Korean drama secret garden attack!

Secret garden a korean drama which play by hyun bin and ha ji won is already over,but the fever keep exist in here korea!!!

All the style from this korean drama spread out all over korea!!!amazing!!! Included me who really love this drama!! Everywhere I go so many children wearing hyun bin panca panca clothes:) 🙂 they become so cute!!!’ and guess what I also buy the Gil laim headset exactly same (brand and color) with the one that Gil laim used in the drama:) 🙂 🙂

Oh so amazing korean drama attack!!!!:D 🙂 I really love the fever of this secret garden korean drama Hahahaha


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3 responses to “Korean drama secret garden attack!

  1. camille

    what is the brand of Gil Laim headset?

  2. Blueberry Girl

    hi!!! Omg I looooove kdrama as well! I love Secret Garden! I even love My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, You’re beautiful, Shining Inheritance, and OF COURSE Boys over Flowers!!!!
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  3. emang dramanya bagus bgt unnie…boe aja nonton ampe 4x wkwwkwkwkw..

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