Must visit Tourist Attraction if you visit Mokpo and Yongnam!

Its me in front of DR.WANG SITE

Our trip for the F1 Tour was two days 12-13 november 2012, therefore during this trip beside we went to see the F1 Korean grandprix it self we also visit several cool places.

on the first day after watch the preliminary grandprix, we went to the Yongnam Keum-ho breakwater (영암 금호 방조제), this place is separated the sea water and the river in the yongnam area. its like a dam, i guess. however after we arrive at that place it was under-constructions so we couldn’t go inside the dam. I guess this place will be amazing, but if you want to visit this place i guess it will be awesome if you ask whether its still under-constructions or not.

Mokpo SQUARE, the world dance festival was held

The second we visit Mokpo Square, here there was a “world dance festival” when we arrive, we saw performance from Korea, Spain and France. It was amazing performance with cool costume. I also learn some steps of france dance. Its totally unbelievable experience. I saw many local people curious and interest about this performance, they were so excited claps their hands follow the musics.

After that we went to have dinner, it was cool dinner, We love it so much, I geuss you could read it here in this LINK.

its me with other K-performance supporter in the Dr.Wang site

The second day we went to Dr.Wang site near to our hanok, Since we dont have much time, we could not enjoy whole museum things, but i take a lot of good picture here with cool friends.  The best part is i love the big field in this Dr. Wang site. I geuss it will be cool to know the detail about this place, if we have a tour guide who explain in detail about this place. However this place is awesome place for taking good pictures.Thats some of other places that i visited during our F1 Tour.


Oya since i did not join the KTO bus to go back to seoul after the F1 Final, Instead of it i went to the Gangnam PSY Concert with other K-Performance supporter, There we have a blash. I feel the excitement of PSY GANGNAM STYLE. its only one hour but it so FUN! We jump and dance gangnam style. Even i dont know the song but i just like singing LALALALA, and dance for almost 1hours.

we have fun time in the Gangnam Style concert

Lastly i geuss, if you visit F1 next year, you have to also come to the Free concert since the organizer surely invite awesome singer like this year they invited PSY to entertain us. Thank you KTO for this amazing two days trip. Its so unforgettable memory! 🙂

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