Tarr Tarr in Korea

Who love cookies? Who love cake? Who love tarr? Meeeeeeeee!!!

I was falling in love to egg tarrs when I visited Hong-Kong. Taste of egg tarrs there were so yummy. It’s a Portuguese tarr, and its delicious…

In korea, we could found so easily cookies or cake but best tarr you could only found at caffe name Tarr Tarr.

Tarr tarr caffè in gwangju downtown 

On my birthday I decide to reward my self a gift by eating delicious tarrs.

So here I am at tarr tarr cafe enjoy the delicious tarr. Alone 😘

The delicious tarr special in tarr tarr caffe 

My favorite is cheese tarr and tiramisu tarr. But they have lots lots taste, you guys should try it !! They put sign BEST for most wanted tarr. 

The original egg tarr  and cheese tarr

The price of one piece of tarr is 2000 won to 6500 won. While for the drink they serve around 4000 won.  The price is average for the delicious taste. But as this is my birthday I am expected for free tarr but they don’t give me any hihihihi….😂

Fruits tarrs could be option 

Anyway I am still happy enjoying delicious tarr on my birthday and even life little bit hard but since I eat yummy and sweet tarr I feel life sweet for a while. What a sweet short lonely escape 💕 I did not try the best tarr yet, someday I will comeback again surely ✌️

Best tarr is green tea tarr

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