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Borine Beff Barbeque Restaurant in Daejeon Korea!

Borine beff barbeque restaurant

OK~well Me with my labmate go to another “Beef barbeque restaurant” in town! the restaurant name is “BORINE” you can see the detail about this restaurant in their website . the reason our hwesik, is go to the beff restaurant is since i cant eat pork! well~they say they so happy because of me “they have a correct reason to eat expensive food”

Well~its really quite expensive the price of 900 GR Beff is 95,000 won! its equal to around $85. Its hanu beff! hanu beff is very delicious, the taste is so sweet and yummy! 🙂

our fruitful hwesik! 🙂

anyway it was fruitful hwesik, the food was delicious, the talk was interesting! like usuall they always talk about “baseball” and “labwok”! the best part is we have our new lab member “sungyop kim” who always hillarious like suengmin. Oh well he’s not as cool as seungmin but he’s nice!

i also love hwesik time, since i have a chance to meet sungjae, sangha’s wife! she’s just soo nice!  🙂


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본가 beef barbeque restaurant in goyang city korea

I was having dinner With my labmate at A beef barbeque restaurant near to kintex goyang city korea.the restaurant name is 본가 beef barbeque restaurant. If you are near to kintex,i suggest you to come to this restaurant 🙂
The food was so delicious 🙂 🙂















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Seolleongtang (설렁탕) culinary in south korea!

Another favorite food of mine in korea is Seolleongtang (설렁탕), it’s a korean beef soup that’s made from beef bones! 🙂 🙂

They actually boil the beef bones for over 12-24 hours and get the beef soup gets its’s supposed to be real good after we had a hard time studying hohoho

Most of the restaurant open 24 hours so everytime you want it you got it!!!Hahahaha

The price start at 6,000 won, you can get beef soup and rice! 🙂 Oyaaaaa I recommend you to try this!!!! So delicious 🙂

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Shabu shabu Culinary Trip!!^^@seoul Korea Outing!

Now is winter here in korea!!The weather is around -13 degree celcious, it so cold and Freezing!!Therefore me with the incheoners (bu maman, yayah, nbie, windy, and anggi) decide to have shabu-shabu on our Christmas day lunch!! This shabu-shabu is different since it has two kind of taste “spicy and not spicy”~Oh my god, its so so delicious!!Hahahahaha…. I think you should try this if you come to Korea! The restaurant is ZAO PING in Myeongdong!!Come to this restaurant!!The price is also cheap only 7000won/person and the view of this restaurant is so nice and full of luxury things .You definitely should try this food if you come to korea!!!You will get delicious food, favorable/CHEAP price and luxury view, AWESOME!!


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Beef Barbeque culinary trip!!^^@Seoul Korea Outing!!

Lastweek been amazing week for me!!Yes i had “one of the best outing” with girls on “indonesia mothers day”. Delicious food, combine with girls chit chat always so amazing!!I feel blash so much!!I love it so much! Gogiking is a barbecue meat grill, it has buffe meat bar, we can eat as much as we want!just for 10,900won!!!hohoho….there’s so many branch of gogiking, one of is near to Noksangde Station, last week we go there!Yippy!!Here is some fun about it!:D..If you go to Korea i recomend you to try beef barbeque culinary trip, Its so Delicious!!Yummy!!Ajib!Enak!!Massisoyo!!!Hohoho

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