Good Bye “Tae-il” and “Seong Yoep”, Welcome “yunhee” and “Mr Nam”

We tost to welcome the new comer and wish a success for the people who graduate! PS: they drink beer, i drink Cola!

Life is a CYCLE! this week i should say good bye with two people in the Lab and than say Welcome to the other two people. I think life always like this, people go and at the same time some people come! But for sure i do believe that our ESDAS Family are growing! since even people go, we are still FAMILY wherever we are! so actually we realize there are no good bye!

ESDAS Lab at the barbeque Restaurant

So then professor and all the lab member go for  farewell and welcoming  PARTY! we go to have dinner together in the barbeque restaurant.

Its good time, until professor ask me about my hobby with 2PM! suddenly he said: he worried about my study and i am to busy with 2PM. I was so shock, first is because he know i love KPOP, 2nd is about what he said worried about my study.

Its me with Seongyeop

So i DECLARE TO PROFESSOR, I PROMISE I WILL STUDY HARD AND PENDING MY HOBBY WITH KPOP UNTIL I GRADUATE FROM KAIST. i promise i will just do studying. I realize that he so good professor since he just say so soft and so kindly! he is not harsh professor, he remind me that i should focus to my study kindly! Thank you professor, i do promise i will study hard! 🙂



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6 responses to “Good Bye “Tae-il” and “Seong Yoep”, Welcome “yunhee” and “Mr Nam”

  1. useyourcleanser

    It seem to be a fun day for you 🙂

    And your picture make me want to go to Korea just for a Korean BBQ 🙂

    do you have to be at a certain age to drink beer and soju ?

    • haha~korea is so nice and i am so happy here^^
      korea barbeque also so delicious, anyway most of korean food are so delicious.
      in korea their age should be above 18 to drink alchohol.
      thank you for visiting my blog^^

  2. berlina

    Fighting Ka’ Ai.. Sukses menanti mu 🙂

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