a griddle at your table with napa cabbage and logs of rice cakes. It’s a specialty of Chuncheon-do, a province on South Korea’s east coast.

A nice and shiny tak kalbi restaurant existed near to my campus KAIST!! I just need to walk to west small get and accross the street after lotte mart!The restaurant is beside paris baquate.

Me, and other indonesian (heidy and odie) practicing our korean by ordering and talk to ajumma, It was so exicted moment since among us odie korean languange is the best! So she’s also tring to explain in korean, Great job odie, your korean was amazing!!^^ Odie just cut her hair so she looks so cute!:D The video that we make was so funny, you should see this!:D

There’s several step to cook takkalbi, First the put chicken which had been marinated with chilii and cut it, then, they put the vegetable, Last they mix it up till it cooked:D If you come to korea you need to try this food, our food price is only 7000 won/person, Not expensive at all, and the taste so so delicious!!:D

OYa last i want to show you how is odie NEW LOOK 2011 was so so preety with this takkalbi:D ODIE you looks amazing dear!!Your hair is so fabulous!!Hahahahahahaha

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@dinner with bestfriend in “Pizza Hut” @Seoul Station Korea

I come to SEOUL to enjoy holiday! I love seoul so much, Its totally a cosmopolitan!You can have all here!!A traditional things, a modern things and contemporary things!All you want, you name it and its available.Thats the reason almost every-week i come to seoul to enjoy weekend!HEHEHEHE….

I plan to have a nice talk with my bestfriend yayah in a very nice restaurant in BUILDING 63,near coex but since i am so busy with my study and project in KAIST then i only can come to seoul at night!TT..Yayah pick me up in seoul station it was already 9.30PM, so then we decide to have our dinner in “pizza hut” near to seoul station!:D It is a nice dinner, we chat about how is life in korea and its turn out a nice talk and a great dinner!Thank you my bestfriends i really have a great time with you!!:D

After dinner, i see a great view in the seoul SQUARE OH MY GOD its so beautiful!:D


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삼겨탕-Samgetang-korean chicken soup-Remake Lastnight!

Udara semakin dingin!!Sumpahhh, dingin bangettt!!Karena di asrama hanya ada “Microwave” apatah boleh buat, ingin buat samgethang ceritanya!!Jadinya samgethang ala microwave, tapi tetep tasty kok, dan enakkk!!Mungkin dibuatnya pake “rasa lapar” dan “mupeng” ajah!!Taraammm udara dingin pun terkalahkan oleh hangatnya samgethang!!

Begini cara memasaknya!:
siapkan bahan-bahan:1 ekor ayam kecil yang sudah di buang isina, 1/2 gelas beras yang direndam beberapa jam terlebih dahulu
siapkan bahan campuran: 4 siung detchu, 3 siung bawang putih, 1 buah gingseng, 3 siung bam, garam dan merica (ini bahan2 sudah ada yang satu sachet gitu di emart/homeplus):)
cara membuat:
a. masukkan semua bahan2 diatas kedalam perut ayam:D
b. masukkan ke dalam microwave dan rebuslah hingga matang:D, kira2 pertama saya rebus 10 menit ditambah 5 menit, ditambah 5 menit, total 20 menit-an…untuk tau sudah matang atau belum saya tusuk2 saja pake sumpit, *hehe*

Gampang dan mudah bukan??Rasanya pun enakkkk:D….*atau kemungkinan karena saya lapar jadi terasa enak*


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Korean Cooking Class FUN and Awesome!

For those of you who know korea and love korea as much as i do, you must be wanna know, the recipe of delicious korean food?Am i right?Yap, Me too…I always taste a delicious korean food, while i stay here now its time for me to know how to cook it. YEAH, i follow korean cooking class Horeyyyyy…..Its FUN and Awesome experience, I have a chance to cook : the hot spicy chicken called 닭도리탕….
Be careful put the hot sauce, i put too much hot sauce or gokujang, then my taktoritang became too hot…


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