My exciting Hobby:Taking Picture!^.~

I always love taking picture!!Since with my pocket camera up to now with my Canon DSLR camera:) I still learning, and learning. I need effort to take good picture since its so so damn difficult to produce one good picture !! But lucky me, i have a chance to taking class in KAIST and also have “maha guru” which is also my best-friends Bose hadi paksanim!! yuhuuu, he’ so so GOOD taking picture and also procesing his picture plus he had a lot of camera and lenses !! You must learn from him, he’s that good on camera and photographic things! I recommend him to be your songsengnim, Mostly all of my friend know about him, his so famous indeed!hahaha….^^…Here is him: Maha songsengnim Hadi PS paksanim~

He’s really kind teacher, he’s so patient with me,: untalented student and always need more time to understand his explanations!Hahahahaha! I think thats because he’s really sincere want everybody love taking picture as much as he love to do that!! I wish GOD will give him a blessing and a beautiful plus kind wife!hahahahha

Now, i always say to him, if he goes somewhere with his hunting groups, I want to join so i can learn and learn more quick! And he did that!!Last week i become his tail, we taking picture near to SEOUL CITY HALL with his friends. And geuss what maha guru hadi introduce me to my new canon gank: mas sigit, mas nurdin and mas aryo!! plus i also meet badrul brother fauzul, who’s also use canon. So happy!!!^.~

the reason, i am thankful to songsengnim hadi is, finally i have a chance to hold “70-200mm Canon L series” Oh its like dream cometrue!!:D

Oya, Maha guru hadi already teach me so manythings, for example he teach me how to take a picture of snow rain:D…He say to make a snow rain can be seen on picture, take a picture to the lamp the it can reflect “a snow rain”, I try it tonight and its work and the results was so amazing!! Thank you maha guru!!

Thanks to him also, I won “KAIST photo-contest” from his suggestion i can produce a lot of good pictures!!^^

Actually so many-thing i learn from him, I plan to make special blog about it so you can learn what i have learn from him! I really don’t know how to payback his kindness, I totally don’t know!! However I just pray he get what he want, and God answer his dream and wishes!!Oya his single, So for those of you beautiful and kind woman, please consider my songsengnim to be your future husband!HAHAHAHA….

PS:maha guru hadi, ini spesial komersial nih di blog gw, gratis lagi!!Semoga pasaran tambah naek yaa!!Hahahahha ^.^


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8 responses to “My exciting Hobby:Taking Picture!^.~

  1. Park HM

    hi ai,

    its interesting story, i wish you have a great time with your hobbies.

  2. Quite a beautiful website. I built mine and i was looking for some design ideas and your website gave me some. May i ask you whether you developed the website by youself?


  3. secret admired of hadi

    you know what I’ve been admiring your guru since these few months…
    yes he’s so great, i keep some picture of him in my phone…
    Smart, low profile, humble, * handsome (little bit,just a bit of it) *
    love coffee like me…
    i also keep some of his creative shoots…
    never meet such a perfect one like him……
    how could he made up all those good things along with him ya ai???
    unfortunately, he doesn’t notice me at all.. hiks….

    hahahhaa, just like a dream come true……….

    • dear mr or ms or mrs secret admired of hadi,
      why dont you tell him directly that you like my guru?
      here is several contact of him: or his facebook
      oya you can be friend with him also at
      I think you should tell him your feeling, since probably you are the one that my guru looking for, he’s single by the way!hehehe
      But i just know someone can think maha guru hadi like Smart, low profile, humble, * handsome (little bit,just a bit of it) * its sound too much!!!hahahaha i laugh out loud (LOL)…my suggestion is dont think somebody whoever he/she is too perfect like that because you will get dissapointed if you found eventually he/she is not like that…but i dont know much about maha guru, since we just meet for this photography things hehehe…
      once again, i hope you will fight for your love to my maha guru, i hope you try!!!Aja aja fighthing!!!

      PS:if you need his cellphone i can send you hahahahaha


  4. secret admirer of hadi

    OMG, you think that I’m probably ‘mr’ hahahaha!
    Just tell him, I fall in love with one of his pics in fb
    that’s a pic of signboard of canteen, which is in it contains with these phrase:
    “Love does not consist of gazing in each other but in looking together in the same direction”

    Hahaha, he’s not perfect ofcourse, indeed! With some gray hair on his head, how coul it be that perfect!

    Thanks ai, no need his cellphone, since it could be so expensive to catch up from here!

    Secret admirer of hadi ‘ur mahaguru’

    • Dear maha guru secret admire,

      Actually I don’t wanna involve to much to your love life with maha guru,since you know I just only his student,I don’t know him that much only just borrowing his photography things such as tripod or sometimes ask about photography.
      Beside this is my blog,a story about me not about what I know is only about the things that he teach on photography things,therefore you can tell him how your feel probably who knows maybe maha guru interesting to you 🙂 I hope the info that I give you could help you to find your love:)



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