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f-UN (fire-United Nations) Volunteer fire corps!

Daejeon metropolitan City governor, invited me as one of the member of their first f-UN (fire-United Nations) Volunteer!:) In United States of America become a fireman is a dream of every children!!And almost 80% of fire man in US is a volunteer. Daejeon metropolitan city governor said among so many foreigner in daejeon they choose only 32 people to be their first f-UN volunteer fire corps and we are the world’s first multinational volunteer fire fighters in history of fire service!

So on November 16,2010 they held “special ceremony” open by daejeon mayor, daejeon ambassador and also attended by all the daejeon governor leader.

The safety department in KAIST provide a very nice car and they take us (me and 4 other KAIST student) go to Daejeon city hall. The KAIST safety officer is so nice!!Guess what he just get married and have honeymoon in BALI, hehehe….

10.00 am we arrived and the ceremony start!
Daejeon metropolitan city ambassador, gives appointment letter to 6 out 32 as:
1. f-UN volunteer fire corps, William Gomm appointee as chief of Dajeon metropolitan city ‘f-UN’ volunteer fire corps. He’s from England.He’s a school teacher.
2. f-UN volunteer fire corps, kristina Eisenhower appointee as vice chief of Daejeon metropolitan city ‘f-UN’ volunteer fire corps. She’s from US. She’s a school teacher in Daejeon foreign high school.
3. f-UN volunteer fire corps, Lim Sun Ah appointee as general affairs team of Daejeon metropolitan city ‘f-UN’ volunteer fire corps. She’s from korea. She’s a school teacher.
4. f-UN volunteer fire corps, Dubiniana Mariana appointee as prevention&public information team manager of Daejeon metropolitan city ‘f-UN’ volunteer fire corps. She’s from Uzbeckistan. Her husband is a fireman in daejeon.
5.f-UN volunteer fire corps, Nakamura Toraaki appointee as disaster response team manager of Daejeon metropolitan city ‘f-UN’ volunteer fire corps. He’s from Japan. He’s a Professor in Sollbridge.
6. f-UN volunteer fire corps, James M. Dewey appointee as Adviser of Daejeon metropolitan city ‘f-UN’ volunteer fire corps. He’s from US. He’s work at Korean company, he’s a professional in “fire management”.

On the ceremony We declare an oath!Here is the Oath Letter!
“We are committing to work as a multinational volunteer fire fighters in the world’s first in history of fire service taking pride of my self as follows:
1. We will protects citizens life and property from a variety of disasters including a fire
2. We will be actively involve in and practice the concept of work with prevention of massive disasters
3. We will help to build a safety city of Daejeon acting as a public safety provider
4. We will lead world to save the global village from catastrophe due to global climate change”

I feel so amaze with this ceremony!I realize this not “an easy and heavy” works,but life need to be valuable right? I say to my friend ony, I feel like am also like “miss indonesia” who’s serve to the world.

After the ceremony, we had a nice lunch session with the mayor, ambassador, fire department head, all the leader in daejeon metropolitan city. We also had a chance to introduce each other among 32 people. I just realize we consist of 17 different country, AMAZING!!!

After the lunch session we had a parade for fire prevention and public information’s at underground shopping center and daejeon station square. At the end of today event, we had our “fist safety experience service” and attending training at buckboo fire station!

What an amazing experience, and guess what we had a regular meeting every month for 1 year!!Looking forward for more exciting experience next-month! Thank you Daejeon metropolitan city!

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Visiting Orphan Children in Daejeon South Korea

I feel so Happy………Yes 17th of October me with my american and korean friend visiting Orphan children. They all so cute, and the most important is i can learn to speak korean with them.

We arrive at the orphan house at 10.30am, then all of us cooked for their lunch…We cooked Spagetti, Toppoki, Katsu…After we finish cooking we eat together with them. It was amazing, moment!!…They really like the food, they said Its DELICIOUS….

After we finished eating then we play Catch&throw Ball in the yard, Ahhh they really happy to see us.I can feel it…All of us, agreed that this visiting will be regularly and we will take all the orphan children to have field trip to zooland next time….

I feel this positive environment, Yahhh I Feel they all my little brother and sister….


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Dear Mba Nuri dan Mas Boni

Dear Mba nuri,

Mba, Hidup di korea itu tidak mudah ya??
Berat, riweh, repot, Cape, Bosan, Ahhhhh
Aku butuh hiburan!!!

Karena itu mba,
Datang ke mabes kumpul2 sama anak2 indonesia,
masak di mabes,makan di mabes,
Nyicip masakan mba…

Foto2 narsis bareng mba…
Selalu menghadirkan senyum akhirnya mba!!
Aku bahagia, I AM HAPPY!!….
Hidup di korea terasa sejenak Indah!!
Yah mba, kau merubah nya…
Sesuatu yang awalnya terasa tidak menyenangkan menjadi menyenangkan!!
Terima Kasih Mba!!!

Dear Mas Boni,

Mas, Ingat tidak saat kita awal jumpa dulu?
Yah kau tengok aku dan teman2 saat kami kursus di KINS…
Awal aku ketemu, I was amaze!!
Yah cara kau menyampaikan sesuatu mas, Begitu WISE!!
Ahh i wish i can do that!! Be a wise person like you!!

Mas, ingat tidak saat kau lontarkan canda..
memang sih tidak semeriah mba nuri,
hanya aku sumpah tertawa geli karenanya…
Sungguh mas aku bersyukur bisa banyak belajar dari mas,
Terima Kasih mas!!!

Dear Mba Nuri dan Mas Boni,

Kini tiba kalian harus pulang ke Indonesia,
sedih dan mungkin sepi daejeon jadinya…
Tak ada lagi canda dari kalian berdua,
tak ada lagi narsis2 ala kalian berdua,
tak ada lagi kecerian di tengah2 kita,
tak ada lagi mabes daejeon kita,
Sedih mba,
sedih mas,
tapi ku yakin!Kalian tak akan lupakan kenangan indah kita..
terima kasih untuk semuanya mba
terima kasih untuk semuanya mas..
nantikan saya di pejaten sana…^^

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