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[Korea-Performance Supporter] MISUDA

K-Performance Supporter who selected to join MISUDA program

Saturday, 8th September 2012 i have a chances to join an amazing experience, since joining KOINMO performance exeperience “MISUDA and Jae-gi Making Class Program” in Seoul Namsan Traditional Theater.  There are 13 people selected to be the participant. I was arrive in chungmuro station around 3pm, i were running to the namsan traditional theater since we should gather at 3.15pm. Lucky me, i am the 2nd person who arrive their! 😀

I have a chances to looked around the namsan traditional theater and saw so many tourist from south east asia excited wearing hanbook. Hanbook is korean traditional dress. They looked so pretty! Finally i meet Ms. Kang who are arranging us and i have a chances to meet other participant. They were so cool!

– Quhynh (i called her queen) she is american born in vietnam and currently she is working in startup SNS company! she so cool, talked to her just make you realize she so smart, open minded and so bright.

-Mimsie she also american currently work in some area in seoul. she said her contract will finished at this march. Anyway, her smile so adorable!

-Marisha from kazakhstan, she so pretty and also nice as well.

-two pretty indonesian, maya and vania. finally i could meet them 🙂

i also meet 3 participant from japan, 2 people from china, 1 from taiwan and 1 pakistan. they also so nice.We just so happy and really having good time!

so here we go, after we chit chat finally ms.kang told us to change our clothes to hanbook and then she said we will have several experience such as Jae-gi making, tea ceremony and enjoying korean traditional music concert.

First we change our clothes to hanbook. they have a lot of pretty hanbook. finally I decide to wear pink-purple hanbook with tiara of a bride. I use size XL. The change room was so pretty it looks like i enter “celebrity make up artist room“.

me with hanbook and bride tiara!

after that we making Jae-gi, jae-gi is korean traditional  toy. It’s kind of like a hacky sack. A traditional Korean Jaegi is made from a coin with a hole in the middle; the coin has paper, leather or feathers wrapped around it. There are many variations of the game: kicking the Jaegi with two feet only; holding it on the foot before kicking it; or only using the outside of the foot. The object of the game is to see how long you can keep it in the air using your feet and legs. You can play by yourself or in a group.

maya my indonesian friend with her Jae-gi

After that we enter inside a korean traditional house, and there we being teach how to prepare a tea ceremony for a geust. The teacher teach us step by step and also we experience making tea and serve the tea as well.

Traditional Tea pot and cookies at tea ceremony

after that we are serving the tea to our friend and during serving the tea, we also enjoy the traditional music performance and talk each other. Its really great experience, since that day i was a bride and i really hope someday i also will conducted real on my wedding day! If you come to KOREA, i strongly recommend you to try this MISUDA Program. 

Traditional music performance at MISUDA

how to reserve ticket and informations in detail about misuda you could klik this MISUDA LINK


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Good Bye “Tae-il” and “Seong Yoep”, Welcome “yunhee” and “Mr Nam”

We tost to welcome the new comer and wish a success for the people who graduate! PS: they drink beer, i drink Cola!

Life is a CYCLE! this week i should say good bye with two people in the Lab and than say Welcome to the other two people. I think life always like this, people go and at the same time some people come! But for sure i do believe that our ESDAS Family are growing! since even people go, we are still FAMILY wherever we are! so actually we realize there are no good bye!

ESDAS Lab at the barbeque Restaurant

So then professor and all the lab member go for  farewell and welcoming  PARTY! we go to have dinner together in the barbeque restaurant.

Its good time, until professor ask me about my hobby with 2PM! suddenly he said: he worried about my study and i am to busy with 2PM. I was so shock, first is because he know i love KPOP, 2nd is about what he said worried about my study.

Its me with Seongyeop

So i DECLARE TO PROFESSOR, I PROMISE I WILL STUDY HARD AND PENDING MY HOBBY WITH KPOP UNTIL I GRADUATE FROM KAIST. i promise i will just do studying. I realize that he so good professor since he just say so soft and so kindly! he is not harsh professor, he remind me that i should focus to my study kindly! Thank you professor, i do promise i will study hard! 🙂


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Best Beef Kalbi in Daejeon South Korea

This saturday, i went to a beef kalbi restaurant in sinsondong Daejeon with my best friend Mas hadi. We try one of delicious Kalbi there. If you visit daejeon you should try this restaurant! the price is from 8000-12000 won, and you could eat so delicious beef kalbi. The price is cheap and the taste is so delicious! This food are worth to try!!!




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