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송광호 철판요리 best restaurant in daejeon

My lab always have dinner together,but today we went to the Best restaurant in daejeon. During i stay in korea for 3 year, i think This is the best one!
A cheft cook in front of Us the foods,Its so fresh! Today we have kalbi,seafoods,fried noddle and fried rice~ the reastaurant was so expensive since one person Around 50,000 won 🙂 so expensive! 🙂 but the FOODS so so delicious! 🙂 if you come to daejeon, why dont you visit this restaurant?? 🙂






















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Best daktoritang is in insadong korea!

My bestfriend yayah just graduated from her MBA program in inha university. She treat me daktoritang in insadong,turns i feel it is best daktoritang Ever that i often eat in korea. I also love insadong since i could found so many cool Stuff! I love insadong area~~~ 🙂







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Making bibimbap in jeounju

Last week my korean language Class went to jeounju for making bibimbap Class! It was awesome experience! If you come to korea you should visit jeounju.the bibimbap in jeounju is the best! 🙂





my group was consist me, michelle (from scotland) and augusto (from potland) and in the bottom is my bibimbap~i am doing great on making my own bibimbap, I am so proud to my self! hahahaha

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Baek Ji Young (백지영) – 아이캔’t 드링크

난 술을 못 마셔요
nan sureul mot masyoyo
몇 번을 얘기해야 되요
myot boneul yegiheya dweyo
술을 마시면 전화를 하는
sureul masimyon jonhwareul haneun
몹쓸 병에 걸렸죠
mopsseul byonge gollyotjyo
그렇게 이상하면
geuroke isanghamyon
이별을 한번 해보세요
ibyoreul hanbon heboseyo
이별을 하면 알게 될 거야
ibyoreul hamyon alge dwel goya
술 마시면 안 되는 이유
sul masimyon an dweneun iyu
취하면 바보 같은 용기가 생겨서
chwihamyon babo gateun yonggiga senggyoso
취하면 바보 같은 사랑이 커져서
chwihamyon babo gateun sarangi kojyoso
그러면 안 되는 걸 알면서 자꾸
geuromyon an dweneun gol almyonso jakku
핸드폰을 쳐다보고
hendeuponeul chyodabogo
이렇게 몇 번을 망설이다
iroke myot boneul mangsorida
번호를 누르고
bonhoreul nureugo
난 아직까지 너만 사랑해
nan ajikkkaji noman saranghe
내가 보고 싶어 미치겠다고
nega bogo sipo michigetdago
어제처럼 전화를 하죠
ojechorom jonhwareul hajyo
난 정말 못 마셔요
nan jongmal mot masyoyo
나 이제 그만 일어날래
na ije geuman ironalle
술을 마시면
sureul masimyon
눈물이 나는 몹쓸 병에 걸렸죠
nunmuri naneun mopsseul byonge gollyotjyo
그 사람 생각나면
geu saram senggangnamyon
한잔씩 하며 참아왔죠
hanjanssik hamyo chamawatjyo
그래서일까 술을 마시면
geuresoilkka sureul masimyon
바보처럼 또 눈물이 나
babochorom tto nunmuri na
울다가 바보 같은 눈물에 취해서
uldaga babo gateun nunmure chwiheso
울다가 끝나버린 사랑에 취해서
uldaga kkeutnaborin sarange chwiheso
그러면 안 되는 걸 알면서 다시
geuromyon an dweneun gol almyonso dasi
전화번호 누르게 돼
jonhwabonho nureuge dwe
이렇게 차갑게 식어버린 목소리
iroke chagapge sigoborin moksori
들으며 난 죽고 싶어 제발 돌아와
deureumyo nan jukgo sipo jebal dorawa
이미 끊겨 버린 전화를 들고
imi kkeunkyo borin jonhwareul deulgo
어제처럼 그렇게 울죠
ojechorom geuroke uljyo


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Blow Away the Heat in Caves!

It was unusual that temperature in May recorded 28 degree in Celsius. It made us really worried about the coming summer. Well, it was right. Why don’t we go on a trip to a cool place? Where can be a better place rather than the ocean or a mountain that has many things to see and even has the freshness of early autumn?

Today we would like to proudly introduce the Korea’s beauty, Caves. There have been a lot geographical changes in this peninsula, which formed many magnificent sites in Korea. It might be a privilege for all of us in Korea to be able to enjoy it.

There are several kinds of caves. Limestone caves are formed by the rainwater which dissolves the limestone layer. Sea caves are formed by abrasion of the ocean wave. Lava caves are formed by lava flow. Artificial caves are formed on a specific purpose. There are more limestone caves and sea caves in Korea. Stalagmites, stalactites and stone pillars are so beautiful that more and more people keep visiting the caves. And this will guide you to explore the caves which are the gifts from the Mother Nature. Let’s take a look.

 Korea’s only theme cave, Hwaam

Gold-colored Stalactite, Hwaam Cave>(Source: Kookmin Ilbo)

Hwaam Cave located in Jeongsun, Gangwon-do is recognized as one of the great caves in Korea. It was listed in 1980 as the monument No. 33. Most of all, it is highly recognized for its beauty and it is also one of the eight beauties in Jeongsun, Gangwon-do. It is the only themed cave. The theme presents the ‘Meeting of the Gold and the Nature’. What makes it unique is that, Hwaam Cave has both coal mine and natural cave. To get to the starting point of the cave, you should take a shuttle train. You will truly feel the theme of the ‘Meeting of Gold and Nature’.

The tour length of Hwaam Cave is 1,803 meters and the tour takes approximately one and half hour. You can see some chapters in the cave. The chapters consist of ‘History’, ‘365 along with Gold Line’, ‘Wonderland’, ‘Gold world’, ‘Nature Wonder’. The cave was discovered while mining the gold, so there are many displays and exhibits inside are connected with Gold mine. You can see the times of mining gold and a gold vein. It is quite interesting to see gold bars. In addition, there are some displays showing various kinds of gold mines, the use of gold and the history of gold. It is already beyond the museum. For the children who easily get bored, there is a chapter of ‘Gold Ghost and Silver Ghost in Wonderland’ which are mascots of this cave. The Wonderland shows how to mine gold and make gold products from the children’s perspective. Actually, there are more family visitors in a cave tour.

You can also enjoy a geological beauty. Hundreds of stalactites hanging on the ceiling are spectacular. It looks like a curtain hung over the cave. It is not fair just to say “beautiful”, but it is natural to say “beyond the expression”.

Mystic geologic cave, Gosu

Statue of ‘Virgin Mary’ in Gosu Cave (Source: Newsis)

 Many people said this Gosu Cave, located in Danyang, Chungcheongbuk-do, is genuinely the best of all. Because there are many beautiful rocks, stalagmites, stalactites and stone pillars.

Gosu cave made of limestone layers is listed No. 256 as a natural monument. There are various creatures by the cave, which has high academic value. It is 1,200 meters long. However travelers have an access only to 600 meters inside for environmental conservation.

However, once you enter, you will definitely be amazed. It is so beautiful that you won’t be disappointed at not seeing the whole cave. Stalactites and stalagmites which grown up and down for a long period of time finally has become the limestone pillars. With that, you will feel the eternity of time.

The ‘Gom Bawi (Bear rock)’ that looks like a roaring bear is a mystic nature itself which makes you keep looking at it. ‘Cheondang SeongByeok (the Wall of the Castle of Heaven)’ has beautiful stalactites, which are very popular among many travelers who want to take a picture of them. In fact, it is very amazing to know that it takes 5 years and even 10 years for stalactites to grow up to 1 cm. Gosu Cave is made 5.4 million years ago. Once again, you can feel the eternity of time. During the journey, you will see a rock called a statue of the Virgin Mary. The rock looks like the Virgin Mary holding hands, kneeling and praying.

Before you go to Gosu Cave, there are several things you should remember. As the entrance road is very narrow, you have to be careful. A pathway inside of the cave is very narrow and steep. It is also very humid, so you might feel as if you were in the rain. It has 95 percent to 97 percent humidity, so that you’d better prepare the raincoat.

Hwanseon Cave, the undiscovered jewel in Asia

Monorail in Hwanseon cave, Samcheok (Source: Yonhap News Agency)

“The largest limestones cave in Asia”. With this one sentence, we can recognize the magnificent status of Hwanseon Cave.

Hwanseon cave is located in Dei-ri, Samcheok, Gwangwon-do. Dei-ri means big ears. There are six caves in Dei-ri region. Only two caves, Daegeum Cave and Hwanseon cave, are open to travelers.

It takes long time to get to Hwanseon Cave. For this, they equipped mono rail for visitors, which used to take 30~ 40 minutes on foot. If you want to take a breath of mountain, walking is also recommended.

Hwanseon Cave is much bigger than any other caves. It has many valleys like small falls here and there uplifting a very unique atmosphere. Cave coral is the most popular place. It is hard to find anywhere in the world, so that many foreigners visit the Cave. There is an English information sign. Cave coral grows up on the wall where water comes out. Cave coral is also called Cave Popcorn since it has a similar look. Many people capture the splendid scenery that looks like a King’s throne. We hope you to take a close look at this throne.

The cave is good for travel in both summer and winter. Cool in summer, warm in winter. How about watching magnificent view and relaxing your mind in cave tour during the summer that made us tired and stressed?


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Convenient Traffic System of Korea

Almost all foreigners say that Korea has an excellent public transportation system. In Korea, you can reach everywhere by bus or subway. It is considered a superb system in terms of its access and cleanness.

Korea’s transportation system is now recognized as one of the finest example among other countries. In the past, however, many Koreans complained of ineffective subway and complicated road systems. But after it adopted the transit discount system and better equipped subway systems, situation got much better than ever.

 Comfortable Public Transportation System

Korea’s transportation system is considered a role model among other countries  (Source: Yonhap News Agency)

There has been so much improvement in traffic system, and now Korea’s traffic system is regarded excellent all over the world. Most importantly, the subway and bus companies do not compete with each other for passengers, which became a win-win situation.

It is considered cleaner than any other subway in the world (Source: Yonhap News Agency)

For example, the transit discount system helps passengers save their money, which is found only in Korea. For this reason, many policy makers from other countries visit Korea to learn more about Korea’s traffic system. It is common for Korean to pay with digital card when taking a bus, but still in many countries, people are paying cash.

Moreover, a variety of bus and subway line also considered remarkable. Since all buses were divided into four colors- blue, green, red and yellow- according to the routes, it became much convenient to take buses even in rush hour.

Stretching to the world

Korean subway is also well-known for its cleanness in the world. In addition, the screen door is highly recognized as it prevents passengers from harmful air and unexpected hazardous circumstances.

Finally, Korea got to recently export its bus traffic system to Philippines. The official said that Gyeonggi-do made an agreement for mutual cooperation with MMDA(Metro Manila Development Agency) on 27th last month with the attendance of Kim Moon-Soo, the Governor of Gyeonggi-do and Francis Tolentino, the chairman of MMDA, Philippines. Followed by this agreement, Gyeonggi-do will share the policies on Metro traffic systems such as BMS (Bus Management System) and BIS (Bus Information System) and will cooperate on building the infrastructure of Manila.

Gyeonggi-do will share the information on how to adopt CNG bus, traffic card system, and transit discount system and how to build Bus terminal complex.

Kim Moon-Soo, Governor of Gyeonggi-do and Francis Tolentino, Chairman of MMDA signed the agreement (Source: Chosun Ilbo)

Korean companies will cover the technical matters. Manila development agency of Philippines Metro announced that they will integrate four major traffic systems such as Metro, Bus, Jeepney, and Tricycle. For this, the chairman Tolentino asked cooperation during his visit to Gyeonggi Province last February. Kim Moon Su, the governor of Gyeonggi-do said that this agreement will help Philippines build more efficient traffic system. Furthermore it will definitely be the innovative traffic system in Philippines as well.

It seems that Korea’s transportation system is moving ahead to the World along with ‘Korean Wave, Hallyu’. However, generosity comes first than institutions and systems. Let’s make the world that human is always comes before the cars.

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Bexco busan the center of international excebitions

I really enjoy visiting busan, everyweek there are international excebitions held in bexco. Lastweek when i visit busan, im bexco there is “international food excebitions”, to enter to the excebitions we should pay 3,000 won. However indeed it is awesome excebitions since we could try so many great foods and also buy so many delicisous friend Hanung bring a big box of korean cereal and also gingseng. 🙂 🙂

If you come to busan i recomend you to go to bexco (centrum city station) since everyweek there is always an international excebitions.


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Shopping adventure in busan!!

Busan is a 2nd big city in is also famous since trading and business area, no Wonder there is so many shopping destinations in busan. Me and Hanung enjoy shopping in busan. We go to the big departemet store shinsige,lotte department store in centrum city (just accross to bexco) and also shopping area in nampodong.

I geuss we really have an awesome shopping till drop, till broke! So many things we can get and buy With a great price!! 🙂

Lets shopping till drop everybody hahaha





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Busan Tower adventure!

Last Weeks i go to busan again,This time i go With my little brother Hanung 🙂 we go to busan Tower, one of the landmark in busan. The entrance to go up to the Tower is 4,000 won but since we also visit the instrument museum beside the busan Tower we should pay 1,000won more. So With 5,000 won we had great time in busan Tower. If you go to busan you should visit This place. I love it!! 🙂

Since after go to busan Tower i can also see a great shopping area near by and also an awesome Fish market.

How to go here, it is easy just take subway orange line to nampodong station 🙂



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Its summer, its Naengmyeon time!!^^

the weather is getting hot, summer is in the corner. I am now like a kind of korean food called Naengmyeon. Naengmyeon (hangul: 냉면, naeng-myeon, naengmyun, naeng-myun, meaning “cold noodles”) is a Korean dish of long and thin hand-made noodles made from the flour and starch of various ingredients: buckwheat (메밀, memil), potatoes, sweet potatoes, and kudzu (칡, chik). Varieties with ingredients such as seaweed and green tea are available. According to the 19th century documents of Dongguksesigi (동국세시기, 東國歲時記), it has been made since the Joseon Dynasty.

If you come to korea~ you should try this food, its so unique and exciting experience!!! ONLY IN KOREA!!! YEYYYY!! 🙂 i was eat it today at KAIST caffetaria, the price is only 2,500 won 🙂 🙂


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