KTO Trip watching HWARANG MUSICAL performance


it’s me in front of the ticketing of Hwarang Musical performance

KTO invite me as k-performance supporter to watch “HWARANG” musical performance on 21 December 2012 8PM in Seoul Korea. KTO allowed me to bring one friends, thats why i was go to the performance with JINYING, my chinesse friend who are same K-FOOD Supporter. I was attending the K-Food supporter Farewell party at 3PM in Yangjae Center with her. after the meeting at 6PM we went to the Heyhwa station where the studio of the hwarang performance located.


Hwarang Musical Performance Free Ticket from KTO

Hwarang musical performance are located near to Heyhwa station, You could found KFC and than across the street until you found Guinarru Coffee shop. Its located in the SKY building 7th Floor. In front of the building you will see a huge poster of the hwarang 5 handsome performer. I was arrive in the studio at 7.30PM and therewere so many people already line up for the ticket.

The lobby of the 7th floor was kind of small, so it was so crowded with almost the audience are woman and they all from various diverse of age from very young highschool student until married woman. I geuss this hwarang performance possibble for many diferent kind of audience but for sure it so suitable for woman since all performer are handsome korean man.


5 Performer in Hwarang Musical

HWARANG is musical performance from 5 (five) handsome boys. The hwarang were a youth corps in the kingdom of Shilla (57 BC – 935 AD) comprised primarily of the sons of royal or aristocratic families, and they trained both body and mind in the the arts of war and of peace. It was a musical performance so they do singing and dancing. The best part is they trully sing live. Their voice are amazing, and they dance so well as well.

I love the part when they do dancing and singing without shirt on. they all trully well trained, they have muscle and six pax. During the performance they also interact with the audience. they request audience help to put liptick on. I was scream “CAN I HELP YOU?” sudenly all the audience laugh! I am surely enjoy this part! hahaha

if you are sit in first line you will be very lucky since they will request you to do something for them. I was sit on the 2nd row, i could see the performance so closed and i have to admit they are so handsome! So the ajumma who sit in front of me help them to put lipstick on the face, she draw heart and flower haha… 🙂


the most handsome hwarang among 5 members

I geuss i understand why the studio are full with woman. Yap, it was interesting performance. I enjoy all the song and they dancing as well. The problems probably language since it was conducted in korean, different from the non verbal performance, this hwarang musical have many talk in korean and probably for non korean speaker it will be boring if you did not know korean. My korean also not good,  i only understand some but for sure i enjoy all the song and they dance. I did not feel bored, i could say it was interesting! so i geuss if you worried it will be bored, i am sure it wont, it is interesting musical drama.


the chances to take an autograph from the performer

After the performance finished, you could line up to get a signature from the performer,  there was many people so i could not had chances to get their signature since i had to catch a bus to daejeon from the bus terminal. But i had to say it was really interesting experience. I would like to say thank you to KTO for arranging such an amazing event. I love being part of K-Performance supporter. I geuss if you are love K-POP and musical performance, you definetly should try this HWARANG musical. It Is original Korean Musical Performance.


Take another picture in front of the study before leaving to daejeon


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