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2011 KINS-KAIST International Nuclear Safety Master’s Degree Scholarship

International Nuclear Safety School (INSS) is proud to announce the third round of “KINS-KAIST International Nuclear Safety Master’s Degree Program”, which will start on September 1, 2011. The deadline for application is March 31, 2011.

KINS awards full scholarships for one and a half years to admitted students. The coverage of the scholarship includes tuition, stipend, round trip air ticket and other costs essential for studying. The scholarship coverage is as follows;
Ÿ Application fee (USD 100)
Ÿ Tuitions for one and a half years
Ÿ Stipend (700,000~900,000 Korean Won/month): to be paid monthly on 10th of each month during stay in Korea
Ÿ The economy-class round-trip airfare between the nearest airport of the originating country and Incheon International Airport of Korea
Ÿ Medical insurance fee of approximately 40,000 Korean Won/month
Ÿ Tuition for Korean culture and language course (if a student wants to attend it)

Eligibility Requirements:
This program is open to any countries, particularly member countries of IAEA Asian Nuclear Safety Network (ANSN), having high interests in bringing up nuclear safety experts and regulators. To apply for the scholarship of International Nuclear Safety Master’s Degree Program, applicants must:
– hold a Bachelor’s degree (or its equivalents),
– work for government or nuclear related institutions, and
– be recommended by his/her government or current institution.

Documents for Submission
The following documents must accompany each application.

1. Admission Application Form for KINS-KAIST International Nuclear Safety Master’s Degree Program (Form 1)
Ÿ All information on this form will be used to contact the applicant; thus, full attention should be given to the correctness.
Ÿ E-mail address and telephone should be kept operational. Messages will be sent via e-mail. Sometimes, interview may be made through phone.
2. Statement of Purpose (Form 2)
Ÿ Information shall be conveyed on this form about yourself and your accomplishments, your purpose and objective in pursuing your study, and any work and/or academic experience related to nuclear safety regulation.
3. Statement of Financial Resources (Form 3)
Ÿ On this form, only Section I with signature and date shall be filled in.
4. Two Letters of Recommendation in format made by KAIST (Form 4)
Ÿ Two recommendations are required from teachers or professors of the educational institute where the applicant attended for BA or MS degree.
Ÿ Letters in private format are not accepted.
Ÿ Letters should be signed and sealed, and either be included in the application package or be sent directly to KINS by the recommender.
5. A Letter of Recommendation in format made by KINS (Form 5) from the applicant’s current employer

For any questions or further information, please contact the corresponding staff indicated in the Program Announcement or Dr. Yun Hyung CHUNG at (Tel: +82-42-868-0245).

Please find attached files for the program announcement and application forms either in MS Word format or in Adobe PDF format below:

All this announcement is from this website:


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2011 Fall KAIST Scholarship for Graduate (BEASISWA S2 dan S3 di KAIST)

We are excited to inform you that KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) Undergraduate International Student Admissions for Fall 2011 will start very soon.

This year, the application submission period will be from April 1st to may 2nd of 2011.

There is KAIST Scholarship:
KAIST Scholarship – KAIST offers scholarships to inter national students. The amount and conditions are set prior to students’ enrollment by the KAIST Scholarship Committee based on the merit of the applicant. Those who are eligible will receive scholarship that will exempt an incoming international student from paying tuition (~ USD 5500/semester) and fees (~USD2300/semester), and monthly allowance corresponding to KRW 300,000 per month for the first year. For the following semesters, the KAIST Scholarship Committee will decide on the exemption of tuition and fees.

All of the necessary information for applying to KAIST can be found at

Please do not hesitate to contact us at / phone (82-42)350-2354 if you have any questions.


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Nail Polish is FUN in Korea:)

Nail polish is fun activity here in korea.first is the price of nail polish is so cheap is start from 500 KRW ~2500 KRW per bottle of nail polish. The second is good quality of nail polish:) even the price of the nail polish is cheap but the quality is great and it has so many color variety as well. Third because it is easy to remove,the nail polish removal here is good so i don’t have any difficulties to changing my style included cleaning after it:)

So for sure if you come to korea,don’t hesitate to grap this nail polish as your suvenir for your self and your beloved one:) the quality great,colorful and good for our pocket!!!just come to the nearest cosmetics shop and buy this nail polish:) you defenetly won’t regret!!!! Now all of my friend always request me to buy them this nail polish hehehe 🙂 😀

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Hello kitty caffe,cute pink and cozy!

Hello kitty:) a cute kitty character turns out as a decoration at a caffe in hongdae area seoul south korea.:) 🙂

From outside the place so tempting to enter.After I go inside indeed the place so cute,all wall is pink with hello kitty on it,the chair have hello kitty character,the food all have hello kitty shape!!welcome to hello kitty world.if you wanna see this place come to hongdae just used subway line 2 green line and drop at hongik university exit 9 just straight then you found this cute hello kitty caffe!!!^^

The taste of food was not too great but the decorations tempting you to eat it hohoho 😀 the food price is quite cheap through, if you come to korea i recomend you to come to this cute place!! 😀

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KAIST Scholarship for undergraduate

We are excited to inform you that KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) Undergraduate International Student Admissions for Fall 2011 will start very soon.

This year, the application submission period will be from March 2 to April 15 of 2011.

There is KAIST Scholarship:
KAIST provides full scholarship (Tution and Fee exemption plus monthly allowance) for KAIST Scholarship recipients. Starting from the third year of enrollment, students’ GPA should be above 3.0 (out of 4.3) in order to maintain the full scholarship. Monthly allowances will vary from 200,000~350,000KRW.

All of the necessary information for applying to KAIST can be found at Please do not hesitate to contact us at / phone (82-42)350-2354 if you have any questions.

Step by step according to South Korea Local time:
1. Online Application : March 2, 2011. 10 a.m. ~ April 15, 2011. 5 p.m. Fill out the application form online ( Application Fee : 50,000KRW

2. Submission of Documents By April 30, 2011. 5 p.m. A hard copy of the required documents should arrive to Team of Graduate and International Admissions by this deadline. Your application package should be postmarked by April 15, 2011.

3. Arrival Check of Documents Submitted March 14, 2011. 10 a.m.
~ April 30, 2011. 5 p.m. Check online to see whether the documents have arrived.

4. Interview May 23, 2011. ~ You will be contacted if phone interview is necessary

5. Admissions Notification June 1, 2011. Results will be posted on the KAIST website ( We will send you the Certificate of Admissions(or invitation letter) so that you can apply for the D-2 Visa.

6. First Day of Class September 1, 2011. You will be contacted by OASIS (Office of Advising and Support for International Students) for registration instructions.

DOCUMENT that required:
1. Document Check List (Check List Document )
2. Application Form Submit online on the admissions website. Print it out and include it in the application package. (Sample Application Form 2011)
3. Statement of Financial Resources Can be found in the online application.Print it out and include it in the application package.
4. Letters of Recommendation
– one from homeroom teacher (Download Letter Recomendation Form homeTeacher)
– one from math or science teacher (Download Letter Recommendation math/science teacher)
Your teachers may send their recommendation directly to the admissions office. Letters should be signed and sealed across the back by the recommenders in an official envelope.

5. Transcripts of academic records All of the academic results from secondary education onwards. Original or Certified copy
6. Official Test Score Report SAT 2, ACT, AP, IB, GCE A-level, university entrance exam, etc.You may attach a separate sheet to explain the exam procedure/competition rate/results, etc. Original
7. Curriculum Vitae Free style
8. Diploma (Graduation Certificate) In case your school cannot issue the (Expected) Graduation Certificate, it is possible to download from the admissions website. Original or Certified Copy
(Download Degree Certificate )
(Download Expected Degree Certificate)
9. Copy of Passport or National ID The expiration date of your passport should be later than Aug 31th, 2011. Copy
10. Official English Proficiency Test Report TOEFL, IELTS, TEPS etc.
Institution Code of KAIST for TOEFL score report : 0195

Optional Document:
11. List of Honors and Award Download from admissions website. Fill it out and include it in your application package. Testimonial/evidence should be submitted. (Download List of Honor and Award)
12. Secondary/Tertiary School Profile GPA rating system, college acceptance statistics, or other information that would help us understand your school better.

* Where to submit your application :

Address: Team of Graduate and International Admissions
Rm# 506 Creative Learning Bldg.(E11)
291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea

Faculty/Collage (Departement) avalaible for undergraduate in KAIST:
1. College of Natural Science (Physics,Mathematical Sciences and Chemistry )
2. College of Life Science & Bioengineering (Biological Sciences, Bio & Brain engineering )
3. College of Engineering School of Mechanical, Aerospace
& Systems Engineering (Mechanical Engineering,Aerospace Engineering,
Civil & Environmental Engineering ,Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering ,Materials Science & Engineering ,Nuclear & Quantum Engineering )
4. College of Information Science & Technology (Electrical Engineering, Computer Science,Information & Communication Engineering, Industrial & Systems Engineering ,Industrial Design
5. School of Innovation Management Science


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Korean drama secret garden attack!

Secret garden a korean drama which play by hyun bin and ha ji won is already over,but the fever keep exist in here korea!!!

All the style from this korean drama spread out all over korea!!!amazing!!! Included me who really love this drama!! Everywhere I go so many children wearing hyun bin panca panca clothes:) 🙂 they become so cute!!!’ and guess what I also buy the Gil laim headset exactly same (brand and color) with the one that Gil laim used in the drama:) 🙂 🙂

Oh so amazing korean drama attack!!!!:D 🙂 I really love the fever of this secret garden korean drama Hahahaha


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Culinary trip at W Bistro Daejeon Korea!!!^^

There is a new bistro open in daejeon downtown south korea!!! Bistro stand for a small modest European style restaurant:) the food cook by cheft who’s come out from cooking academy in states and he’s so good and have tons of experience work at good restaurant 🙂

This w bistro was recommended by one of our friend juni young!^^ I go to have a romantic dinner with my bestfriend maggie:) overall I think this w bistro is awesome!!!it has a great food and at the same time with the price which also favorable around 10,000won. You can get from the salad, main course and soup plus coffe or tea 🙂 the place also so convenience to talk and listen to gret song!!!if you come to daejeon, I strongly recommend you to come and try w bistro!!!!! 🙂 🙂

How to go to w bistro???it’s near to brick house enendong 🙂 so close to daejeon station and jongangro station:)


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Spring is coming to korea??

Spring is coming to korea???I can feel it yesterday!!!I feel spring already!!!the weather so nice!!!yey!!!! Therefore me with my Indonesian KAIST friend decide to have our early strawberry picnic Yeyyyyy!!!!!! It was so fun!!!^^we have our strawberry picnic in the yuseong park across to our school !!!!:) it’s really unforgettable experience!!!let’s do more picnic guys!!!hahahahahha…..

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Valentine day in korea:chocolate day~

Valentine day:people mostly celebrate it on 14 February 🙂 same as korea it’s also celebrate it on exactly the same date!!! But there’s a small different between korea valentine day with my county celebrations:)

In korea on the valentine day normally woman should give chocolate to when woman will got chocolate!?they can get it on march!!!they called white day, some people also give candy instated chocolate on that day!:)

Same as me also~ last valentine I give all my beloved labmate chocolate offcourse prof not included! I also give some DTC fellowmember a chocolate specially my mentii eonsok and charlie:)

Geuss what they give me back a chocolate,and chocolate cake!!!!ahh amazing!!!!I got chocolate cake from my bestfriends,a chocolate from my labmate and chocolate cake from eonsok wife. The amazing part is eonsok wife made it her self,oh this is the first time I got a homemade cake!!!Yeyyyyyy!!!!!so so happyyyyy!!!! I though they will Give me chocolate next month,but they didnt they give it right away!!!!hooray!!!!!!:)thank you so much, I love you all ~~

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Ajumil you are always on my heart!!^*

Ajumil Maya and yuni I spent time with them almost 6 month!!:) I feel always happy,feels always be blash:) even when they gloomy they keep on cheer my day always!! I feel so grateful with my life:) one of it because of their existed in my life!!

I can categorize they are one of the nicest,fun and hilarious person to hangout with!!!they never say no to something which called trip 🙂 I never found as cool as that ever!!!they also have big ears,understand my feeling as well 🙂 ah I will going to missed them so much!!!I wish they stay more longer here in korea so when could hangout more and comehome together to Indonesia. I love two of you so much,you are really stay in my heart 😀 🙂

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