Korean Takkalbi Culinary Outing @Daejeon @Korea!^^Super duper delicious:)

one of my favorite meals in korea is tak kalbi, a mess of chile-paste marinated chicken stir-fried on a griddle at your table with napa cabbage and logs of rice cakes. It’s a specialty of Chuncheon-do, a province on South Korea’s east coast.

A nice and shiny tak kalbi restaurant existed near to my campus KAIST!! I just need to walk to west small get and accross the street after lotte mart!The restaurant is beside paris baquate.

Me, and other indonesian (heidy and odie) practicing our korean by ordering and talk to ajumma, It was so exicted moment since among us odie korean languange is the best! So she’s also tring to explain in korean, Great job odie, your korean was amazing!!^^ Odie just cut her hair so she looks so cute!:D The video that we make was so funny, you should see this!:D

There’s several step to cook takkalbi, First the put chicken which had been marinated with chilii and cut it, then, they put the vegetable, Last they mix it up till it cooked:D If you come to korea you need to try this food, our food price is only 7000 won/person, Not expensive at all, and the taste so so delicious!!:D

OYa last i want to show you how is odie NEW LOOK 2011 was so so preety with this takkalbi:D ODIE you looks amazing dear!!Your hair is so fabulous!!Hahahahahahaha

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