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Manoffin g-cafe “heaven for muffin” in korea

I love muffin! One of my favorite cafe for muffin is “manoffin g-cafe” 🙂 they have so many varian of muffin. I wish I am not on diet! 🙂 today I taste ” a bluberry muffin with ice coffee” so delicious! If you want to taste delicious muffin, why don’t you buy a muffin in this manoffin g-cafe! 🙂 the store is so easy to find every where in korea. 🙂









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Korea heaven for desert!^^

One more things that I love about korea is it heaven for desert!! 🙂 in here you can found so many coffee shop or bakery from big one to small one which sell so many delicious desert!!! 🙂

They decorate it so nice and pretty even sometimes I feel I just wanna look at it instated of eat it.

If you come to korea, I strongly recommend you to taste all those delicious dessert! 🙂 and enjoy a heaven on your mouth 🙂




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Korean rice cake coffee shop so cool!

If you come to daejeon,south korea. I know one more place which is so cool 🙂 one of my favorite!!! 🙂 it’s a “korean rice cake coffee shop!!

In here you can have a delicious korean rice cake and also any drink you want such as coffee or tea 🙂

I strongly recommend you to come to this place. It’s near to Dunsan emart 🙂

If you come to this place you will have a great experience because you can try the most delicious korean rice cake ever!!! 🙂 the korean rice price start from 3,000won.

FYI the owner of this korean rice cake coffee shop is shannon, she’s so nice and can speak English verywell. She will explain to you each of rice cake Which available in her shop. So more experience to bring home!! 🙂

I love this place so much, I love korean rice cake!! Really delicious!!! 🙂 🙂

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The best bungeoppang (붕어빵) in south korea!:) so delicious!!

Yesterday 26 march 2010,I visit my friend place in inha university incheon south korea. To go there just take subway line 1 (blue line) and drop at juan station then take bus color green to inha university main gate.

I really love korean street food,specially bungeoppang (붕어빵),it is a special pastry you can only found in korea.

Bungeo (붕어) means carrasius a kind of fish and ppang (빵) means bread. So you can found that this pastry shape is a fish. 🙂

normally inside of this bungeoppang is a red bean.last night I found something special,they have 9 different taste of bungeoppang. Start from the original one read bean,sweet potato,pizza,bulgogi,tuna,etc.isn’t it amazing!!!! 🙂 🙂

Now a street food become a high quality since they sell in a restaurant and its become the best food I ever eat!!!! The price start from 2,500won. Last night I try a bungeoppang with soft ice cream oh so so delicious!!!!!I really love korea!!so many delicious food!!!!!

If you come to korea you definitely should try bungeoppang specially this restaurant bungeoppang!!I strongly recommended! 🙂 🙂

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Hello kitty caffe,cute pink and cozy!

Hello kitty:) a cute kitty character turns out as a decoration at a caffe in hongdae area seoul south korea.:) 🙂

From outside the place so tempting to enter.After I go inside indeed the place so cute,all wall is pink with hello kitty on it,the chair have hello kitty character,the food all have hello kitty shape!!welcome to hello kitty world.if you wanna see this place come to hongdae just used subway line 2 green line and drop at hongik university exit 9 just straight then you found this cute hello kitty caffe!!!^^

The taste of food was not too great but the decorations tempting you to eat it hohoho 😀 the food price is quite cheap through, if you come to korea i recomend you to come to this cute place!! 😀

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