Wonderful Hanok Stay Experience In Mokpo!

YOL WUL JONG HANOK, belongs to Harapoji Lee, call 010-4604-3363 for reservations

I was have a chance for a F1 Tour with KTO as K-Performance Supporter, with My team Mate Jessica in our Super-Q! The trip was from 12-13 October 2012, it was 2 days trip! during our F1 Tour i have a chance to have experience stay in Korean traditional house (hanok stay). The hanok name is YOL WUL JANG (열월정), the owner of this hanok is harapoji Lee (이중곤),the place are super awesome! i had been experience hanok stay in seoul and jeounju, but in my opinion this place even more awesome than my previous hanok stay.

Harapoji Lee Hanok, Living room looks like


Harapoji Lee hanok are super big. It has Two bed room, two bathroom, big kitchen, big living room, big TV, computer, internet, Phone, big yard, and nice view! So if you plan to visit a south area of korea, i strongly suggest you to stay in harapoji Lee house.

Harapoji Lee, doing farming accompany by his cute dog

During our short visit we have a chance to talk with harapoji lee, he is trully kind and love travelling. He been travel almost around the world, excluding indonesia. He said he will travel indonesia someday. Harapoji Lee also love farming. I just know that all the breakfast that he provide for us is from his garden. He also have chicken, rabbit, etc. I can feel how harapoji lee live so cool!

Me with Harapoji Lee doing farming

During our one night stay at hanok belongs to harapoji lee i have a chance also to help him doing farming and play around with his dog, chicken, rabbit, etc.

me playing around with dog of harapoji Lee

I am so feel refresh and have fun experience! I almost could not believe i will have this experience since korea as i know is a develop country, i just know that korea also have a cool and awesome village like a hanok belong to Harapoji Lee. I geuss if you visit Mokpo area, i strongly recomend you to try this hanok stay since you also have a chance enjoy the rulal area culture and also enjoy the scenery aswell enjoying the delicious korean breakfast made by harapoji Lee. if you want to stay in harapoji Lee hanok don’t hesitate to call to 010-4604-3363 and the location of 열월정 hanok is 영암군 군서면 학암길 36번지. I really hope you have a wonderful experience like me. Dont forget visit this place when you are visiting korea.

its me in front of 열월정 hanok, its wonderful memory


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