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world student in korea:Fascinating Bicycle Trip

In spite of the landscapes you’ve seen many times while going to work, home, or other places on foot, by train or airplane, every time you will get a different impression according to which vehicle you are riding, and how you look at it. Of course, there is no need to tell that riding a bicycle is the perfect choice to enjoy this recent spring breeze. Then, how much do you know about the bicycle and how far have you traveled with it?

Get ready to leave into the warm spring sunlight, if you don’t want to miss the beautiful landscapes of Korea!

Pleasant playground for bicycle riders, Gwangnaru Bicycle Park
Bicycle riders along the path in Gwangnaru bicycle park

Have you been to Gwangnaru Bicycle Park? It is a new park which has many facilities including the 124,000㎡(1,335 square feet) wide of bicycle racing stadium, a bicycle experiencing park, a bicycle training place for children, and a rail bike place.

Especially, the racing stadium which placed the bumpy paths and other challenging obstacles is very popular among riders and manias who have special bicycles like Mountain bike (MTB) or Bicycle Motocross (BMX).

Besides, you can try about 80 kinds of unique bicycles such as the one riding on square wheels, the one moving aside, the one that moves when lying on it and the one that a couple can drive facing each other, which is the first ‘Bicycle experiencing place’ in Korea. ‘Rail bike’ that is drawing a huge popularity in Jeongseon in Gangwon-do, Gokseong in Jeollanam-do is also open to public.

Why don’t you have this exciting experience that will keep yourself out of the stuffy city!

Location: 483-8 Cheonho 2dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul
Holidays: every Monday
Available hours: 09:00~18:00, (Nov~Feb) 10:00~17:00, (May~August) 09:00~19:00
Contact/Info.: 02-120 / Night time: 02-3780-0777

Memoir on ‘Nostalgia’ bicycle paths in OkCheon

Bicycle riders on 200li(=49miles) long ‘nostalgia’ paths with full of forsythia in OkCheon

While passing through the ‘Nostalgia’ bicycle paths in Okcheon, visitors can enjoy not only the beautiful Daecheong Lake but also the spirit of the poetry town where the pioneer of Korea’s modern poet and the writer of ‘Nostalgia’, Jeong Ji-yong was born. Why don’t you give a wonderful day-off to yourself to get out of the repeated routine and soak up the beautiful scenery of the countryside and its friendly atmosphere?
Through the hiking course, ‘Nostalgia 100li(=24 miles)’, people can have a look at the overall shape of Korean peninsula from Mt. Dunjoo after visiting the birthplace of Jeong Ji-yong and the literary museum where people can still feel his spirit. It became very popular after being introduced by one of the famous TV programs in Korea, reality-variety show ‘1 night and 2 days’ show on the KBS2.
The length of the course is about 82km (=132 miles) long, and it takes approximately five hours and a half to complete it. It includes smooth paths for beginners and unpaved roads and forest roads which are the favorites of intermediate and advanced mountain bikers and manias.

Location: Okcheon-eub, Okcheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
Contact/Info.: 043-730-3501~2 (Okcheon-gun Division of Culture and Tourism)

All About Bicycle, Sangju Bicycle Museum

Unique Bicycles displayed in exhibit hall of Sangju Bicycle Museum

No worries for those who cannot ride a bicycle! Sangju Bicycle Museum will give you the satisfaction.

This museum, which focuses on bicycle for the first time in Korea, was established in Sangju which is famous for a number of bicycles and its citizens who enjoy riding them rather than cars on their way to school, work, home and even picnic.

In this museum, which is called ‘the heaven of bicycle’ and ‘a school of bicycle’, you can take a whole look at everything about bicycle including its history, design, and so on. It introduces the history of bicycles through its 60 bicycles displayed in the exhibit hall and you will definitely enjoy the various experiencing halls about bicycles, including the souvenir shop.

Sangju must be the wonderful place to remind you of all the happiness, heartbeat, other memories with lovers.

Location : Ilwon San 3-4, Donam-dong, Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Contact/Info.: 054-534-4973Available Hour : Summer (April~ Oct) 09:00 ~ 18:00, Winter (Nov~March) 09:00 ~ 17:00
Holiday : every Monday (Tuesday applies when Monday is a National Holiday)
Jan 1, Luna New Years day, Chuseok (Thanksgiving day of Korea), and other closingdays by Sangju mayor

Why don’t we go on the bicycle trip to every corner of Korea this coming Spring!

※ Photographs : Korea Tourism Organization

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World Student in Korea: This is real! The world of natural dyes

On January 11, Maronie exhibition in Kyoto.

Gyeongnam Natural Dyeing Association in Korea held a six-day exhibition in Kyoto which is said to be a city of vivid traditional culture of Japan. Nine members of Gyeongnam Natural Dyeing Association introduced various kinds of natural dyeing products that were made with passion, which received favorite comments from not only Japanese but also the same industry. Let’s take a closer look at this globally recognized and beautiful field of natural dyeing.

Gyeongbuk Natural Dyeing Association declared that it will become a Mecca of the natural dyeing after hosting ‘Symposium for the Vitalization of the Natural dyeing Industry’ last June. (Photograph: Fashion Journal)

Natural dyes, the solution of Health and environment

In the Three Kingdom period, while the kings and nobles wore the silk costumes which were import!ed from China, commoners began to dress themselves with the naturally-dyed clothes. At the beginning, they used grass and polygonum indigo from mountains and fields for navy, persimmon for dark blue, and charcoal for black. In other words, Korean ancestors wear the nature colored clothes, which are different from the recent clothes with unnatural colors made of the artificial fibers and chemical compounds.

Actually, the naturally-dyed clothes do good to skin. Some clothes with chemical dyes cause an atopic dermatitis or other skin diseases to some children who have a delicate skin. However, considering the fact that natural dyes from vegetables are harmless to human and kill the harmful virus, it can be said that clothes save our health.

While the chemical dyes cause serious environmental problems with waste water in dyeing process, natural dyes reduce those damage, which can be said an environmental-friendly dyeing method. In addition, if we make clothes with natural dyes which are extracted from the plants that have unique ingredients or smells to protect them from the harmful insects or animals, it will also protect your body from those. As an example, some ancestors used polygonum indigo as a dyeing material from their knowledge that snakes dislike its smell. Their wisdom of life is just amazing!

Various naturally-dyed products

Despite the time and hard work, considered a ‘Must Try’ among foreigners

Then, what is the process of making such a wonderful natural dye? The beautiful naturally-dyed cloth can be born only after passing through the 20 manual labor steps, such as boiling, drying, and adding mordant in it. Mordant is an ingredient which helps the color last longer. As it requires a long time and hard work, accordingly the costs rise and become more expensive than the artificial colored-one.

However, as the public interests on environmentally-friendly products increase, the ideas on those products are also rapidly changing. In particular, the experiencing event of natural-dyeing became very popular among foreigners. Moreover, many naturally-dyed clothes are being sold in Jongro area, including Insadong, where foreign visitors mostly visit, and the number of foreigners who come and try the events from a word of mouth also increases. It is said that every single Japanese tourist who is said to have a lot interests on beauty are also impressed with Korea’s naturally-dyed products. It shows that natural dyeing can be worth being one of the representative brands in Korea. That seems enough to enter the global market, considering the Kyoto exhibition which introduced naturally-dyed products at the first on the list.

Various household items made of natural dyes

Korean central government and local government which early saw the potentials have prepared the systematic supporting plan to step forward. Since when the natural dyeing industry was selected by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy as a nurturing business of the local government’s laboratory last 2008, the government finished the preparation to make Gyeongnam Natural Dyeing Association as a core center for natural dyeing industry, and now they are working on it for the development of the field. On the following, ‘Symposium for the Vitalization of the Natural dyeing Industry’ was held in June 2011, and the MOU with Daegu and Gyeongbuk fabric fashion Institute was embedded as well, which actively promotes the natural dyeing industry.

Gyeongbuk Natural Dyeing Association declared that it will become a Mecca of the natural dyeing after hosting ‘Symposium for the Vitalization of the Natural dyeing Industry’ last June. (Photograph: Fashion Journal)

Indigo and dark blue, those colors make people relaxed. If we wear the naturally-dyed clothes, we can definitely say it is a well-being life. Now we all hope that Korea’s naturally-dyed products will actively pushing the overseas markets.

* This article refers to the article written by the communicator of the Presidential Council on Nation Branding

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Bisikan Sugesti

pernahkah kita ada di posisi? katakan tidak pada sesuatu!!TIDAK!!! Tapi akhirnya bisikan sugesti datang dan merubah persepsi, sesuatu yang awalnya tidak kita sukai menjadi hal yang kita sukai, sesuatu yang awalnya biasa saja menjadi luar biasa, sesuatu yang ordinary menjadi hobi. itulah kekuatan bisikan sugesti.


Kekuatan bisikan sugesti! karena itu pilihlah pembisik sugesti anda!! Jangan dengarkan bisikan dari sembarang orang, apatah lagi infotaiment yang cenderung penuh bumbu dan hiperbolik. Salah salah kita bisa jadi kita salah berubah ke arah yang salah. 🙂

Kekuatan bisikan sugesti! karena itu filterlah sugesti yang masuk ke kepala kita, saya yakin kita adalah mahluk yang cerdas yang bisa memilah dan memilih informasi. Manusia bukan mahluk yang sempurna, siapapun pembisik sugesti anda ingat dia hanya manusia sehingga bisa jadi dia salah, karena itu cross check apa yang dibisikkan oleh si pembisik sugesti. Ini juga untuk menunjukkan bahwa anda mengambil keputusan bukan karena sugesti tapi yah karena anda tau keputusan apa yang mau anda ambil! 🙂

Last but not least, saya termasuk yang seringkali mendengarkan orang yang dekat dengan saya. Yah inikah kekuatan bisikan sugesti? saya sadar saya harus lebih mandiri dan tidak bergantung pada pendapat orang lain apa yang harus saya ambil. tetapi bisikan sugesti benar-benar melengkapi persepsi saya tentang sesuatu. seperti saya melihat masalah yang saya hadapi dari sudut yang berbeda. Dan membuat saya yakin keputusan yang saya ambil adalah benar.

sehingga bisa saya simpulkan bahwa tidak ada yang salah dengan mendapatkan bisikan sugesti 🙂 semua toh kembali kepada kita akhirnya, maukah kita ambil bisikan sugesti itu bulat-bulat ataukah kita memfilterisasi ia hingga ke hal yang kita butuhkan dan perlukan.


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Benarkah cinta seperti sakura??

“If you could have one wish, what would it be? We all have hopes and dreams that we do almost anything to make real. And if we get lucky, and our wish is granted, maybe that’s what we call happiness.”


Ya, aku punya mimpi, aku punya harapan, aku punya keinginan.Dan tentu saja aku berharap itu terkabul! Bukan karena apa, aku ingin hidupku bahagia!Bukan karena apa, aku ingin tersenyum pada dunia!Bukan karena apa, aku ingin persiapan perbekalan untuk masa kekal sempurna!

Ya, bulan ini adalah bulannya sakura, bunga yang begitu indah dan didamba. Bunga yang tumbuh berkembang di masanya.Bunga yang singkat tapi terkesan mendalam dan bermakna. Bunga yang tumbuh sempurna walau tanpa daun di sekelilingnya.

Ya, itulah cinta..Seperti laksana sakura. Yang selalu indah dan didamba. Cinta yang akan indah jika tiba pada masanya. Rasa terdalam yang begitu bermakna hingga hidup terasa bahagia. Rasa yang tumbuh sempurna dan menerimanya apa adanya..

pertanyaannya apakah benarkah cinta seperti sakura?benarkah cinta bisa membuat kita bahagia?benarkah cinta yang selalu didamba?benarkah cinta selalu menghiasi mimpi-mimpi indah kita?? Pertanyaan ini kerap datang setelah cinta ternyata tak seindah kenyataannya……


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Biarkan ku mencari!

apa yang kucari?entahlah…aku pun tak bisa menjawab pertanyaan itu!apa yang kucari?entahlah….ingin aku bisa menjawab pertanyaan itu!Tapi biarkan ku mencari!!!!


Hidupku sederhana, menyelesaikan kuliah dan kemudian kembali menunaikan tugas! Yah sangat sederhana! tetapi entahlah kenapa orang disekelilingku begitu khawatir dengan hidupku! Yah teramat sangat!

Aku pun mencoba beberapa kali mengungkapkan rencana hidupku, tapi sungguh sulit!!Semua berujung sesuatu yang tidak ku harapkan! Dan lihatlah aku sekarang “terkungkung keterpaksaan” harus menerima orang yang sama sekali tidak aku kehendaki!

Tapi itulah, aku ucapkan dengan lantang sebelum aku berpisah dengan mereka, bahwa aku masih berhak “mencari” pilihan diri, yah minimal yang sreg dihati! dengan catatan sekufu seperti yang dipersyaratkan mereka!…

aku bukan tidak percaya bahwa orang itu adalah baik, aku percaya itu!hanya “sreg” dihati belumlah pas!belumlah lagi, bedanya cara pandang kami yang membuat ku semakin berat terima kondisi!

tapi yah semua memang “kehendak” robbi…aku bisa jadi tak ingin ini terjadi pada diri, tapi jikalah ini yang harus terjadi, kumohon kuatkanlah diri ini!!!…….


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Teman jadi Pacar, Pacar jadi Teman?

Pernahkah kalian punya seseorang yang begitu dekat kemudian jadi pacar? tapi hidup memang tidak pernah mudah, lalu bom! sang pacarpun tidak jadi pacar lagi, tapi semua terlalu menyakitkan mungkin sampai akhirnya dari pacar jadi teman ternyata tidak mungkin ya?? Ahhh kenapa sih dalam konsep teman-pacarpacar-teman tidak berlaku hukum kekekalan yang reversible????


Dalam hukum termodinamika, selalu ada konsep kekekalan yang juga reversible. Hukum Kekekalan Energi (Hukum I termodinamika) berbunyi: “Energi dapat berubah dari satu bentuk ke bentuk yang lain tapi tidak bisa diciptakan ataupun dimusnahkan (konversi energi)”.
Karena energi bersifat kekal, maka energi yang ada di alam semesta ini jumlahnya tidak pernah berubah, tidak bertambah dan berkurang. Yang ada hanyalah perubahan energi dari satu bentuk ke bentuk yang lain.

Yah energi berubah dari satu bentuk ke bentuk lain: teman berubah jadi pacar, pacar berubah jadi teman!Simpel hanya perubahan bentuk 🙂 tapi it is not thats simple is it?


Saya bukan tipe yang mudah jatuh cinta, entah kenapa??ah kadang berharap bisa jadi orang yang “nyambung obrolan” langsung suka, liat “ganteng” langsung suka, tapi thats not who i am! Saya teramat sulit jatuh cinta, butuh pembuktian panjang hingga “YES YOU ARE THE ONE” haha terlalu selektifkah saya?tidak juga!!saya benar-benar cuma butuh Yakin bahwa “dia dan saya nyambung senyambung-nyambungnya”

Tarammmmmm, dia pun datang seorang teman yang menyenangkan, lalu kami pun memutuskan untuk saling melengkapi dengan rasa sayang kami yang sederhana. Dan taraaaaammmm setelah beberapa lama akhirnya, dia pun membuat saya jatuh cinta! perjalanan kami tidaklah mudah dan akhirnya pun berakhir dengan tidak mudah! tapi at this moment, saya kadang berharap dia bisa tetap jadi teman yang menyenangkan seperti dulu. tapi semua terlalu aneh! ahhh sekarang saya berharap konsep reversibelity berlaku untuk saya dan dia.


anyway, saya sadar semua mungkin terlalu menyakitkan buat kita berdua, perjalanan kami terlalu panjang dan berduri.

to you: you always have a space in my heart and not replaceable! I love you up to now and forever! 🙂

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aku masih ingin mimpi!

ohhhhh mimpi, kau datang pagi pagi..saat kantuk hadir setelah kutunaikan sujud pagi…ohhh mimpi, kau datang indah sekali..ku berharap ku tak terbangun dari mimpi…ooooh mimpi, aku masih ingin mimpi…yah mimpi, janganlah kau pergi, hadirlah kau kembali….


“Have you ever dream something big?I had, a lot!! am I DREAMER, i said TOTALLY YES!!!I am!!!

Aku adalah dreamer, istilah yang sedang trend di Indonesia sekarang “PEMIMPI”. Aku bangga sebagai seorang dreamer. Karena bukankah dream adalah bagaikan Visi?Yah sesuatu yang bisa jadi salah satu tujuan diantara banyak tujuan yang mungkin diingini.

“Keep the dream alive. The world is your oyster. When there’s a will there’s a way. Anything is possible.”

sampai sekarang aku terus bermimpi, bermimpi bisa “bertemu dengan laki-laki sholeh yang cerdas dan open minded”, bermimpi bisa  punya “perusahaan dengan label saya sebagai CEOnya”, bermimpi punya NGO yang based research policy, bermimpi bisa menggaji orang banyak dan bermimpi dan terus bermimpi. Mungkin semua jadi terkesan bagaikan bintang yang “terlihat tapi tak dapat tergapai”, alias terketahui tapi tak bisa terwujud. tapi look at me know, i am on my way to my dream!!I feel it!!Subhanallah, Allah memberi jalan ke arah sana, asalkan aku tetap “on track and keep the dream alive”.

Yah, aku sadar tuk mimpi bisa diraih atau katakanlah “pathaway” hidup bisa tetap on track. Aku harus mulai membuat rencana!diferensiasi dari rencana ke strategi, stategi yang diimplementasi. Yah, I should!! ok, lets start buat itu “fish bone”, “plan tree” anything you name it!!! just do it!!implementasi girl, kerja nyata!!! jangan hanya katakan “kamu punya mimpi then you do nothing”!Thats called lazy!!

Kick your panket, and run!!yahhhh come on girl!!

“be a dreamer but you need also to be implementer!!Thats call awesomeness!!”

lastly, if you believe YOU CAN, THEN YOU CAN, Ingat Allah itu sebagaimana persangkaan hambaNYA!!

Aja-aja Fighting!!!

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