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Girls’ Generation & KARA Take Over “Music Station Super Live 2010″

Can Japan handle the heat of two of K-pop brightest groups?

On “Music Station Super Live 2010″, 25+ of the year’s hottest artists performed on stage including newcomers KARA and Girls’ Generation. After invading the Japanese Oricon charts, the kpop acts would naturally be invited to such a prestigious event.

In terms of performance, Girls’ Generation kept it simple and sweet, conquering the stage with with their hit singles ‘Genie” and “Gee.” However, KARA went on the attack, performing “Jumping” and their butt dancing hit track “Mister”.

Check out their performances below




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Jajangmyon Culinary Trip!!^^@daejeon Korea Outing!!

Jajangmyon is the most popular food in korea, Even on the black day people eat jajangmyon to celebrate it. Jajangmyon is available in Chinese restaurant but jajangmyon is only available in chinese restaurant in Korea Only!! SO jajangmyon is so special. One time my labmate took me to this jajangmyon restaurant!Its near to KAIST!! We eat seafood jajangmyon which not contain any pork at all. Therefore for the second time me with exchange student in Daejeon plus with My photographi songsengnim goes again and eat this delicious jajangmyon!OH MY GOD its so delicious! Therefore if you come to korea, you should definitely try Jajangmyon!hahahaha….Oya jajangmyon originally contain pork, so if you can not eat pork like me it is better to order before and request them not to add any pork in the ketchup plus order a seafood jajangmyon like we did!!hehehehe


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Beef Barbeque culinary trip!!^^@Seoul Korea Outing!!

Lastweek been amazing week for me!!Yes i had “one of the best outing” with girls on “indonesia mothers day”. Delicious food, combine with girls chit chat always so amazing!!I feel blash so much!!I love it so much! Gogiking is a barbecue meat grill, it has buffe meat bar, we can eat as much as we want!just for 10,900won!!!hohoho….there’s so many branch of gogiking, one of is near to Noksangde Station, last week we go there!Yippy!!Here is some fun about it!:D..If you go to Korea i recomend you to try beef barbeque culinary trip, Its so Delicious!!Yummy!!Ajib!Enak!!Massisoyo!!!Hohoho

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My exciting Hobby:Taking Picture!^.~

I always love taking picture!!Since with my pocket camera up to now with my Canon DSLR camera:) I still learning, and learning. I need effort to take good picture since its so so damn difficult to produce one good picture !! But lucky me, i have a chance to taking class in KAIST and also have “maha guru” which is also my best-friends Bose hadi paksanim!! yuhuuu, he’ so so GOOD taking picture and also procesing his picture plus he had a lot of camera and lenses !! You must learn from him, he’s that good on camera and photographic things! I recommend him to be your songsengnim, Mostly all of my friend know about him, his so famous indeed!hahaha….^^…Here is him: Maha songsengnim Hadi PS paksanim~

He’s really kind teacher, he’s so patient with me,: untalented student and always need more time to understand his explanations!Hahahahaha! I think thats because he’s really sincere want everybody love taking picture as much as he love to do that!! I wish GOD will give him a blessing and a beautiful plus kind wife!hahahahha

Now, i always say to him, if he goes somewhere with his hunting groups, I want to join so i can learn and learn more quick! And he did that!!Last week i become his tail, we taking picture near to SEOUL CITY HALL with his friends. And geuss what maha guru hadi introduce me to my new canon gank: mas sigit, mas nurdin and mas aryo!! plus i also meet badrul brother fauzul, who’s also use canon. So happy!!!^.~

the reason, i am thankful to songsengnim hadi is, finally i have a chance to hold “70-200mm Canon L series” Oh its like dream cometrue!!:D

Oya, Maha guru hadi already teach me so manythings, for example he teach me how to take a picture of snow rain:D…He say to make a snow rain can be seen on picture, take a picture to the lamp the it can reflect “a snow rain”, I try it tonight and its work and the results was so amazing!! Thank you maha guru!!

Thanks to him also, I won “KAIST photo-contest” from his suggestion i can produce a lot of good pictures!!^^

Actually so many-thing i learn from him, I plan to make special blog about it so you can learn what i have learn from him! I really don’t know how to payback his kindness, I totally don’t know!! However I just pray he get what he want, and God answer his dream and wishes!!Oya his single, So for those of you beautiful and kind woman, please consider my songsengnim to be your future husband!HAHAHAHA….

PS:maha guru hadi, ini spesial komersial nih di blog gw, gratis lagi!!Semoga pasaran tambah naek yaa!!Hahahahha ^.^


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Global Internship in Singapore 2011 for you who’s study in Korea

Contact Singapore ( is a Singapore government agency that seeks to provide talent from around the world with information on the jobs available in Singapore, and to attract them to consider working and living in Singapore. Please find below links for the Research Intership Opportunities in Singapore for Summer 2011.

1. NTU (Nanyang Technology University):

Currently the application window is open for the NTU programme and will remain open till 31 Dec 2010.

2. A*STAR &NUS (National University of Singapore):

Applications for the A*STAR/NUS programme will remain open till 31 Jan 2011.

*Note that A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research) Research Institutes is a Singapore’s leading

research government agency.

*Please visit the link for Registration. Posting an English resume is also available at the link.

Attachment files:Flyer_Experience_at_Singapore_(Research)_NTU_2011


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2011 Coca Cola Korea Internship

The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with nearly 500 sparkling and still brands

1. Open Positions
Department Name : Marketing
Project Name : New water product launch and design development
Project Description: Support new product launch, package & POSM development in Water category
Number of Interns : 1
Required Period: 6 months (Starting date can be adjusted)
Major Responsibilities :
– Assist new product launch: market opportunity validation, product concept development and package development
– Assist in existing product activation: in-store activation support and POSM development/label renovation on current water brands
– Keep up with water market trend and consumer data to extract insights and apply to brand activations

Expected Qualifications
– University Student or Graduated
– Major in Marketing of Business Management
– Good English communication skill (writing/speaking)
– MS Office & Internet capability
– Passion & Energy, Accountability
– Communication skills with cross-functional teams
– Internship experience preferred

2. Candidates

Undergraduate (seniors) and Graduate Students

3. Program Venue

Coca-Cola Korea Company Office

10th Floor, Heungkuk Life Insurance Building, #226, Shinmoonro 1ga, Jongnogu Seoul 110-786

4. Required Document

* English Resume or CV
* Self introduction

4. Submission Due Date

Please submit your resume/CV to by Jan 7, 2011.

5. Contact Point

If you have any further question, please contact HR team in Coca-Cola Korea Company.

* Tel : 02-3271-3057
* E-mail :

6. For company information: Please visit Coca cola homepage


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Internship Opportunities U. S. Commercial Service, Korea U.S. Embassy

Volunteer student internship positions are available at the U.S. Commercial Service Korea (CS Korea), U.S. Embassy in Korea. Applicants must be a student or between undergraduate and graduate school. This is a rare opportunity for university students to develop numerous skills, build extraordinary contacts, and gain tremendous knowledge of government and business.

Comments from Previous Interns

“I can say it was the most valuable internship I have ever had. I am proud of working here. I have experienced valuable experiences through participating in meetings, events, receptions, etc. It was great to be treated as an assistant instead of an intern during the internship.” -Yu, Ji Won / University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign/ Intern, Summer-Fall Class of 2008

“Meeting with the Ambassador, greeting and shaking hands with the former president Bush, and having fun at the Ambassador’s residence…All things are what I’ve never experienced and dreamt before.” Michael Kim/ UC Davis/ Intern, Summer-Fall Class of 2008

Benefits of an internship with CS Korea

• All interns are respected as professionals and have real international trade assistant responsibilities. As a result, CS Korea interns have a high learning curve and gain hands on work experience in a professional work environment.

• CS Korea interns are teamed up with a dedicated commercial specialist, and they receive continuous individual mentorship and are given opportunities to shadow the specialists during international trade counseling and strategy meetings with business executives. CS Korea interns are afforded rare and prestigious opportunities to participate in high profile events.

• CS interns may have rare and special opportunities to participate in other events and activities that in the past have included: Single Company Promotion receptions at the Ambassador’s residence, high profile celebrity fashion shows, pop/rock performances, and meeting the President of the United States.

• All CS interns will leave with a sound command of professional ethics and protocol. They will network with numerous business entities and form lifelong friendships with their class of interns, and simply have fun.
Skill sets cultivated include

 Developing a keen understanding of international trade and fostering sound business judgment by developing company screening skills, matching potential business partners, and scheduling/participating in high-powered meetings.

 Learning to conduct independent market research and with supervision, drafting consultant- quality reports that offer professional industry sector insight.

 Gaining effective and persuasive communication skills by utilizing different modes/mediums, including telephone, email, conference calls, and letters.

 Effectively reading critical verbal and non-verbal cues in business communication and becoming sensitized to the different styles and cultures associated with international business.

 Skillfully communicating with all levels of management within the organizational chain of command.

 Becoming skilled at managing multiple tasks associated with planning and executing a trade event. Interns will be exposed to a business environment where they learn to perform under pressure and still be composed, competent, and organized. Tasks often require very fast turn-around time, and will require quick on-the-ground thinking.

 Collaborating with and leveraging colleagues and networks to strengthen output.

 Cultivating recruiting and interviewing skills to bring in the next class of CS Korea Interns for the intern assigned to assisting Human Resource Management.

 Learning and developing an expertise in one of the following nine areas.

1. consumer products/ travel & tourism,
2. education/ electronics,
3. construction/machinery,
4. autos/chemicals/energy,
5. IT,
6. transportation/services,
7. aerospace/major projects/procurement,
8. healthcare, and
9. administration.

If you have a specific area of interest, please indicate one of the nine listed above in your cover letter.

In addition, CS Korea interns receive special training sessions (e.g. orientation, reception training, trade show training, etc.) as well as build up industry expertise and initiate a network of contacts by being given the opportunity, at no cost, to attend industry specific seminars and conferences alongside the commercial specialist.


Minimum two years in a recognized university or four years experience in a related field. Applicants must be an enrolled student or have been accepted to enroll in graduate school immediately following the internship. General business experience is helpful. Computer skills and spoken and written business English is required. Fluency in Korean and previous experience in an international environment is highly desirable. Also highly desirable are the qualities associated with teamwork, the ability to learn quickly, and high enthusiasm. Applicants must meet the January 31, 2011 deadline. A positive background security check, that takes about 3 months, is required prior to commencing the internship.


This position is voluntary and unpaid. We are looking for full-time interns for a minimum of a 24-week period from 2011 Summer – Fall Interns (Jun., 2011 to Dec., 2011).

Timeline for 2011 Summer – Fall Applicants

Jan. 31, 2011- Application deadline for 2010 Winter – 2011 Spring Internship
Feb. 1 to Feb. 28, 2011- Application Reviews and Interviews
Mar. 10, 2011- Submission of Security Forms
End of April to Mid-May- Notification of security clearance, and internship start date.

Resumes should contain

* Education background including month and year you graduated from your current academic institution
* Korean and English fluency level
* Previous work or internship experience
* Contact information including telephone number and email address where we can easily reach you
* Citizenship
* Supporting information including letters of recommendation, cover letter, etc.

If interested, please send resume and cover letter via email to:
Intern Coordinator

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