Beef Barbeque culinary trip!!^^@Seoul Korea Outing!!

Lastweek been amazing week for me!!Yes i had “one of the best outing” with girls on “indonesia mothers day”. Delicious food, combine with girls chit chat always so amazing!!I feel blash so much!!I love it so much! Gogiking is a barbecue meat grill, it has buffe meat bar, we can eat as much as we want!just for 10,900won!!!hohoho….there’s so many branch of gogiking, one of is near to Noksangde Station, last week we go there!Yippy!!Here is some fun about it!:D..If you go to Korea i recomend you to try beef barbeque culinary trip, Its so Delicious!!Yummy!!Ajib!Enak!!Massisoyo!!!Hohoho

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