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KTO trip watching the worldbeat VINARI


it’s me in front of the Vinari Theater Lobby

I got another chances this month to watch the Worldbeat Vinari performance in Seoul, Korea. The worldbeat VINARI is a signature show by fusion gugak (korean traditional music) group “dulsori” who was open on august 2012. This performace played on the exclusive theater on the 4th floor of cine core in seoul korea.


the sign in front of cine core theater

The cine core theater located near to  Jongno 3 (sam)ga station, you just comeout at exit 15 and than walk straight until you found burger king than turn left, after that you will see a cine core theater with big sign “Bibap” and “vinari“. This cine core theater just beside “peggie pie”.


The map how to go to Cine Core Theater

This performance played every tuesdayfriday at 8PM and Saturday-sunday at 4pm, it closed every monday. The lenght is around 80 minute. Ticket price from 40,000-60,000 won.


its my wishes that i put in the wishes three on the VINARI lobby

This VINARI is amazing since all the performance are about “well wishing”, you will got wishing from having true love, happy life, healty life etc. Its just a beautiful performance with beautiful message on it. Even in the lobby there is a wishes three, so i was wrote a wishes and put in the three there.

PhotoShake (1)

the rules during watching VINARI performance

As other Korean performance it was not allowed to eat inside the theater, so you have to ensure to made you stomatch full 🙂 there are many good restaurants near to the theater, this area is very famous for good foods. the other requirement also should be fulfilled 🙂 I was planning to eat my oranges inside the theater but it was cancelled due to this rule 🙂

Let me tell you a story inside the theater. As i said before the performance present a traditional percussion and string instruments, as well as wishing song of success, love and health.


the dulsori team, a performer of Worldbeat VINARI

The opening was started by a beautiful screen with beautiful music, and then they start with introductions plus an amazing drums performance.

The first song was“Sabaha” it was a full traditional percussions and string instrument played together, it was teaching us how to be a good person by complement people like saying “you did a good job” (caranda).

Second song they performed a song title “Flowery love”, the meaning of the song is about looking for true love and you will find it someday. It was duet of kayagem with  flute , it was amazing and my favorite performances since i feel so peaceful and I can fill love, plus there was a beautiful background during the song was played.


they all played instruments well, sing well and also dance well

The third song was “Driving beat”, it was a duet drum. The meaning is sound of janggu mix it to show sound from heaven. The next song was “Hope for better tomorrow”, A song about dream for future and never give up to reach your success. They teach us to say “Eulasigo –cutaa“.

The next song was a latin song, it was a duet performance between a flute and a drums, i really love this performance as well. i guess the flute was the best performer of today. After that there was  a Five drum dance,  it was a Dramatic ensemble of big drums and small drums played by 5 people.


the performer played in the lobby after the shows

The beat song was performed by a big drum and small hand ensemble drum played by 5 people.  The climax of the performance to day was a song title “Ah ha yap”, this song was really made all of the audience to enjoy the song! i really love how they request the audience to involve to this performance by request audience to scream uh gi ya!

Power beat toward the grand final and the festival fever was the last song, it was a theme music of dulsori to convey to the audience about the “excitement of life on festival”.


it’s me take a picture with the performer

During the show they choose the best audience by requesting them to drink with love shoot a special VINARI wine, and they also give away some present to bring home. I got one of the goodie bags! Yeyyyyyy! 🙂

photo (1)

the VINARI Give away GIFT! 🙂

After the shows they come out of the studio and still played the instrument and all of us dancing outside the lobby, after the shows we are so excited to take a picture with the performer.

I guess this shows are recommended for all foreigners since they truly perform the beauty Korean traditional musics and song. You won’t get difficulties in understanding the shows since they provided translations in several language such as Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese. All the performer also speak English and some Japanese.  So if you come to Korea why don’t you visit this performance? Its really awesome performance! 🙂

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KTO Trip watching HWARANG MUSICAL performance


it’s me in front of the ticketing of Hwarang Musical performance

KTO invite me as k-performance supporter to watch “HWARANG” musical performance on 21 December 2012 8PM in Seoul Korea. KTO allowed me to bring one friends, thats why i was go to the performance with JINYING, my chinesse friend who are same K-FOOD Supporter. I was attending the K-Food supporter Farewell party at 3PM in Yangjae Center with her. after the meeting at 6PM we went to the Heyhwa station where the studio of the hwarang performance located.


Hwarang Musical Performance Free Ticket from KTO

Hwarang musical performance are located near to Heyhwa station, You could found KFC and than across the street until you found Guinarru Coffee shop. Its located in the SKY building 7th Floor. In front of the building you will see a huge poster of the hwarang 5 handsome performer. I was arrive in the studio at 7.30PM and therewere so many people already line up for the ticket.

The lobby of the 7th floor was kind of small, so it was so crowded with almost the audience are woman and they all from various diverse of age from very young highschool student until married woman. I geuss this hwarang performance possibble for many diferent kind of audience but for sure it so suitable for woman since all performer are handsome korean man.


5 Performer in Hwarang Musical

HWARANG is musical performance from 5 (five) handsome boys. The hwarang were a youth corps in the kingdom of Shilla (57 BC – 935 AD) comprised primarily of the sons of royal or aristocratic families, and they trained both body and mind in the the arts of war and of peace. It was a musical performance so they do singing and dancing. The best part is they trully sing live. Their voice are amazing, and they dance so well as well.

I love the part when they do dancing and singing without shirt on. they all trully well trained, they have muscle and six pax. During the performance they also interact with the audience. they request audience help to put liptick on. I was scream “CAN I HELP YOU?” sudenly all the audience laugh! I am surely enjoy this part! hahaha

if you are sit in first line you will be very lucky since they will request you to do something for them. I was sit on the 2nd row, i could see the performance so closed and i have to admit they are so handsome! So the ajumma who sit in front of me help them to put lipstick on the face, she draw heart and flower haha… 🙂


the most handsome hwarang among 5 members

I geuss i understand why the studio are full with woman. Yap, it was interesting performance. I enjoy all the song and they dancing as well. The problems probably language since it was conducted in korean, different from the non verbal performance, this hwarang musical have many talk in korean and probably for non korean speaker it will be boring if you did not know korean. My korean also not good,  i only understand some but for sure i enjoy all the song and they dance. I did not feel bored, i could say it was interesting! so i geuss if you worried it will be bored, i am sure it wont, it is interesting musical drama.


the chances to take an autograph from the performer

After the performance finished, you could line up to get a signature from the performer,  there was many people so i could not had chances to get their signature since i had to catch a bus to daejeon from the bus terminal. But i had to say it was really interesting experience. I would like to say thank you to KTO for arranging such an amazing event. I love being part of K-Performance supporter. I geuss if you are love K-POP and musical performance, you definetly should try this HWARANG musical. It Is original Korean Musical Performance.


Take another picture in front of the study before leaving to daejeon


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The Amazing SBS Inkigayo with KTO!

SBS Inkigayo inviting foreigner to celebrate Million foreigner come to KOREA

Last November 25, 2012 I have a chances to watch SBS INKIGAYO since i get the Free ticket from KTO. I was watched together with other K-Performance supporter in SBS Studio 3rd floor (SBS located in the Digital media city seoul).  This time i was departed late from daejeon due to i could not get a train 😦 therefore i also arrive kind of late in seoul. I have to request my other K-Performance supporter Elyane to help me to talk to the KTO officer so i could still go inside ontime.


Thank you to Elyane for arranging my ticket of SBS Inkigayo 25112012

I was kind of confuse with seoul at that time and finally i decided to take on taxi to the SBS. I made it on time 3PM. Thanks God the KTO officer still kindly help me to manage go inside the building!  I really did not regret with all the effort come from daejeon to watch the SBS inkigayo at that time. Since so many artist are coming!! This SBS inkigayo also special since its also airing live from the gwahangmun and also the SBS Studio. Inside the studio we are not allowed to take any pictures, but here are the picture i took after the show.

photo (1)

SBS Inkigayo Studio, It was amazing to be there!

I could also make it to watch Infinite and CN Blue, two of my favorite K-Pop artist! Thank you so much KTO For such a beautiful arrangement, I really have a good time in the SBS Inkigayo! I love korean music! I love KTO! 🙂 During i watch i am singing so loud and clap so loud. I really could not believe i could see the KPOP star so close!


CN BLUE Performed in SBS Inkigayo 25112012

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KTO Trip to Jeounju Bibimbap Festival 2012

its me in font of the bibimbap festival booth

Do you know bibimbap? Bibimbap (비빔밥, Korean pronunciation: [pibimpap]) is a signature Korean dish. The word literally means “mixed rice”. Bibimbap is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul (sautéed and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang (chili pepper paste). A raw or fried egg and sliced meat (usually beef) are common additions. The ingredients are stirred together thoroughly just before eating. It can be served either cold or hot. In Korea, Jeonju, Jinju, and Tongyeong are especially famous for their versions of bibimbap. It is listed at number 40 on World’s 50 most delicious foods readers’ poll compiled by CNN Go in 2011.

its me with the last Lee dynasty

In korea, there was a bibimbap festival from 18-21 october 2012. I was visited on 20 October together with KTO. It was super awesome experience! We was VVIP! I have a chances to meet the Legend Mr. lee, who is the last dynasty of lee family.

The mayor of Jeounju, The governor, KTO President, Ambassador from many foreign country in Korea making bibimbap together

i also have a chances to make bibimbap with very very big bowl. After making that bibimbap we distribute it to more than 50 thousand people who are come to the bibimbap festival. after visit this festival. I geuss i am more and more love bibimbap. Its super awesome experience ever! I love KOREAN FOOD!!! 🙂

The big bowl of bibimbap. For 50 thousand people


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KTO Trip to Nonsan Jeotgal Festival 2012

My trip as K-Performance Supporter with KTO

Last 19-20 October 2012, I have a chances with Korea Performance Supporter to come to the Nonsan and also visit Nonsan Jeotgal Festival 2012. nonsan city located in the middle of korea peninsula..I was so surprised that the participant of this trip was a leaders in many embassy. I meet Ambassador of Taiwan, DCM (Vice Ambassador) of Thailand, DCM (Vice Ambassador) of Taiwan, Ambassador of Chilie, Ambassador of Ukrain, and many more.

The jeotgal festival

The trip start with visiting Jeotgal Festival. There we have a nice buffee and try many different kind of Jeotgal. This is my first time had this kind of experience! I just know that jeotgal can be so delicious. 

Jeotgal or jeot is a salted fermented food in Korean cuisine. It is made with various seafood, such as shrimp, oysters, shellfish, fish, fish eggs, and fish intestines.Jeotgal is mainly used as a condiment in pickling kimchi and as a dipping sauce for pig’s feet (jokbal) and blood/noodle sausage (sundae). Sometimes jeotgal, commonly saeujeot, is added to Korean style stews (jjigae) and soups (guk and tang), for flavor instead of using salt or soy sauce (ganjang).

Many different kind of Jeotgal

The types of jeotgal vary depending on main ingredients, regions, and family and personal preferences. In past times, due to the limited transportation, regions near seas had more types of jeot compared to the inland areas.

making jeotgal with oyester

After try jeotgal, we have a chances to make our own jeotgal with oyester. The jeotgal that we make could sustain for 1 week. Actually many kind of jeotgal can even sustain until years. So the jeotgal that we make kind of fresh jeotgal.

After making jeotgal we also make kimbap with jeotgal. The jeotgal that we use to put in the kimbap was fish jeotgal. I was tasted it, it super tons delicious compare to normal kimbap. I geuss i want to remake this kind of jeotgal kimbap at home in the future. Its simple and taste so delicious.

its me with angga from Inha University


It was fun experience, after that we have a chances to meet the mayor of Nonsan he so kind and welcome us to the festival. this festival held every fall season. i geuss if next year i am still in korea i would like to bring my mother to this cool places, since i saw so many ajumma, ajoshi, halmoni and harapoji in this festival.

The nonsan mayor played korean traditional instrument

In this festival there are so manythings happen such as a performance, flower festival, many booth with many interesting things related with jeotgal and much many more. I geuss this festival is interested if you love korean foods.

its me with handsome seoul man in the flower both at jeotgal festival



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The proud of K-Performance Supporter, Thank you KTO!

I won a trip from KTO as part of my participations in Korea-Performance Supporter, to watch the prelimenary and final F1 Korean Grandprix 2012 from 12-13 october 2012. This F1 Tour also follow by other 28 Foreigner who was also as lucky as i am to join this amazing time. We depart from KTO at 8am on 12 october 2012. I finally meet for the first time my team mate jessica, we are on the Super-Q team. Jessica is Chinesse-korean who had been in Korea quite long, her family also live in korea. She is nice and kind, she also look so pretty just like one of the girls grups. 🙂

Its me and Jessica, Super Q, in the Yongnam F1 Korean Grandprix Circuit

We was stop over for lunch near to gongju, and than we finally arrive in Mokpo around 1.30Pm as schedule. I am so excited for this trip since i am huge fans of F1, i really hope i could see hamilton win in this 2012 F1 Korean Grandprix. So watching prelimenary is also important for me since in this prelimenary could determine the start on final. Once again i hope hamilton would be in the top 3.

hamilton go and do your best!

As i predict hamilton could be one of the top 3, while 2nd and 1st are Vettel and webber from the Renault team. After we watch the prelimenary we went to the Mokpo city for sightseeing and also see cool places around mokpo, you could read more detail in this LINK. After that we went for dinner and the dinner was so amazing and delicious. one of the best food i ever eat! its was seafood restaurant located in mokpo city.

the delicious foods

after the dinner we went for shopping in lotte mart and then went to our hanok stay, you could read more detail in this LINK.

The second day of our F1 Tour was watching the final. Before in the morning we went to sightseeing in the hanok stay area, you could read in this LINK. and in the afternoon we have lunch and than went for  final and this final we watch almost 55 lap, and i am so amaze, since the racer really do their best to be the winner on this final.

we enjoy lunch before watch final

I could see how hamilton try his best to get 1st and 2nd. The amazing was alonso who finally made it to be top 5. As many people predict VETTEL won the First place at this korean grandprix. Maybe the amazing part is renault team success won as 1st and 2nd. I bet renault team had big party after this racer!

the racer try their best to be the winner

I could say this is one of amazing experience for me, since i meet great friends and also i meet amazing people plus the KTO arrange very nice trip. I am really suggest you to come and watch this KOREAN F1 GRANDPRIX in the near future, and i hope my experience could be your reference to manage your F1 tour. 🙂 Once again i would like to say thank you to KTO for this amazing experience.

its me in front of the KTO tour bus

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Must visit Tourist Attraction if you visit Mokpo and Yongnam!

Its me in front of DR.WANG SITE

Our trip for the F1 Tour was two days 12-13 november 2012, therefore during this trip beside we went to see the F1 Korean grandprix it self we also visit several cool places.

on the first day after watch the preliminary grandprix, we went to the Yongnam Keum-ho breakwater (영암 금호 방조제), this place is separated the sea water and the river in the yongnam area. its like a dam, i guess. however after we arrive at that place it was under-constructions so we couldn’t go inside the dam. I guess this place will be amazing, but if you want to visit this place i guess it will be awesome if you ask whether its still under-constructions or not.

Mokpo SQUARE, the world dance festival was held

The second we visit Mokpo Square, here there was a “world dance festival” when we arrive, we saw performance from Korea, Spain and France. It was amazing performance with cool costume. I also learn some steps of france dance. Its totally unbelievable experience. I saw many local people curious and interest about this performance, they were so excited claps their hands follow the musics.

After that we went to have dinner, it was cool dinner, We love it so much, I geuss you could read it here in this LINK.

its me with other K-performance supporter in the Dr.Wang site

The second day we went to Dr.Wang site near to our hanok, Since we dont have much time, we could not enjoy whole museum things, but i take a lot of good picture here with cool friends.  The best part is i love the big field in this Dr. Wang site. I geuss it will be cool to know the detail about this place, if we have a tour guide who explain in detail about this place. However this place is awesome place for taking good pictures.Thats some of other places that i visited during our F1 Tour.


Oya since i did not join the KTO bus to go back to seoul after the F1 Final, Instead of it i went to the Gangnam PSY Concert with other K-Performance supporter, There we have a blash. I feel the excitement of PSY GANGNAM STYLE. its only one hour but it so FUN! We jump and dance gangnam style. Even i dont know the song but i just like singing LALALALA, and dance for almost 1hours.

we have fun time in the Gangnam Style concert

Lastly i geuss, if you visit F1 next year, you have to also come to the Free concert since the organizer surely invite awesome singer like this year they invited PSY to entertain us. Thank you KTO for this amazing two days trip. Its so unforgettable memory! 🙂

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Wonderful Hanok Stay Experience In Mokpo!

YOL WUL JONG HANOK, belongs to Harapoji Lee, call 010-4604-3363 for reservations

I was have a chance for a F1 Tour with KTO as K-Performance Supporter, with My team Mate Jessica in our Super-Q! The trip was from 12-13 October 2012, it was 2 days trip! during our F1 Tour i have a chance to have experience stay in Korean traditional house (hanok stay). The hanok name is YOL WUL JANG (열월정), the owner of this hanok is harapoji Lee (이중곤),the place are super awesome! i had been experience hanok stay in seoul and jeounju, but in my opinion this place even more awesome than my previous hanok stay.

Harapoji Lee Hanok, Living room looks like


Harapoji Lee hanok are super big. It has Two bed room, two bathroom, big kitchen, big living room, big TV, computer, internet, Phone, big yard, and nice view! So if you plan to visit a south area of korea, i strongly suggest you to stay in harapoji Lee house.

Harapoji Lee, doing farming accompany by his cute dog

During our short visit we have a chance to talk with harapoji lee, he is trully kind and love travelling. He been travel almost around the world, excluding indonesia. He said he will travel indonesia someday. Harapoji Lee also love farming. I just know that all the breakfast that he provide for us is from his garden. He also have chicken, rabbit, etc. I can feel how harapoji lee live so cool!

Me with Harapoji Lee doing farming

During our one night stay at hanok belongs to harapoji lee i have a chance also to help him doing farming and play around with his dog, chicken, rabbit, etc.

me playing around with dog of harapoji Lee

I am so feel refresh and have fun experience! I almost could not believe i will have this experience since korea as i know is a develop country, i just know that korea also have a cool and awesome village like a hanok belong to Harapoji Lee. I geuss if you visit Mokpo area, i strongly recomend you to try this hanok stay since you also have a chance enjoy the rulal area culture and also enjoy the scenery aswell enjoying the delicious korean breakfast made by harapoji Lee. if you want to stay in harapoji Lee hanok don’t hesitate to call to 010-4604-3363 and the location of 열월정 hanok is 영암군 군서면 학암길 36번지. I really hope you have a wonderful experience like me. Dont forget visit this place when you are visiting korea.

its me in front of 열월정 hanok, its wonderful memory


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[Korea-Performance Supporter] MISUDA

K-Performance Supporter who selected to join MISUDA program

Saturday, 8th September 2012 i have a chances to join an amazing experience, since joining KOINMO performance exeperience “MISUDA and Jae-gi Making Class Program” in Seoul Namsan Traditional Theater.  There are 13 people selected to be the participant. I was arrive in chungmuro station around 3pm, i were running to the namsan traditional theater since we should gather at 3.15pm. Lucky me, i am the 2nd person who arrive their! 😀

I have a chances to looked around the namsan traditional theater and saw so many tourist from south east asia excited wearing hanbook. Hanbook is korean traditional dress. They looked so pretty! Finally i meet Ms. Kang who are arranging us and i have a chances to meet other participant. They were so cool!

– Quhynh (i called her queen) she is american born in vietnam and currently she is working in startup SNS company! she so cool, talked to her just make you realize she so smart, open minded and so bright.

-Mimsie she also american currently work in some area in seoul. she said her contract will finished at this march. Anyway, her smile so adorable!

-Marisha from kazakhstan, she so pretty and also nice as well.

-two pretty indonesian, maya and vania. finally i could meet them 🙂

i also meet 3 participant from japan, 2 people from china, 1 from taiwan and 1 pakistan. they also so nice.We just so happy and really having good time!

so here we go, after we chit chat finally ms.kang told us to change our clothes to hanbook and then she said we will have several experience such as Jae-gi making, tea ceremony and enjoying korean traditional music concert.

First we change our clothes to hanbook. they have a lot of pretty hanbook. finally I decide to wear pink-purple hanbook with tiara of a bride. I use size XL. The change room was so pretty it looks like i enter “celebrity make up artist room“.

me with hanbook and bride tiara!

after that we making Jae-gi, jae-gi is korean traditional  toy. It’s kind of like a hacky sack. A traditional Korean Jaegi is made from a coin with a hole in the middle; the coin has paper, leather or feathers wrapped around it. There are many variations of the game: kicking the Jaegi with two feet only; holding it on the foot before kicking it; or only using the outside of the foot. The object of the game is to see how long you can keep it in the air using your feet and legs. You can play by yourself or in a group.

maya my indonesian friend with her Jae-gi

After that we enter inside a korean traditional house, and there we being teach how to prepare a tea ceremony for a geust. The teacher teach us step by step and also we experience making tea and serve the tea as well.

Traditional Tea pot and cookies at tea ceremony

after that we are serving the tea to our friend and during serving the tea, we also enjoy the traditional music performance and talk each other. Its really great experience, since that day i was a bride and i really hope someday i also will conducted real on my wedding day! If you come to KOREA, i strongly recommend you to try this MISUDA Program. 

Traditional music performance at MISUDA

how to reserve ticket and informations in detail about misuda you could klik this MISUDA LINK


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