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Jangan ngaku K-POP Mania kalo ga liat RT MCOUNTDOWN!

Halo ada acara baru dari MNET namanya “RT Mcountdown”

Di RT MCOUNTDOWN semua rahasia-rahasia diungkapkan soalnya ini Backstagenya MCOUNTDOWN!
Minggu ini di RT Mcountdown..Kamu bisa liat wawancara sama Kara’s, Fancam, Ukiss,dan masih banyak lagi!!!

caranya kamu liat aja di Youtube:
Ingat Rabu Jam 9 pagi WIB. Buruan buka Youtube ya Rabu ini kalau kamu K-POP mania!!!!^^

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Materi 2: Kuliah Statistik Sosial UT Korea 18 September 2011 wilayah Busan


mas2 dan mba2 yang ganteng dan cantik,

mangga bahan kuliah di download di link dibawah ini (klik saja ya):

Penyajian Data

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Beasiswa Master/PhD (S2/S3) di Daegu Gyeongbuk Science and Technology (DGIST)

If you ARE BACHELOR DEGREE OR WILL GET YOUR BACHELOR DEGREE before February 2012, and  you  want to continue Master/PhD in Brain Science, Robotics Engineering, Information & Communication Engineering, and Energy System Engineering.



Classification Details
Tuition Fees Full scholarship will be provided
Incentives for Education and Research PhD degree candidate : 12,000,000KRW + α / year
MS degree candidate : 7,200,000KRW + α / year
Dormitory Dormitory will be provided. (small utility fee will be charged)
International Exchange Opportunity of training in Johns Hopkins University (USA), ETH Zurich (Switzerland), etc. will be provided.※ Participation opportunity for various international conferences held in USA, Europe, Asia, etc.
Military Service Substitution Military service substitution can be provided to PhD students
Government Research Project
  • Participation in DGIST research project is available.
  • Participation in various projects related with KBRI (Korean Brain Research Institute) and DUP United-Campus (DGIST-UNIST-POSTECH) is available.

Application Documents

Files to Submit Application Process
Application Form Online submission
Personal Statement and Study Plan Online submission
(You can choose your language: English or Korean. Also, it is available to write in both English and Korean)
Official Academic Transcript PDF file attached to online submission
Degree Certificate
(either completed or to be completed)
PDF file attached to online submission
English Test Scores
PDF file attached to online submission
Letter of Recommendation
Direct submission from the recommender through e-mail
No limitation on the number of recommendation letter
Application Fee Pay upon online submission (KRW 80,000 / US $80)
  • Online submission on the DGIST website (
    (Please submit your application as soon as possible since the website for the submission can be busy on the last day)
  • Please make a single PDF file contain documents in the following order.
    A. Degree certificate
    B. Official academic transcript
    C. English test scores (optional)
    D. Any other certificates that show the applicants’ capability and possibility
  • The name of the file should contain the applied field, your first, and last name.
    (Ex: Brain Science_Johnny Depp)

For further information, please contact the Student Admission Office at the DGIST

  • Tel: +82-53-785-5135(7), Email:, Website:
  • Address: Student Admissions, Academic Affairs Team, DGIST 50-1 Sang-Ri, Hyeonpung-Myeon, Dalseong-Gun, Daegu, Rep. of Korea 711-873

Application Schedule

Classification Spring Semester(2nd) Spring Semester(3rd) Application Checklist and Information
Application Oct. 6 ~ 18, 2011 Dec. 15 ~ 29, 2011
  • Online registration will be open until 17:00 of application due date.
  • Not allowed to apply for more than one major at the same time.
Oct. 25, 2011 Jan. 5, 2012
  • Results will be announced on the DGIST website.
Interview Nov. 7 ~ 8, 2011 Jan. 9 ~10, 2012
  • Interview schedules can be different depending on the majors.
  • Details will be announced with the document evaluation results.
Final Results Nov. 15, 2011 Jan. 16, 2012
  • Final results will be announced on the DGIST website


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Beasiswa S2/S3 di Gwangju institute of Science and Technology (GIST) KOREA

Full-tuition Scholarship

All GIST students are awarded full-tuition scholarship for two years of M.S. program and for four years of Ph.D. program.

Monthly Stipends

All GIST students receive stipends throughout two years for M.S. program, and four years for Ph.D. program. Students are required to maintain full-time status. M.S. students receive monthly stipends of 220,000 won and 250,000 won for Ph.D. students. International students with GPA 3.0 or above may be given an additional 120,000 won as an international student support stipend.

Free Dormitory Housing

GIST provides all students with on-campus dormitory housing free of charge, monthly utility fees of 30,000 won will be deducted from your monthly stipends. GIST also has apartments for married students which charge a resident for rent and utilities.

Experiment Costs

For M.S. students, up to 229,900 won per year may be reimbursed of the amount incurred for research experiments, and up to 270,600 won per year for Ph.D. students, with the approval of their academic advisor.

Thesis/Dissertation Research Expenses

Expenses associated with a student’s research for the M.S. thesis may be reimbursed up to 511,000 won per year, and 901,250 won per year for the doctoral dissertation, with the approval of their academic advisor.

Research Assistantships

Research assistantships are available for qualified students working on funded projects. Students who are granted assistantships well be paid according to their work hours and degree of participation in the project.

Medical Insurance Fees

For international students, 60% of the Korean National Health Insurance fee is supported by GIST. For students receiving Korean Government IT scholarships, however, 30% of the Korean National Health Insurance fee is supported by GIST.


Admission Schedule
Semester of Entrance Spring Semester(Starting from March) Fall Semester(Starting from September)
Application Deadlines
October 15 April 15
Examination of Documents
15 days 15 days
Documents Review
30 days 30 days
Notification of Admission Results
Mid-December Mid-June
Registration of Admitted Students
Early January Early July
ㅇ Please note that to be considered for admissions, we must have your completed application and all other required materials before the deadlines. Upon request, applications received after the deadline may be considered for the following semester
Require Document to Apply
Documents Download
Submission of online admission application
Online Application Only
original or officially certified copies of degree certificates for all academic work completed (in sealed and endorsed envelopes by the Registrar)
original or officially certified copies of transcripts for all academic work completed (in sealed and endorsed envelopes by the Registrar)
two letters of recommendation in the fixed form (in sealed envelopes)
two colored photographs (4x5cm)
original official score report from TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, or TEPS
certificate of proficiency in English (applicant for conditional admission only)
if applicable
a recommendation letter for matriculation fee waiver (written and sealed by the department chair of the current/last university the applicant attended)

NOTE: Original documents will be returned to the applicant if he or she requests.

The completed set of application materials should be sent to:

* Section of Graduate Admissions

Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, 261 Cheomdan-gwagiro, Buk-gu, Gwangju 500-712, Republic of Korea * Tel: +82-62-715-2054


Two Letters of Recommendation (in sealed envelopes)_PDF

Two Letters of Recommendation (in sealed envelopes)_MSWord


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Production Presentation of Interactive Movie featuring 2PM and Miss A!

If you wanna know how to do “Interactive movie productions” and big FANS of 2PM and MISS A. Why dont you join this Buzz Korea,global campaign offered by Korea Tourism Organization EVENT!.

It will be held in OCTOBER 4, 2011 at Lotte Avenuel in Seoul.

Here is the website so you can get more information:

It would be really good chance not only to meet other bloggers and share this wonderful experience but also to see Korea’s top entertainers!

The opportunity goes to the first 50 persons who apply.
Apply and Enjoy it!


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Happy Chuseok from Daejeon Korea with Love!

all picture is downloaded from sompi website:

Today Me with My beloved labmate went to professor office to great him “Happy Chuseok”..
Today we great each other in the lab “Happy Chuseok”..
Today i also called my beloved oppa to great him “Happy Chuseok”…

Tomorrow I will meet my Korean best-friend to great them “Happy chuseok”…
Tomorrow i will meet my korean family in daejeon to celebrate Chuseok…

Happy Chuseok from daejeon with Love!
Lets enjoy our long holiday! 🙂

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If you love K-POP, dont forget Asia Song Festival 2011!

Super Junior, SNSD, and other groups will participate in the 2011 Asia Song Festival.

On August 24th, The Korea Foundation of International Culture Exchange announced, “Super Junior, SNSD, as well as the Japanese group, Perfume, Taiwanese singer / actor, Peter Ho, Zhou Bichang, and other performers will appear at the 2011 Asia Song Festival. The festival will take place at the Daegu Stadium on October 15th”.

Perfume is a Japanese techno-pop group that celebrated their 10th anniversary last November.

Peter Ho is a singer that sang the opening track – a remix of Baek Ji Young’s “Like Being Hit By A Bullet – for last year’s highest rated Taiwanese drama, “Summer’s Desire“. Zhou Bichang is a Chinese artist that topped album sales charts in China since her debut in 2005.

Other appearances will include Leo Ku, an artist who has released 35 albums with more than 9 million sales since his debut and Tata Young, a popular Thai singer who has sold more than 10 million albums

The 2nd and 3rd line up for the 2011 Asia Song Festival will be revealed next month.

I Love K-POP, and for 3 year star in Korea i never missed “ASIA SONG FESTIVAL”. This year the festival will be held in Daegu October 15, In Daegu stadium! If you love K-POP you should come to this great event!

Its easy Just download the coupon in this ASF website :

More info you can visit this “VISIT DAEGU WEBSITE“:


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