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1st September 2010

Now its 1st of september 2010..Yap Today its officially i’m on 3rd semester of PhD…Yesterday professor gather us, in the beautiful house near to soedaejeonnegori…Once more he want to emphasize that:
“HAPPINESS AND CREATIVITY” are very important in our life..
The key to Happiness and Creativity is the same, its consist 3 important factors such as:
1. Acceptability or tolerance
2. Passion
3. Self Control
If we happy and creative then we will be categorize as success person, since happiness and creativity are the factor to success.

SO FROM NOW on I PROMISE, I will be CREATIVE and BE HAPPY^^…~Thank you professor for the motivations~

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Setelah gw balik dari Amrik kemarin, terus terang Its been a hard weeks!!Experiment Not Finished yet, My design Apparatus has so many problems, The technician said Its not Possibble to finish all the installment sebelum seminar gw!!Ahh SO STRESS….
I can not concentrate to my RAMADHAN….

At one moment, malam senin tepatnya, I feel so tired!!I feel so boring!!I feel i wanna go somewhere,….Dimana ada pundak yang selalu siap untuk kutetesi air mata, ada telinga yang selalu mendengarkan keluh kesahku yang tak berujung, ada tangan yang memelukku erat!! Ada bibir yang berkata “Everything will be allright!!


Lalu, hari ini Professor say, I should apply to Kennedy School HARVARD for Fellowship program Next Year…Alhamdulillah Ya Robb, Sungguh berkah ramadhanMu begitu Indah….:D…

Yah akan kucoba prof, program itu, Who knows mungkin dengan ini akan memberikan sebuah kematangan buat ku untuk menjadi lebih baik…Yah, menjadi lebih bermanfaat….Professor bilang, the competions maybe hard, but i want you to try, Please prepare your proposal by nextweek!…Aku lemas, lidahku seakan kelu, aku hanya menatap wajah profesor dan mengangguk…Yah professor terima kasih, aku tau waktu 9bulan lama untukmu, terima kasih atas ijinmu untuk aku mencoba fellowship ini, semoga ini memang rezekiku, semoga ini memang takdirku…IS IT TO EARLY TO SAY HARVARD I AM COMING??…..

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My korean Friend Pra Wedding Picture

Last friday August 27,2010 i was invited to attend my korean friend pra-wedding Picture….This is my 2nd time attend a korean pra wedding picture…

here they are:my labmate “sangha” and his girlfriend “sungjae”, they both are nice!They truly my bestfriend here in korea, they will get merried next october 2010…:D

its him, my labmate sangha, he’s so care to me like seungmin..hehehe….now he will enter his new phase of his life..Thank you sangha for everything!! i really happy for you!!…congratulations….

its her, sungjae, everytime she came to lab, she always come to my table and we chit chat..hehehe…she soo nice, so happy she will move to daejeon after wedding…we can have a great time together more often…

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Welcome to the Best University,Welcome to KAIST

Hi, my name is Ai, now i am study in KAIST….My major is Nuclear and Quantum Engineering. I am now enroll as PhD Course, still in KAIST and still with the same major.^^

KAIST is Korea Advanced Science and Technology, it is the best university in South Korea and Top 5 in Asia, In the world ranking KAIST is in 92.

I am so proud as KAIST student we call it KAISTIAN, since when i said “I am KAIST student, everybody said “I am genius”, Haahaha….

Mostly only Genius person who can enter KAIST, but i am exceptional since i am so ordinary girls..hehhehee…But anyway, Its so great to be KAIST student, the environment so nice, the professor also nice.

In the right picture its me with my nice professor. He is one of my role model.

He always try his best to encourage me to study and to do well in my research. Thanks to him, now i am graduated and get a good score..

He suggest me to continue to PhD and he support me to get another scholarship. so from this september i will be a PhD student^^.

He is one of the TOP leading professor in Korea and very famous in the world. a lot of scientist cite his research. I think my decision to stay in KAIST will be a great decision.^^

Now i only hope i can perform well in my PhD course. I have to study more hard and more often^^…Fighting Ai.SEMANGAT!^^

-note pindahan dari multiply saya, ditulis tahun lalu-


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Remember F4?

Korea Version Boys before Flower:
Goo Jun Pyo, Yoon Ji Hoo, So Yi Jung, Song Woo Bin

This drama now so famous in Korea!!, I remember when i was internship in SK,we also have F4….^^
I show this drama manytimes up to now^^…I love it^^

Taiwan Version Meteor Garden:
Dao Ming Si (道明寺), Hua Ze Lei (花澤类), Xi Men (西門), Mei Zuo Ling (美作玲)…

Japan Version Hana Yori Dango:
Tsukasa Domyoji (道明寺 司),Rui Hanazawa (花沢 類), Sojirou Nishikado (西門 総二郎), Akira Mimasaka (美作 あきら)…

my Lab Version :
Taeil Kim, Hyedong Jong, Shin Byongsoo, Jong Sung Yop….

WOW, F4 is everywhere? even in the real life…
This drama is so awesome!!!!
The different is F4 of my Lab version still looking for the lady, anyone interesting to apply????


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Have you ever dream something??

Have you ever dream something and finally you get it…Thanks GOD finally i got it!!Yes, akhirnya setelah bersimbah darah perjuangan riset yang membuat gw menangis dan seringkali desperado..membuahkan hasil.Yah…akhirnya!!
I recieve the medal…Ahhh perasaannya sungguh benar2 sesuatu yang ga bs diuraikan dengan kata2…

Dengan bantuan seorang teman dan adik oo di Georgia sana, akhirnya naskah untuk disampaikan di podium pun jadii..dan at the day i say some of it, not all since i’m too nerveous dan so happy at the same time..Thank you GOD, thank you professor, thank you my lovely family..YES I DID IT…

Delivered on the William Begel Medal for Excellence in Thermal Science and Engineering reception dinner. Washington DC, August 10, 2010

The Honorable ASME President, ASME board member, and all participants of the International Heat Transfer Conference,

I am standing here, honored and humbled, on behalf of my dreams, my strength, lovely people behind me, and my will to devote myself to a better world. A better world where we, as the people, live peacefully and happily in term of energy and better future.
My dream comes true. Now, this is the day. The day I have been waiting for 28 years to be a part of the American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME) family. This is an outstanding achievement and a phenomenal experience for me, not only to be with you right here-right now, but also to receive a prestigious medal from ASME. This is a great honor, and I confess: my hard work has been paid off.

Thank you very much for ASME for having me, and for giving me time to stand before this intellectual audience; and I think, compare to you all, I am still a new beginner who needs to study more and research more.
Then, I want to thank to Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) for supporting me financially, and for assisting me academically to come here, and get together with you all.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Let me share a little bit about KAIST. KAIST’s academic life is fascinating. In KAIST, I am deeply falling in love with thermal engineering field. With love and passion I have, I was able to start discovering the secret of nano-fluids as fluids, instead of using water to enhance the thermal performance. I might be one of the luckiest scholars in the world who has the best opportunity to get advised by Professor Soon Heung Chang. From him, I got a lot of suggestions which sharpen my ability to discover beyond the limits, and explore under the surface of “what already known.”

He always emphasizes me to be the first founder, and also encourages me to submit what I have discovered to a patent (to legalize). I realize without him, what I am doing today is impossible. He shows me ways and methods to be a good founder!
In addition, he also introduced me to this society. This is very important for me to be in this intellectual community, because at the end, I could be able to share what we (You and I) have found to this society, and to care to one another. So, this medal is dedicated to him, and to everybody who has been with me, and to those who have brought me until I reach this stage. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The medal that has been awarded for me, is not mine. This is my Mom’s and my Dad’s. I am nothing without them. They have been teaching me how to deal with life, to be friend with risks, and to optimize every single opportunity in order to elevate myself to a better “me”, even though sometimes I thought those chances were impossible to take. But, they are in my heart and in my mind. They strengthen me, empower me, and love me. Tonight is the celebration, tonight is the victory. And this medal is the proof that they are the best parents in the world…..for me. Mom and Dad, although you are in Indonesia currently, I can feel your hearts and your whispers. This is medal is for you, Mom and Dad, and for my family. Thank you and I LOVE YOU.

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Mas apa kabar?

Mas…Apa kabar?
Baik-baik sajakah kau disana?
Hari ini di hari kemerdekaan bangsa kita,
tepat 100 hari kau pergi mas…

Ya 100 hari Allah memanggilmu..
Ya 100 hari kau tak ada disini lagi
Ya 100 hari kau tenang di sisiNya..

Aku berharap mas,
hari ini juga, adalah hari kau merdeka
merdeka dari siksa kubur,
merdeka dengan lapangnya kuburmu,
merdeka dari pertanyaan sulit para malaikat,
merdeka hingga kita berjumpa di padang masyar kelak…

Mas, aku yakin…
kau baik2 saja disana…
doakan kami mas…
agar kami merdeka dari penjajahan nafsu dunia…

-teruntuk almarhum mas her tercinta-

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Woman In Nuclear

Dari umum ke khusus, dari yang general ke yang spesial…Yah, memang pada akhirnya gw memilih bidang spesifik yang mau gw pilih, yah gw pengen banget jadi expert on nuclear energy suatu saat nanti!!Orang boleh bilang no nuclear…orang boleh berkata green without nuclear….Tapi suatu saat nanti, gw naik ke podium itu dan menjelaskan dan menjawab bahwa we should go green and we should go with nuclear!!

Gw merasa gw beruntung bs kuliah disini, yah bisa berkenalan dengan banyak ahli dan expert dibidang energi nuklir ini, sebuah hal yang menjadi enlightment buat gw untuk belajar dan belajar, memahami dan akhirnya suatu saat nanti bisa meyakinkan orang bahwa NUCLEAR is A MUST!!

Dan gw finnally for the first time merasa diakui pengetahuan gw, bahwa gw ontrack menjadi seorang expert suatu saat nanti….Yah today I was contacted by WIN KOREA PRESIDENT!!YES So honorable things just happen to me, she know me and request me to be on her team….Ahhhh, what a lovely day….
Another things yang membuat gw senang adalah gw termasuk tim untuk WORLD nuclear Women in Nuclear conference di Bulgaria tahun depan, gw akan membuat dua report untuk tim Women in Nuclear buat General Conference IAEA tahun depan…Ahhhh, Gw merasa ini tantangan besar sekaligus sarana gw belajar, yah belajar!!…

Menjadi anggota board dari Women in nuclear benar2 suatu hal yang sangatt diluar dugaan gw! Yah anggota board adalah orang yang sudah berkecimpung di dunia energi nuklir lebih dari 40tahun…sedangkan gw masih seumur jagung!!Jadi benar2, Tuhan berikan kesempatan gw belajar dan sharing dari para ahli dan expert perempuan pula di bidang ini di tim elit Women in Nuclear….

Gw berkata sama diri gw sendiri, Gw benar2 harus belajar!!GW harus semangatt, walau apapun aral melintang dihadapan gw, gw harus tetap konsisten dan ontrack disini, moga ini juga awalan gw bs jadi ahli di tingkat internasional dan pastinyaaa bisa juga merintis usaha untuk kemajuan tenaga nuklir di indonesia…Amin….

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